Roxanne D. Howard Presents, The Hotter They Come

Book cover Hotter they comeThe Hotter They Come Romancing the Seas #1 by Roxanne D. Howard
Genre: Contemporary Romance


When Piper’s job sends her undercover to spy on Jack – the beyond sexy hook-up she can’t stop thinking about – she is forced to decide if her job is more important than her happiness.


Captain Jack Spencer owns and runs a whale watching company, Ahoy, Matey. When his business takes off, a jealous rival wants him and his company gone. Jack has no idea the delectable Piper Goldhirsch is tasked with scuttling everything he’s worked for – he’s too caught up in their magnetic attraction and her web of lies.

​Piper Goldhirsch, head reporter for the tabloid TV show Business Buster, is all work and no play. When she and the all too tempting Jack Spencer have a one-night stand that turns out to be the greatest sex of her life, she is haunted by the powerful magic between them. Sent undercover to expose his whale watching business, she is torn between her assignment and the first man she has ever wanted. With her happiness on the line, Piper has only one choice. Continue reading


Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid

Book cover Dr. Strange BeardDr. Strange Beard (Winston Brothers Book 5) by Penny Reid
Genre:  Contemporary Romance


Hunches, horse races, and heartbreak

Ten years after Simone Payton broke his heart, all Roscoe Winston wants is a doughnut. He’d also like to forget her entirely, but that’s never going to happen. Roscoe Winston remembers everything—every look, every word, every single unrequited second—and the last thing he needs is another memory of Simone.

Unfortunately, after one chance encounter, Simone keeps popping up everywhere he happens to be . . .

Ten years after Roscoe Winston dropped out of her life, all Simone Payton wants is to exploit him. She’d also like some answers from her former best friend about why he ghosted her, but if she never gets those answers, that’s a-okay. Simone let go of the past a long time ago. Seriously, she has. She totally, totally has. She is definitely not still thinking about Roscoe. Nope. She’s more than happy to forget he exists.

But first, she needs just one teeny-tiny favor . . .

Dr. Strange Beard is a full-length romantic comedy novel, can be read as a stand-alone, and is the fifth book in the USA TODAY bestselling Winston Brothers series. Continue reading

Live, Love, Repeat Milestones Book 1 by JD Corbett

Live Love RepeatLive, Love, Repeat Milestones Book 1 by JD Corbett
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Over the last 25 years, Liz Banner’s life has grown stagnant. Not that she hasn’t loved being a stay-at-home wife and mother, but she didn’t mean to lose herself in the process. And after surviving the most challenging time in her life, Liz realizes that life is too short, and second chances don’t come around very often.

With a milestone birthday approaching, Liz is determined to live a little. And when her best friend, Anne, gifts her a ticket for a 10-day luxury cruise, Liz decides it’s the perfect excuse to experience new things, and just take some time to relax with some of her favorite women. But her idea of a relaxing vacation gets thrown overboard when a few surprise guests make an appearance and attempt to win their way back into Liz’s heart.

With a second chance at life…and love, turning 50 never felt better. Continue reading

Get to know Sandra Hurst

Sandra Hurst, in her own words

Sandra Hurst Peace outWhen I was little, we had a burgundy set of children’s encyclopedias and I would pick out stories and poems from them to put on performances in the living room, insisting that my family listen to the stories and legends that I had read. I grew up on the stories of Robin Hood, King Arthur, and the Fae. What else could I ever be?

I write because the words are my way of exploring a world I can’t see. I’m a myth-maker, there is nothing that gives me more creative juice than asking a question and then building a world to find the answer. Myths and fantasy give us the opportunity to look at ourselves in new and often unusual ways, to play a huge game of ‘what if’ and see where the answers will fall.

My mind isn’t healthy if I’m not writing, it really isn’t a choice for me.

I think that one of the hardest things to do as a newer author is to explain your writing style. It’s probably a question that would be more appropriately asked of someone who has read your work, and at the beginning, no one has. It’s hard to describe yourself without being either self-congratulatory or somewhat delusional. If I had to say something about my own style, I think I would call it lyrical. I was a poet long before I accepted the challenge of writing prose. I would compare my style to current writers I think I would say that it is somewhat like early work by Guy Gavriel Kay, although I think I smell the self-delusion rising on that one.

I now live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and son, both of whom I love dearly, and have put up for sale on e-bay when their behavior demanded it.  My day to day life is a balance between my outside life as a paralegal counselor and my inner life as an author/poet. In between writing projects, I work on improving my craft, write book reviews, try to keep my blog current, and study mythologies from around the world. Continue reading

Can’t Stand the Heat, Promo + Giveaway

Peggy Jaeger novelCan’t Stand the Heat Will Cook For Love #3 by Peggy Jaeger
Genre: Contemporary Romance


In Peggy Jaeger’s delectable series, delicious food is just an appetizer for life’s main course: the kind of love that feeds your soul.

With three successful TV series under her belt, including her cousin Kandy’s, executive producer Stacy Peters is ready to helm her own show. But to make that happen, she has to do her network boss one favor first—spend two months on a ranch in Montana wrangling the notoriously difficult director of Beef Battles. Apparently, he eats producers for breakfast. Yet all Stacy can think when she meets the lean, rugged man is how hungry he makes her . . .

Dominic Stamp—Nikko to his very few friends—has had enough interference from TV newbies. And when Stacy climbs out of the car in Montana, he’s not convinced she’s even old enough to drive, much less produce his show. But he can’t deny that the long-legged blonde with the stubborn will and the dazzling smile whets his appetite. And as Stacy proves her talent with the crew and the budget alike, Nikko vows to prove to her that love is on the menu for both of them . . .

Look for exclusive recipes in each book! Continue reading

Close to You by B.M. Sandy

Close to you coverClose To You by B.M. Sandy
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Michele just wants to be set free.
Iain just might have the key.

Michele Coffey is on the run. After arriving in Brooklyn four months ago, she perfected the art of looking over her shoulder. Her only goal is to make it through another day without being discovered.

When Iain Sheppard unexpectedly walks into her life, Michele’s first instinct is to retreat. Falling in love is not in her plan, and after what she’s been through, she’s not ready to trust anyone yet. Maybe ever.

Iain is a rugged, sexy freelancer, born and raised in Brooklyn. After showing up at the bar she works at one night, he leaves a note, asking to show Michele the city. It goes against every rule she has set in place for herself. She wants to forget about him and his offer, but something about him draws her in. She can’t shake it, so she agrees.

What Michele doesn’t know is that Iain knows more about her than he’s letting on.

The clock is ticking. Michele knows that her time is running out, especially after a stunning reveal that draws her and Iain even closer.

As their attraction grows deeper, she can’t stop looking over her shoulder, waiting for inevitable disaster. And she can’t help but ask herself if she escaped one prison, only to lock herself into a new one of her own making.

Will she ever be set free? Continue reading

Future novels from Gina Ardito

Gina Ardito blog tourAuthor Gina Ardito shares a little about her upcoming novels.

With Lightning In A Bottle released into the world, here are a few other projects I’m working on for future release:

Book IV of my Calendar Girls series, Memories In December, is slated to be finished and released later this year. In this story, you’ll meet local photographer, Siobhan Bendlow, her meddling grandma, and three love stories in one book that will leave you sighing with delight!

Even Now, a sweet contemporary about a music star who comes back to the hometown girl he abandoned years earlier. She’s now the owner of the local animal shelter and has lots of good reasons to hate his guts. This story is currently sitting with the editor of a large publisher who seems very interested. Fingers crossed we can come to agreeable terms all around. Continue reading

Out of Character with Molly Zenk

Out of Character tourCan you tell us a little bit about the characters in Out of Character?

There are four main characters in the book which also means 4 points of view characters. They are:

*Harmony – a young actress. This is her first role ever beyond high school. She hasn’t even done any college productions. She sends in an audition tape and is plucked from obscurity. She feels like she’s in over her head and always worried she’s going to get fired.

*David – The ‘It’ boy from across the Pond. He’s a model/actor. He acts super confident and secure but that’s all a front for his inner insecurities. He’s kind of flashy with his faith which can get on the other characters’ nerves, even though they are on a faith-based family show.

*Elliot – he’s hoping for redemption and to get away from it all after his ex-girlfriend goes on a smear campaign against him on national TV. He and David are in a scripted love triangle with Harmony which goes off script into real life. He’s used to playing stalkers and serial killers so [he] is looking for a career/image makeover as well.

*Katie – She’s been acting a long time without a big break. She’s envious of Harmony or just being handed the lead role. How she handles that jealousy is questionable. She’s very ambitious. You’ll hate her one minute, and she’ll break your heart the next. Katie and Elliot are the two characters that surprised me the most while I was writing. Continue reading

Introducing Mary J Williams, author

Mary J Williams novelWhat is a typical day like for you?

I wish I could say an author’s life is filled with endless excitement. The truth? I spend most of my time alone with my characters. Not that I have anything to complain about. I love what I do. And because I hate to fly, I get to take trips on a whim, around the world, to exotic locations, all from the comfort of my own home.

What are you currently reading?

I don’t read as much as I did before I started writing. So I’m much pickier when I do sit down with a book. At the moment, I’m in the middle of Secrets in Death by J. D. Robb. I’ve read all the books in the series. Eve and Roarke are my favorite couple of all time. Who doesn’t love a kick-ass woman and a man who stands right beside her through thick and thin?

What are you working on now?

I’m in the middle of the first book in a new series. I like to do a series every year—three to five books. I’ve done athletes and billionaires and movie moguls and rock stars.

My new series, The Sisters Quartet, takes place in New York City. Four standalone books with a central villain the sisters have to take down. Four happy endings.

The first book, One of These Days, will be out in February. Two of A Kind in April. Three Wishes in June. And Four Simple Words in August. I like to do one standalone novel each year. And a Christmas novella. Continue reading

Heel Lead by Dawn K. Henderson

Heel Lead book coverTitle: Heel Lead by Dawn K. Henderson
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction


Because life is one big ballroom – and all we can do is dance… Former UK dance champion Caroline Elliott has two burning passions in her life: her sexy, young Spanish lover Antonio, and the weekly Ballroom dance class she teaches to a diverse group of enthusiastic locals in the small English town of Castleham where she lives. But Caroline has a problem. The numbers attending her class have dwindled, and unless she can somehow breathe new life into it, she will have no choice but to close it down. A dance display at the local Arts Festival might just be the perfect opportunity to showcase her students and pull in those much-needed new members. How difficult could it be? With the date of the display

A dance display at the local Arts Festival might just be the perfect opportunity to showcase her students and pull in those much-needed new members. How difficult could it be? With the date of the display approaching, however, illness, affairs and relationship break-ups threaten to crush Caroline’s hopes.

As she battles to keep rehearsals on track and soothe her students’ rampant nerves, she must also conquer the demons of a long-ago tragedy in her own life.

Will she be able to let go of her fears and step into the spotlight once again? Heel Lead is an emotional, passionate and poignant story that entertains while it tugs at your heartstrings. In this short yet compelling novel, author Dawn K. Henderson presents a captivating tale of the power of love, dance and the ties that bind us.

In this short yet compelling novel, author Dawn K. Henderson presents a captivating tale of the power of love, dance and the ties that bind us. Continue reading