Leigh Perry Presents, The Skeleton Makes a Friend

Skeleton makes a friendThe Skeleton Makes a Friend A Family Skeleton Mystery #5 by Leigh Perry
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pub Date: 11/6/18


Georgia Thackery is feeling pretty good about her summer job teaching at prestigious Overfeld College, and she’s renting a rustic cabin right by a lake for herself, her daughter, Madison, and her best friend, Sid the Skeleton. Together again, the trio are enjoying the quiet when a teenager named Jen shows up looking for her friend. Georgia doesn’t recognize the name, but she learns that the person Jen was looking for is actually Sid.

Sid reveals that he and Jen are part of a regular online gaming group that formed locally, and one of their members has gone missing. Sid admits that he might have bragged about his investigative prowess, enough so that Jen wants him to find their missing player. Given that Sid doesn’t have many friends offline—none, really, unless you count the Thackery family—Georgia agrees to help him search. They manage to discreetly enlist Jen, who lives in town, and follow the clues to… a dead buddy.

Now they’ve got a killer on their hands. Probing the life of Sid’s friend, they realize a lot is wrong both on campus and in the seemingly quaint town, and someone doesn’t want them looking deeper. Continue reading


A Tragic Miracle by Mindy Mathers

A Tragic Miracle Mindy MatherA Tragic Miracle by Mindy Mather
Genre: YA Romance


Lacey looked forward to the bright future ahead of her. She had just graduated high school and was about to start college along with her twin brother Joshua and all of their closest friends. Life couldn’t be better. That is until the night she was brutally raped and left for dead. After surviving that tragic experience, Lacey feels broken, dirty, and unworthy of love, but she soon discovers that the attack has also left her pregnant. Now she must make the most difficult decision of her life, abort the pregnancy or keep her baby. Continue reading

Rum + Coke, Romance Suspense Novel by Kimberly Knight

Rum and Coke coverRum & Coke (Saddles & Racks #4) by Kimberly Knight
Publication date: December 11th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


Not everything goes as planned …

Vincent Reed always believed he’d play professional volleyball in the Olympics, but when he’s injured his sophomore year of college, his dreams are crushed and he loses his scholarship. Instead of dropping out of school, Vinny began working as a male escort to pay for his education and fulfill his new dream of teaching children. Enjoying the life of luxury and travel, Vinny continues moonlighting as a male escort after graduation. He has everything he could ever need.

Everything happens for a reason …

Teresa Stewart never planned to get pregnant before she was married. She also didn’t plan for the father of her baby to die in combat before she could even tell him the news. Struggling to feed herself and her son, Colton, Tessa moves to Las Vegas where she hopes the cost of living will be cheaper and she’ll find a job in a popular hotel. But finding a job isn’t easy for Tessa, and a neighbor soon convinces her that stripping is the best way to make the money she needs to provide for her small family. All of life’s puzzle pieces are starting to come together, but Tessa knows something is still missing.

They say best friends make the best lovers …

At a bachelor party for his co-worker, Vinny meets Tessa. The sexual attraction is undeniable, but they each have something holding them back from moving forward. They grow even closer when Vinny becomes Colton’s teacher, and it seems as though all the pieces are finally falling into place.

However, sometimes the best-laid plans turn to hell …

Because murder will change everything. Continue reading

Who Would You Choose by JM Bronston

Novel by JM BronstonWho Would You Choose? Love in the City Book 4 by J.M. Bronston
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Marge Webster has always known what she wanted, and how to accomplish it.  As editor-in-chief of Lady Fair magazine, she’s got influence and fame, a social calendar as packed as her closet, and a gorgeous attorney boyfriend. Jerry is successful, loving, and ready to settle down. As for Marge—she just feels exhausted. Maybe that explains her weak knees and fluttering heartbeat when she runs into Sam Packard, her high-school crush.

Back then, Sam was the most popular and charismatic guy around. He didn’t always understand Marge’s dreams, but their connection was undeniable. Marge isn’t that awestruck girl anymore—but for the first time in her life, she has no idea which path to follow. Maybe the answer is to step back, take a doctor-ordered European vacation, and explore exactly what and who makes her happy. The answers might surprise everyone—especially Marge…

**can easily be read as a standalone**

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About JM Bronston Photo of JM Bronston

Joan Myra Bronston grew up in New York City, married her college sweetheart, and went with him to Germany for a year while he was in the Army and where she worked as a telex operator and mail clerk.

They then moved to Austria where Joan spent five years teaching at an international school. She is the mother of three wonderful girls and the grandmother of a super-wonderful grandson.

Joan was also a secretary, social investigator, and psychiatric researcher, before entering law school and eventually becoming a corporate attorney.

In addition to her years in Europe, Joan has lived in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and, for 18 years, Salt Lake City. At last, she has closed the circle and returned to her first and most beloved—New York City.

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Young Hollywood: Episode 13 – Walls and a Roof

Young Hollywood Episode 13, Walls and a Roof explores Zax and Leighann’s friendship. These two sweet beings have been through hell and back together, yet the timing for any romantic connection between them is always off. Their deep connection with each other has fans rooting for them.

Leighann and Zax are the most innocent characters in the series and are usually collateral damage in the other characters’ drama.

Family Portrait Episode 13

As soon as Zax got home he headed for the shower. Since Adriana had been in the hospital he’d come home to an empty house. A house that was once filled with love, energy, and laughter. Now the silence was deafening. The warm sanctuary that he once called home was now walls and a roof.


Leighann arrived at Banovic Manor, with take-out from Mr. Chow, Zax’s favorite Chinese food restaurant. She knew that he hated eating alone and rather than worrying about him or trying to get him to have dinner with her family, she decided to surprise him. Instead of using her code to let herself in, she rang the doorbell and waited. Zax answered the door wearing a pair of sweats, his shirtless torso glistened from the water droplets that dotted his chest, his hair wet and slick, and remnants of Irish Spring lingered in the air between them. Leighann immediately told herself that coming here was a bad idea. Continue reading

The Dirty Ones by JA Huss

The Dirty Ones book coverThe Dirty Ones By JA Huss
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense
Release date: December 4, 2018
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-944475-63-5 | PRINT ISBN: 978-1-944475-64-2


They said write what you know so that’s what I did. I wrote dirty, I wrote erotic, I wrote the truth.

And then they called me a liar. But it’s not me who’s lying, it’s them.

Our story isn’t for everyone. It’s not even for us.

So if you’re looking for the fairy tale and the stupid prince on his dumb white horse, move along. You’ve got a hold of the wrong book.

This is not your story, this is not your life, and this is not your opportunity to dip your frightened little toe into the dark pool of water and “try new things” and then pull it out and decide… #NotForMe.

When you go in with us you go all in. So make a decision before you turn this page.

Because I’m making one promise with this book.

Just one.

We are The Dirty Ones and this is our truth.

The Dirty Ones is a brand new dark romance about the secret world of erotica authors. Continue reading

Creating Villains with Emily Mims

Emily Mims authorAuthor Emily Mims shares tips for creating a believable villain.

Moriarty.  Iago.  Lex Luther.  Hannibal Lecter.  The Wicked Witch of the West.  Just the sound of their names brings the thought of evil to mind.  These are some of the more memorable of the numerous villains, or ‘bad guys’ if you will, created by skilled authors to pit against the heroes or ‘good guys’ of the story.

Villains appear in many different literary genres, from political thrillers to science fiction to mystery to romantic suspense to serious literary work.

They can be supposed friend or former friend turned enemy, an ideological opponent, a thug or a psychopath with a bone to pick.  They can be a lone wolf or the tip of a much bigger iceberg.  They can be thieving or murderous or diabolical.  Their ire can be personal or they can hate what the hero stands for.  They can be out to destroy the hero personally, financially, or by destroying what our hero loves most.

They all have one thing in common-they are up to no good.  But they are a necessary foil to the goodness of our heroes and heroines, and a carefully crafted, well-written villain can be just as memorable as the hero or heroine they are created to challenge.

Back in the early days of my career I wasn’t overly worried about creating a good villain.  Most of my books were straight romances, and while there was the occasional rotten apple I was not creating true villains in that genre.

Even the books with a slightly suspenseful theme did not have a villain as such.  But when I decided I wanted to add the elements of danger and suspense into my stories I had to sit down and think about what made an effective villain in literature and how to bring that villain to life.  And then I had to figure out how to bring that character into the story in such a way that neither the hero, heroine, or reader knows until the end who their nemesis is nor why they are doing the things they do.

This takes some careful plotting-no flying by the seat of one’s pants-and occasionally it takes going back into the story and adding hints and clues that were not included in the first draft. Continue reading

No One Like You by Heather McGovern

No One Like You coverNo One Like You A Chateau Jolie Romance #1 by Heather McGovern
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub Date:


In the quaint mountain town of Windamere, North Carolina, the three Sargent sisters are determined to make their hotel and winery, Chateau Jolie, a success. And one by one, they’re finding that nothing pairs better with new beginnings than unexpected love…

The downside of living in a charming small town is that it’s impossible for Brooke Sargent to avoid anyone. Especially someone as big, handsome, and friendly as Trevor Bradley. At his brother’s wedding, they flirted and danced…before Brooke recalled that she’s not ready to trust any man after her divorce, let alone one who’s the competition. Her family’s struggling chateau is planning to host the local senior prom—without the Bradley family’s renowned Honeywilde Inn muscling in and stealing the glory.

Trevor has thought of no one else since the night he and Brooke connected. Even though she shot him down—hard—he’s seen the warmth beneath her guarded facade. Working together, they could give the high school students a spectacular prom. Navigating the rough terrain of Brooke’s business, while proving himself to his own siblings, won’t be easy. But Trevor loves a challenge—especially one that could win him the woman he can’t stop wanting . . . Continue reading

Holiday of the Heart by Angel Wolfe

Angel Wolfe Holiday of the HeartCan you tell us a little bit about the characters in Holiday of the Heart?

Let’s see, Morgan is a writer.  She is very independent yet totally in love with Ricky in a hit or miss, long distance relationship.  Ricky is a married man who while in love with Morgan, has been unable to commit to her because he has been unable to cut ties with his wife.  Nick is a widower with a son that’s about to graduate high school.  He is the town handyman and an all-around nice guy.  And Jake, Jake is Nick’s son.  He is graduating high school and has worked for Morgan doing odd jobs to help her out.  Like his dad, he’s a wonderful guy.

How do you come up with names for your characters? 

I actually use baby name books or web-sites and just dive in.  I normally have an idea what kind of name I’m looking for but have totally changed my mind on occasion after seeing something I liked better.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book? 

Researching Silverton.  I loved driving around town and making note of different places to use.  I actually went and ate at the restaurants that I used in the book too.  We have been going to some of them for 25 years or more.  Wisconsin was beautiful and park where I saw the swans was amazing.  The entire Wisconsin trip will always be a sad but wonderful memory.

How did you come up with the title of your first novel?

My first novel, Damaged Hearts originally started out as The Palomino Man, but I hated the title and once I really got into writing the book, the title no longer fit because it was my heroine that had the palomino; the hero actually had a paint, so I had to change the title.  Once I did, I couldn’t be happier about it because the nine other stories in my head that will make up the series all fit right in.  Breaking Hearts, Trusting Hearts, etc, etc.

Who designed your book covers?  Continue reading

Yeast of Eden A Pancake House Mystery by Sarah Fox

Yeast of Eden coverYeast of Eden A Pancake House Mystery #4 by Sarah Fox
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pub Date: 10/30/2018

USA Today bestselling author Sarah Fox’s delicious new Pancake House Mystery, it’s up to Marley McKinney to discover the waffle truth behind a rival’s murder . . .


Winter has come to Wildwood Cove, and riding in on the chill is Wally Fowler. Although he’s been away for years, establishing his reputation as the self-proclaimed Waffle King, the wealthy blowhard has returned to the coastal community to make money, not friends—by pitting his hot and trendy Waffle Kingdom against Marley McKinney’s cozy pancake house, The Flip Side. Wally doesn’t see anything wrong in a little healthy competition, until he’s murdered in his own state-of-the art kitchen.

Marley isn’t surprised when the authorities sniff around The Flip Side for a motive, but it’s her best friend Lisa who gets grilled, given her sticky history with the victim. When a second murder rocks the town, it makes it harder than ever for Marley to clear Lisa’s name. Marley’s afraid that she’s next in line to die—and the way things are looking, the odds of surviving her investigation could be stacked against her. Continue reading