A Witchling’s Wicked Game Children of Chaos by Kelsey Elise Sparrow

A Witchlings Wicked Game

A Witchling’s Wicked Game Children of Chaos by Kelsey Elise Sparrow
Genre: Fantasy


Frail. Lost. Alone. Distraught. Selfish.

I can identify with none of those words. I’m known as the polar opposite of them. Look up “goody two shoes” and “know-it-all” and you’ll probably find a blown up picture of me. That’s been my jam for the first fifteen years of my life.

Suddenly, it wasn’t.

I literally changed overnight. I woke up one morning and hated everything about my life. No one wanted to believe I could do a one-eighty the way I did. I devised a plan to make it clear there was a new Abigail LaRue in town.

I bet they’ll believe me after this one.

Whoever said change was good, never met me.

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About the Author

Kelsey Elise Sparrow photo

Kelsey Elise Sparrow is an author and lover of romance novels.

She writes in various genres: rom-com, suspense, and fantasy to name a few. As a lover of great movies, music, and books, her characters express interests in each as well as so much more. The worlds she creates are based upon dreams and imaginings that will take the reader on a journey unlike any other.

Kelsey calls Georgia her home. She is mother to a wonderful son (who is her man-child), loves playing games, Marvel, and exploring. Her first completed series is The Norton Sisters. Watch for what’s to come with the characters who trust her with their stories and all of the upcoming series.

Stories with Heart. Sass. Shock. Romance at your fingertips.

Follow her on social media to discover where her creative mind will take you.

Connect on Website | Facebook | FB Group | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads

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Book Promo: Silent Scars

Silent Scars book cover

Silent Scars Perfectly Stated Series by Alicia Cicoria
Genre: Romance


Brenna Greenburg has spent her entire life trying to make her sister proud. A sister who was murdered at the age of sixteen. Nurturing her and her sister’s desire to become a fashion designer and open a boutique, Brenna moves forward with their dream. B & H Boutique is in downtown Guthrie, Oklahoma, named using the initials of Brenna and Harper’s first names.

The last thing Brenna needs in her life is a hot-blooded male ruining the life she already planned for herself. After all, how can she move forward with any sort of relationship, much less fall in love, if he sister never got the same chance?

But Rylan Renick isn’t at all what she expected. And he’s got a few silent scars of his own.

This book mentions rape, murder, and graphic language. Not intended for viewers under the age of 18. Viewer discretion is advised.

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About Alicia Cicoria

Photo Alicia Cicoria

Alicia Cicoria, currently working on her Associate’s degree in pre-education, is the author of Greekorian, Gorgorian, Unbreak Me, and In September. She resides in Oklahoma with her husband, four kids, and a plethora of animals.

Her favorite genre to write is in the romance category, but also enjoys great paranormal and thriller stories. When she’s not reading and writing, she enjoys watching romance movies, visiting with family, and playing video games.

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New Novel: House of Agnes

House of Agnes Fiona Zedde

House of Agnes by Fiona Zedde
Genre: LGBTQ Lesbian Romance


A lesbian romance filled with intrigue and sizzling sexual tension as enemies discover that the other side of hatred…is desire.

Agnes Noble is private, mysterious, and untouchable. She rules House of Agnes, the most exclusive escort agency on the East Coast, with a diamond fist. Crossing her is a mistake no one makes twice.

Investigative reporter Lola Osbourne is not afraid. She’s gunning for the House and its so-called queen. She’ll make sure no other innocent gets dragged into Agnes’s alluring web, to be used and discarded the way Lola’s sister was.

But her plan to get close to the elusive madam shatters the moment her eyes meet the Queen’s. One look and everything’s different. More complicated. Dangerous.

Now, Lola’s not just fighting to topple a queen from her throne, she’s also scrambling to escape their explosive collision with her suddenly vulnerable heart intact.

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Zombies For Everyone A Jenna Sutton Supernatural Cozy Mystery

Zombies for everyone Kimberly Wylie

Zombies For Everyone A Jenna Sutton Supernatural Cozy Mystery Book 1 by Kimberly Wylie
Genre: Supernatural Cozy Mystery


Jenna Sutton is nothing like the iconic vampire slayer of TV fame.

She’s the antithesis of a cheerleader. She’s not peppy. And she sucks at gymnastics. She has nothing in common with the fictional Buffy, other than being blonde and in high school…

Oh, and occasionally she kills vampires for a living as well as other things that go bump in the night.

Following an attack on an English teacher at a nearby school, it becomes clear this wasn’t an ordinary coyote bite. The gray-green Lichtenberg-like webbing of streaks making their way up Ms. Pruett’s arm can mean only one thing—zombies.

But this isn’t a normal zombie attack. The victims seem to be hand-picked.

Can Jenna complete her investigation without the school administrators figuring out she’s actually a high school student from another school? Will Jenna be able to find out who’s behind these attacks before a full-scale zombie outbreak overtakes the town? And, perhaps most importantly…

Why did her best friend kiss her after all of these years?

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John Carpenter Trilogy Book 1 by Collin Glavac

Ghost of Guatemala book cover

Ghosts of Guatemala John Carpenter Trilogy Book 1 by Collin Glavac
Genre: Spy Thriller


The CIA never left Latin America…

The CIA is facing catastrophic blackmail at the hands of an erratic Guatemalan drug lord: the infamous patrón of Antigua – Pablo Puentes. Desperate for a swift solution, the agency calls in their black operative fixer: John Carpenter.

John is a cold-blooded professional ready for the job. But the mission doesn’t have a simple fix. Pablo has a disastrous kill switch in place.

John is still haunted by the mysterious death of his best friend who died on a far too similar mission, and now is uncertain about how much he can trust his handler or his sensual partner.

Back at the agency, tensions are running hot as the stench of corruption is growing to a boiling point. If things aren’t put to rights – and soon – the entire mission will go up in flames and take the CIA down with it.

Only John Carpenter can bring this drug lord to justice and get the answers he deserves.

Because this mission is personal…

If you like the relentless tension of Daniel Silva and the gritty reality of Lee Child then you’ll love this first book in the John Carpenter Trilogy!


“★★★★★ This is a tightly-knit story that keeps us wondering who is betraying whom.” – Vine Voice, Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ Forget James Bond, ignore the glamour and cool gadgets in Mission Impossible, chances are real spies are not going to be Kate Beckinsale dressed in skintight leather while she drives around in a Ferrari. In reality, spy agencies want to recruit people with a certain charm that can lure people in, but be physically unremarkable so that their victims can’t really remember anything unusual about them as they wander across the street.“ – Verified Amazon Reviewer.

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New Novel: Laurel Glen Series Book 1

Adrenaline book cover

Adrenaline Laurel Glen Series Book 1 by B.L. Scott
Genre: Romantic Suspense


A successful woman wary of charming men. A man full of regret for a massive error in judgement. Their fiery relationship that almost wasn’t. A novel of international intrigue, last chances, and trust.

Lindsey Kelly loves two things—fast cars and her counter-terrorism business. She’s a self-made Beltway Bandit who rewards herself for her successes by racing her “baby,” a Ferrari F430 Spider, at Laurel Glen. When the car malfunctions during a practice lap, she meets a new track mechanic, Gavin Blake. Lindsey initially finds his looks compelling, but his judgmental and know-it-all attitude remind her of everything life with her ex-husband taught her to avoid.

For his part, Gavin isn’t interested in rich women who think they own the world. Or so he tells himself. In his previous life as a high-powered attorney, someone like Lindsey could have been his, but now, simplicity is what he craves. He hopes an uncomplicated life as an auto mechanic with little responsibility will help him avoid another colossal error in judgment.

The lives of these two self-avowed loners keep colliding, however, and a steamy on-again/off-again connection develops. They are eventually pulled into a vortex of danger when a terrorist organization attempts a takeover of Lindsey’s company. Working with the CIA, Lindsey becomes bait to draw out the leader of this radical group.

Faced with personal jeopardy, Gavin and Lindsey discover a love and trust that is necessary for their very existence.

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A.K Smith Presents, Pseudocide

About Pseudocide

Pseudocide book cover

Pseudocide Sometimes You Have to Die to Survive by A.K. Smith
Genre: YA Twisty Suspense


She Thought Faking Her Death Was The Answer To A New Destiny
She Was Wrong
Playing Dead Isn’t Easy

Sunday Foster had THE PLAN. Make it through the rest of high school, graduate and THE PLAN will begin. Only, fate chose a different path; one decision, one second changed everything,

THE PLAN is ruined.And then a new idea emerges.

What if you could escape your life? Change your name, where you live, and escape all the bad stuff that keeps happening.

Sunday decides in order to change her destiny she must fake her death and start a new life. Pseudocide not suicide. Sunday has secrets, but she’s not the only one. That’s when Sunday must decide how far she will go to hide the truth. Plans never work out quite the way you expect. Sometimes you have to DIE to survive.

Praises for Pseudocide

This tense tale will keep readers on edge until its surprising finale. – Kirkus Reviews

“A gripping suspense novel with unexpected twists.”

Teen fans of Gone Girl will enjoy this smart dark and unpredictable novel.

“Natasha Preston and Karen M. McManus readers will enjoy.” ♥

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Illegal by K.J. Gillenwater

About the Book

Illegal book cover

Illegal by K.J. Gillenwater
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Alone, desperate, and beautiful. When bullets fly, she must rely on a handsome stranger or face death. Together, they will risk it all for love.

Her whole life was a lie…

After discovering she was brought to the United States illegally as a young child, Selena Hernandez decides to do the responsible thing and return to Mexico, her country of origin. Selena vows to become a legal immigrant.

When she asks for help with a visa at the US Embassy, she meets attractive Wyatt Demko, a helpful embassy employee. But they are surprised to discover shocking details about her past and connections to a notorious drug cartel.

Wyatt escaped a painful upbringing in a Wisconsin trailer park for a stable career with the State Department. A chance meeting with Selena reveals an instinctual desire to help. But falling for a beautiful girl with dangerous enemies on her trail complicates his meticulous plans.

Wyatt knows he can’t afford to trust Selena. Still, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and win her heart before time runs out.

But Wyatt and Selena only have a few days to accomplish the impossible: hide from the brutal drug cartels and corrupt law enforcement to make a daring getaway that will take them from the streets of Mexico City to the sandy beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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About K.J. Gillenwater

Photo of K.J. Gillenwater

K.J. Gillenwater has a B.A. in English and Spanish from Valparaiso University and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara. She worked as a Russian linguist in the U.S. Navy, spending time at the National Security Agency doing secret things. After six years of service, she ended up as a technical writer in the software industry.

She has lived all over the U.S. and currently resides in Wyoming with her family where she runs her own business writing government proposals and squeezes in fiction writing when she can.

In the winter she likes to ski and snowshoe; in the summer she likes to garden with her husband, take walks with her dogs, and take trips into the Big Horn Mountains nearby. She has written multiple books, including several short story collections.

Connect with K.J. on her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads

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New Novel: High Rise Love

High Rise love book cover

Title: High Rise Love
by Angelina Kerner
Genre: Sweet Romantic Comedy, Chick Lit


A weekend getaway from family and work. Only one fear- an elevator.

Lana Tanner decides that it’s time to woman up, because that view from the ridiculously expensive roof, twenty-five stories up should help with a break. Pulling up her big girl panties and embracing her fear she gets on that elevator, only to get stuck, her worst fear coming true. Can the handsome stranger she’s stuck with help her overcome her fears and will anything come of it?

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About Angelina Kerner

Photo of Angelina Kerner

Angelina Kerner is an author of paranormal and lighthearted romance. She’s the wife of a photographer/physicist, and the mother of a cute little toddler, but she’s also been a dancer, a psychologist, an anthropologist, a geographer, a dreamer, and an adventurer.

She does her best writing while being bothered by her cats, taking care of her son, in dressing rooms while waiting for family to try on clothing, and at home in sunny California.

Angelina loves to play goddess-dragon matchmaker, transporting readers to a place where young goddesses have lovable flaws, the Fates plan to dethrone, the universe is endless and untamed, and dragons roam free! She also loves to write carefree romance where one can finish reading with a smile.

Connect with Angelina on her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads

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A Bargain of Blood and Gold, Kristin Jacques

Photo of Kristin Jacques

Hello, I am Kristin Jacques, a perpetually awkward onion from a small town in New England. It was super woodsy and more Stand By Me than Gilmore Girls, complete with questionable adventures in the wilds. Living in the sticks without much in the way of neighbors meant a lot of time wandering in the ‘back yard’ battling invisible armies in the pine trees, and creating worlds in my head. I’ve had the story telling spark since I was young and that only developed deeper over the years.

What is something unique/quirky about you?

I very often talk through character scenes out loud. Most of the time, I am conscious enough of how this sounds that I do this home alone, but sometimes I will start talking out load, in the car, in front of the kids. I promise, mommy is just scripting.

Tell us something really interesting that’s happened to you!

I don’t know if this qualifies, but I became a surrogate for a stranger through a penny saver ad. My own mother had a great deal of trouble conceiving and it was something I always wanted to do for someone else. It worked out great and, while its an experience I don’t think I could repeat again, I’m glad I did it.

What are some of your pet peeves?

Purposeful ignorance. We live in an age where information is literally at our fingertips but there are far too many people willing to bury their heads in the sand. Stickers on book covers. The bad reputation of sharks. The part of the egg that doesn’t cook right in sunny side eggs.

What was your childhood like?

I grew up in the sticks. My driveway was a half mile dirt strip that was the only connection to the country road, on a spit of land surrounded by swamps, ponds and a wide winding river. It beautiful and lonely and I spent a lot of time in my own head.

If you knew you’d die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

This one is to answer. I have a deep fear of my own mortality, even though it is something inevitable, that we all experience. I am not quite sure what that knowledge would do to me but I would likely spend the day somewhere in the sun, hugging my kiddos close, soaking up as much time and contact with my loved ones as I could muster.

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