Radley’s Home for Horny Monsters

Annabelle Hawthorne lives somewhere deep in the Rocky Mountains and spends her days working hard to write you some of the best erotic literature money can buy.

When not writing, she spends time with her family and can always be found within spitting distance of some form of coffee.

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Annabelle Hawthorne Talks Horny Monsters Book 1

What inspired you to write the Horny Monsters series?

I’ve been an anime fan since I was a teen, and I’ve been an erotica fan since the age of *coughs* eighteen, definitely eighteen. *cough*

Anyway, one of my favorite anime at the time before my first book was a show called Monster Musume. I really enjoyed the erotic tension between the main character and all of the monster girls he lived with, but in true anime-harem fashion, nothing filthy ever happens. I always wondered what a story would look like if sex was allowed, but never thought more of it.

When I sat down to write Radley’s Home for Horny Monsters, this idea came back to me. What would a story look like if the main character was allowed to have sex with all of the characters? In my original draft, I had a few monster girls cooked up and figured that the main character would inherit a home full of them, but I was met with a few problems in that I needed something more.

I was an avid horror fan growing up (and still am) and I often think about the movie House 2. For those who don’t know, the movie takes place in an old house that acts as a nexus for different dimensions, and they end up in an ancient temple in the fireplace, a prehistoric world in one of the bedrooms, you get the gist.

So my idea was: what if a house like this had a mysterious past and a bunch of sexy monsters living in it? Originally, this started kind of as a joke, but the house and the characters resonated very well with readers, which is why I am currently writing the rough draft of book four right now. As the story progresses, more monsters are revealed, and the house itself continues to expand from the inside.

That, and the story is so much fun to write, I love all my monsters and the adventures they get to go on.

What can we expect from you in the future?

From the moment I decided to publish Radley’s Home for Horny Monsters, I’ve had some pretty big ideas as to where I would like to go with this career.

Obviously the material is a bit niche, and I would love to round it out. I am currently getting ready to wrap up the rough draft of book four of the Horny Monsters series. I also have a related novel releasing later this year about an arachne who finds love with a vietnam soldier (it takes place in the sixties). I am also working on a spin-off novel involving Lily the succubus.

I have several more books planned in the Horny Monster series beyond book four, and even more ideas for spin-offs in the same universe. My big dream is to make enough money that I can write full-time and start doing short stories in the same universe, as well as erotic shorts like Quarantined: with my hot roommates. Just some silly little stuff to put the offspring through college, maybe allow me to travel more and (if I was really lucky) allow my spouse to retire early.

I would really like to build my name into a brand of erotica that readers can trust for quality. To get there, I’ve had to work for it. And while I feel like I am further behind where I want to be, I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going. Continue reading

Summer Reading Top Ten LGBTQ Books

Rick R. Reed’s Top Ten LGBTQ Books

What better way to introduce myself than to let you know what some of my favorite books are. They give a snapshot of who I am as both a writer and, more importantly, as a reader.

Here are the very first books that came to mind when I think of my very favorite “gay” books. I’m a great believer in going with one’s gut. So here they are (in no particular order):

Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith. Highsmith has long been one of my literary icons. When it comes to probing the darkest sides of human nature, no one does it better than she. Strangers on a Train is a much better novel than the Hitchcock movie of the same name (although that was not without its charm, among them the very lovely Farley Granger) and has a much darker resolution. Its homoeroticism, too, is much more explicit than in the sanitized Hollywood film that bears the same name.

The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren. How many other gay men have had the same experience as I did? I discovered this book on a trip to the mall when I was in high school, surreptitiously bought it when my friend wasn’t looking, and took it to home, hid it between my mattress, and box springs…and absolutely treasured it. It opened my eyes to so much (yes, two men can really love each other—it’s not a sickness or an abnormality) and made me realize I was not alone.

No Night is Too Long by Ruth Rendell (writing as Barbara Vine). No contemporary mystery/psychological thriller writer does it better than Ruth Rendell. She plays with gay themes in several of her novels, but in this tale of psychological suspense, she most successfully blends homosexual themes and characters with heart-pounding suspense and shines a light into our darkest fears and compulsions.

Mysterious Skin by Scott Heim. This was Heim’s debut novel and it’s weird, wonderful, and disturbing, combining alien abduction, memory loss, and child sexual abuse in a compelling, lyrical, and thought-provoking narrative. I’m sad to say that none of his subsequent work had the sheer power of this one.

In a Shallow Grave by James Purdy. Purdy is one of the most underrated American writers. I believe he is one of the masters of 20th century literature and this gem, about a disaffected and disfigured war veteran and his love for a hired male caretaker and the fugitive who comes into both their lives is spiritual, carnal, and profound. And Purdy’s command of the language and his use of American colloquial speech is nothing short of poetry.

The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst. A perfectly rendered portrait of England in the 1980s and the rise of the new right, this story about young gay Nick Guest and his social and sexual awakening is harrowing stuff, since we know that tragedy lurks just around the corner for not only our naïve young—and often selfish—protagonist, but for a whole segment of society.

Was by Geoff Ryman. This revisionist take on my favorite movie of all time, The Wizard of Oz, is simply brilliant literature. In its parallel stories of a “real” Dorothy Gale, a “scarecrow” dying of AIDS, and the plight of a child star named Frances Gumm combine to form a narrative that is nothing short of literary brilliance.

Michael Tolliver Lives by Armistead Maupin. The Tales of the City books, like The Front Runner, were eye-openers and touchstones for me as a young gay man coming to grips with his own identity. Reading this last entry in the series really resonated with me and touched me, since I am not far behind Michael himself and have experienced many, if not most, of his same joys and sorrows.

The Lost Language of Cranes by David Leavitt. This was Leavitt’s first novel and, while I wouldn’t say it’s his best, I would say it’s his sweetest and most satisfying. So much of the story resonates with me personally (the closeted father with a gay son) that it simply touches my heart more than his other work.

IM by Rick R. Reed. You didn’t think I’d compile this list without putting myself on it? But people always ask which of my books is my favorite and this one is clamoring for a mention. I love it because it combines a little romance, with a lot of suspense, some horror, and commentary on gay life and culture. Continue reading

A Quick Chat with See Through Author, Brittany Taylor

Introducing Brittany Taylor

Hi, I’m Brittany Taylor and I write sexy, edgy romance. I write everything from dark romance to suspense to rockstar. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband who is in the Navy and we have two sons and two cats.

For most of my life, I’ve lived all over the country, including places such as California and Texas. When I was a child I also lived in England!

Senior year of high school I had two free periods at the end of my day where I would spend my time assisting the librarians in stocking and re-covering the books. I feel like my time there brought out my true love for books and it wasn’t long before I found myself checking out several books a week. I gravitated toward the romance genre, specifically YA at the time.

Years later when I married my husband after he joined the Navy, we moved from Texas to Connecticut. Although I’d had gone to school to be a legal assistant and pharmacy technician, I realized my love for books was stronger than my passion for those careers. I started reading again and found myself wishing I had been the one writing those stories. It wasn’t until 2016 when my husband had bought me a new computer that I truly dove into writing my first novel, Without You.

And from there, the rest is history. I currently have six books published and am working on the seventh. I wouldn’t trade this career for any other. I love it too much.

What inspired you to write this book?

When I write books, I like to try to keep a wide variety of sub-genres. I will always write in the romance genre, but I don’t particularly like to stick to just one trope.

Rockstar romance was a genre I had always wanted to write. After reading several rockstar romances myself, I started to notice that almost all rockstars were portrayed a certain way. I wanted to write my story with a fresh take. I wanted to write the rockstar romance that wasn’t particularly like the others. Therefore, Spencer Ryan was born.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Sometimes when I want to start a new book, I like to look at the last book I published and go from there. Last year when I had written my dark romance, Dissipate, I knew I needed to branch out in a different direction. Julian, the main character in Dissipate, was such a strong, psychologically draining character that I felt like I needed a break. After writing Dissipate, I wrote my co-written romantic comedy, What are the Chances.

After writing See Through, I knew I wanted to jump back into the series I had started with Dissipate. I was ready to go back to darker characters and more suspense. Last year I had published my romantic suspense, Back to Me, never intending for it to become a series. But then I wrote Dissipate and knew I wanted to write a third book into the series.

I’m currently working on Mine. Mine is a psychological thriller that will take place between the events that happened in Dissipate and Back to Me, making it Book 2 in the series. Although I’m writing Book 2 in the series, all three books can be read standalone. Usually, I write where my heart takes me, and right now, Logan and Lena are shouting at me to write their story. Continue reading

Susan Saxx Presents, Nathan Unwrapped

Nathan Unwrapped by Bestselling Author Susan Saxx
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance


Nathan buries his talent and has sworn off his art, and all romantic relationships, but when a bulldozer of a man comes to seek refuge in the dilapidated house Nathan is renovating, all the promises he made to himself collapse under the weight of powerful emotions.


Nathan Gentael couldn’t bear to lose his family’s legacy, an old house on the tiny cove of Refuge Bay. He scraped together every penny he could find to buy back the derelict manse, and now he needs investors to help put it to rights so he can create a place for people like him: emotional wrecks in need of a safe place to get themselves together.

Okay, he isn’t a wreck, but he has turned his back on his passion, and believes by helping others, he’ll help himself. When it seems no one is going to help, a new investor, ex-military Augustine Jake Reiden, who insists on being called Og, shows up early and inverts Nathan’s reality. Nathan has secrets, but this bull of a man who has more bravado than anyone Nathan has ever met, is harboring mysteries.

Dark and closed off, Og is willing to risk investing in the house, but he has conditions, and it turns out one of them is he wants Nathan. Continue reading

Audrey Beaudoin presents, The Aftermath of Drifting Away Fate Book 1

The Aftermath of Drifting Away Fate Book 1 by Audrey Beaudoin
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance


We survived the plane crash.

We survived days on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Right when all hope to get rescued crumbled, we shared a kiss that left me heartbroken―my first and last kiss.

Or so I thought. Because we didn’t die.

My plan is to never see Chris Ross again. To keep hanging out with his sister without crossing his path. Getting my life back together and working on my goals are the only things that matter. I have plans, and they don’t include love.

But then he shows up at my workplace, asking for my friendship. When I learn something that changes everything, I’m determined to stay away and not let myself fall for him.

Too bad he’s persistent. Too bad I can’t stop thinking about the damn kiss. Too bad it’s nice having him around and being his friend.

If things were to change, they could get really complicated…

The Aftermath of Drifting Away is a sweet contemporary forbidden romance. It is the first book in the Fate series that can be read as a stand-alone. Continue reading

Lisa Becker Presents, The Subway Girl

The Subway Girl The Subway Girl Series Book 1 by Lisa Becker
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Contemporary Romantic Comedy About Fate and Unexpected Love From An Award-Winning Writer

“You don’t find love, it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate and what’s written in the stars.” Anais Nin


A hopeless romantic.

A cynical web show producer.

An unscrupulous cameraman.

A sleazy businessman.

An aspiring actress.

A womanizing best friend.

A scheming ex-girlfriend.

A commitment-phobic roommate.

An unlucky-in-love buddy.

These lives intersect when an average guy is awed by a gorgeous mystery woman on a New York subway and vows to meet her.

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Other books from Lisa Becker.

About Lisa Becker

Lisa BeckerLisa Becker is an award-winning romance writer who spends her time like she spends her money – on books and margaritas.  As Lisa’s grandmother used to say, “For every chair, there’s a tush.” Lisa is now happily married to a wonderful man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach, California with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there’s hope for anyone!

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The Secret, A Real Men Series

The Secret A Real Men Series Prequel Novella
by Best-selling Author Susan Saxx
Genre: Contemporary Romance


A once in a lifetime Hawaiian vacation…

…what could go wrong?

Dare is crazy about Abby. But he struggles with his feelings, knowing he can never match the lifestyle she was born into.

But when he takes her on an exotic vacation to Hawaii and his plans to personally pamper her fall apart, his love for her is tested in ways that surprise even him.

READER NOTE: This book is a short prequel to REAL DEEP, Book #2 in the REAL MEN series. It is not required to understand the story in Real Deep. It can be read and enjoyed as a standalone and does not end with a cliffhanger.


“…a delightful prequel novella”

“Susan Saxx writes with both heart and honesty and The Secret is a great addition to  the wonderful ‘Real Men’ series.” Continue reading

Born To Blush

Born to Blush by Fran Connor
Genre: Historical Romantic Adventure


When she finds honest and paid employment far away from the Victorian Workhouse where she grew up, Mary leaves with hope and sadness in her heart.

Her future looks secure; that is the hope but she must leave behind a childhood friend, the son of a wealthy local family with whom she managed to cross the social divide; that is the sadness.

Not all employers in 1850s England are bad and young Mary works her way up the servants’ ladder to become lady’s maid to a kind aristocrat. She grows into an attractive young woman which does not go unnoticed by her employer’s lascivious husband.

When her Ladyship unexpectedly dies, the husband makes unwelcome advances towards Mary.

Her defiance of his carnal desires sets in motion a series of adventures and catastrophes.

This thrilling romantic adventure follows the plucky Mary on her journey into the depths of Dickensian England where she encounters a myriad of odd characters some of whom mean her harm while others strive to help her.

When someone from her past reappears, her joy is tinged with fear. Much has happened to her since last they met. To cross the social divide as adults is far more difficult than in childhood and romance instead of friendship complicates it even further.

Mary has a secret. Should it be discovered it will have her transported as a felon to Australia.

If you love your historical romantic fiction to have a gutsy heroine, this is the novel for you. Continue reading

Book Promo: Juice Box: The Book of Shaun

Juice Box: The Book of Shaun by Daneal Brown
Genre: Urban Erotic Romance


Shaun Sheppard is equal parts hood-grown homeboy and corporate success. He dominates boardrooms by day and tears up the club by night, searching for the finest and juiciest women he can find.

He’s locally famous for both his marketing tactics and his sexual escapades. Having coined the phrase juice box to describe the female anatomy, he considers himself to be a connoisseur of juice boxes far and wide. He has no intention of slowing down his corporate climb or taming his sex drive.

Until he sees Essence.

From the moment Shaun lays eyes on Essence, he can’t get her off his mind. She dominates his dreams, invades his thoughts at work, and all other women pale in comparison to her. He gets hooked on her juice box before he ever speaks to her.

When he’s presented with a truly golden opportunity, Shaun thinks this is his time to shine and get on his grind. But he’s soon met with twists and turns that he couldn’t even begin to fathom. His seemingly unquenchable thirst for the juice box comes back to haunt him and puts a strain on his budding love affair with Essence.

In the end, Shaun must decide if he’s going to get the juice box, or if the juice box is going to get him.

**Only .99 cents!!** Continue reading

Annie Dawes Talks Indie Publishing

About Anita Dawes

Anita Dawes loves all things esoteric, magical and the otherworldly and would prefer to live in a fairy tale. In between these moments, she likes to visit old churches and ancient buildings.

She has written six fiction novels in various genres, Bad Moon, Simple, Secrets, The Scarlet Ribbon; Let it Go and Not My Life. Presently working on a sequel to her popular supernatural romance, The Scarlet Ribbon.
Anita has recently rediscovered her childhood love of poetry and often writes and posts them online.

Owned by an egocentric black and white cat called Merlin, named after her favourite hero, Anita dislikes computers and prefers to writes longhand, sharing a website http://jenanita01.com with Jaye Marie, who transcribes and edits her work…

Exploring Indie Publishing with Anita Dawes

Two years ago, when I first started hearing about Indie publishing, I never thought it would be something I could actually do, as the thought of anything to do with a computer filled me with dread.

I had been writing for years and submitted my work to most of the mainstream publishers. Very nearly made it too, but as they say, a miss is as good as a mile! Which was a shame, for many people liked what I wrote.

So, it didn’t take long for the idea of doing it yourself to become something I was determined to do. I enlisted the help of my sister, Jaye, as she is far more computer literate than I. More stubborn too!

What Jaye had to learn was incredible, and unbelievably hard. I tried to keep up with her, but there were days when even she was pulling her hair out. Some of it was easy, which tended to lull us into a false sense of achievement, but we persevered.

Eventually, we learned how to upload one of my manuscripts to Amazon, and I was finally a published author. (Well, sort of)

We didn’t stop there. We wanted to upload my other books and create paperback copies too, proof positive that I was truly a writer. One little success meant there could very well be others, and that was the best incentive in the world.

Learning how to do all that was a nightmare, but soon, four of my books were on Amazon and we were like a couple of Cheshire cats. We were tempted to stop there; after all, I now had six paperback copies of my books on my shelf, as well as the Kindle editions.

But we soon discovered that this was only half of the battle. Apparently, you need a platform, a reader friendly website to promote my books or they would remain in limbo. Then there was all the socialising and networking. So many writers were publishing their own books; we were a ridiculously small pebble in a very large pond!

We managed to create a passable website and established a presence on the internet. Not that this is the end of the story, there is no way you can rest on your laurels (that is if you even have some!)

Even if nothing monumental comes from all our efforts, we know we have tried our hardest. But we won’t stop writing, for that’s the fun part! Continue reading