Young Hollywood: Episode 14 – Damn, Cat Videos

In Young Hollywood, Episode 14, Damn, Cat Videos, Adrian discovers he has a tail. He takes care of the problem and without missing a beat, begins to restore his bond with his nephew, Zax.

The Recap

In Young Hollywood, Episode 12, Jagger Bennett, you got introduced to Jagger, Adrian’s nemesis who would do anything to get rid of Adrian and protect his own secrets.

Young Hollywood Episode 14


Jagger Bennett adjusted Reece Kincaid’s medical file to show that she died from in-operable head trauma. If the truth got out that his mistake took her life, he could lose everything he’d worked so hard for. The cover-up was tight, only one other person on his team knew the truth and she wasn’t going to sell him out. His biggest problem now was Adrian Banovic. Adrian could take away all that Jagger had worked for and he wasn’t going to stand by and watch that happen. He needed to get rid of Adrian once and for all.

Fatigue set in and his eyes got heavy. A small yawn escaped his lips and his head nodded surprising him—he quickly pulled it back. He forced himself to stay awake but the lure of sleep consumed his body. Jagger dragged himself to his couch and within seconds he was sound asleep. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 13 – Walls and a Roof

Young Hollywood Episode 13, Walls and a Roof explores Zax and Leighann’s friendship. These two sweet beings have been through hell and back together, yet the timing for any romantic connection between them is always off. Their deep connection with each other has fans rooting for them.

Leighann and Zax are the most innocent characters in the series and are usually collateral damage in the other characters’ drama.

Family Portrait Episode 13

As soon as Zax got home he headed for the shower. Since Adriana had been in the hospital he’d come home to an empty house. A house that was once filled with love, energy, and laughter. Now the silence was deafening. The warm sanctuary that he once called home was now walls and a roof.


Leighann arrived at Banovic Manor, with take-out from Mr. Chow, Zax’s favorite Chinese food restaurant. She knew that he hated eating alone and rather than worrying about him or trying to get him to have dinner with her family, she decided to surprise him. Instead of using her code to let herself in, she rang the doorbell and waited. Zax answered the door wearing a pair of sweats, his shirtless torso glistened from the water droplets that dotted his chest, his hair wet and slick, and remnants of Irish Spring lingered in the air between them. Leighann immediately told herself that coming here was a bad idea. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 12 – Jagger Bennett

Young Hollywood, Episode 12 introduces you to Adrian Banovic’s nemesis, Jagger Bennett. Jagger is threatened by Adrian’s return and is determined to find out his secret. Meanwhile, Jagger has secrets of his own that he needs to protect to save is reputation.

The Recap

In Young Hollywood, Episode 11 – The Cover Up, Adrian, Jayne and Robin, put together a plan to keep Adriana’s secret safe. Meanwhile, Robin struggles with the legality of it all.

Family Portrait Jagger Bennett

Jagger Bennett, hated that entitled prick, Adrian Banovic. How dare he appear out of nowhere and take over his hospital? The same hospital Adrian walked away from years ago—which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Jagger. Adrian had been the youngest chief of surgeon at Mt. Hope Memorial, when he disappeared, Jagger inherited that title and all the perks it allowed.

The night Adrian busted through the emergency entrance covered in blood with his niece on the gurney, he turned Jagger’s perfectly run hospital upside down. Jagger looked on from the operating theater and saw a master at work; Adrian didn’t miss a beat as he performed the operation that relieved the pressure on his injured nieces’ brain; had he worked on the other girl, she would have surely survived. Instead, Jagger tried to save her, but a misstep in his operating room had cost the girl her life. The shock of seeing his nemesis—who he hoped had died a painful death in a ditch somewhere, shook him to the core. He hadn’t lost a patient in years; he was the best surgeon at the hospital and no one questioned his reputation. Now Adrian was back to take his throne. Why was he back? How long was he planning on staying? Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 11 – The Cover Up

In Young Hollywood, Episode 11 – The Cover Up, Adrian, Jayne and Robin, put together a plan to keep Adriana’s secret safe. Meanwhile, Robin struggles with the legality of it all.

The Recap

In Episode 3 – Doctor Uncle, revenge takes a backseat when a tragic accident, puts gifted surgeon, Adrian Banovic at a crossroad. His goal is to protect his niece’s reputation at any cost.

In Episode 9 – The Reveal, Adrian breaks the news to his brother, Robin about what really happened the night of Adriana’s accident.

Young Hollywood Episode 11

“What’s the matter, Daddy? Are you mad at me because I’m not getting better fast enough?” Adriana picked up on her father’s solemn mood the minute he walked in.

“No, baby.” Robin replied lovingly, “I’m not mad at you.”

“I’ll remember soon, I’m really trying.” Adriana’s pleading eyes melted him.

“Honey, don’t force yourself. Your memory will return when the time is right. I want to make everything perfect for you when you come home in a few days.”

“It’ll be fine, Dad. I’ll be fine.”

“How’s the patient doing?” Adrian entered and nodded at his brother. “Any headaches? Pain behind the eyes?”

He examined her.

“No.” Adriana answered.

“Did you hear? You’ll be going home soon. Think you can handle that?”

Adriana looked at her father, nodded and smiled.

“Your skin coloration is coming back nicely. Have you been using the special glasses I gave you when they take you out?”


“You’ll have to keep wearing them anytime you go outside and if it is too bright around the house.”


“I’ll come by the house and check on you.”

“You don’t have too, I’ll be fine.” Adriana put on a brave face.

The truth was that she was scared to go home. The people at the hospital were familiar to her but outside, except for her father and Warren, everyone else were strangers. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 10 – Bromance

In Young Hollywood, Episode 10 – Bromance, Frankie’s strange behavior continues, this time its landed him in serious trouble. He may have gone too far with this one… but then again, it’s Frankie Malone we’re talking about.

The Recap

We first learned of Frankie’s strange behavior in Young Hollywood, Episode 6 – Crotch Rocket, when he shows up with a flashy new toy.

Young Hollywood Episode 10


Think the Songbird is a virgin? She spent most of her life on a tour bus, I’m sure there were some messing around going on.” Frankie mused, as he eyed Joel and Leighann.

“Don’t talk about LD like that.” Zax snapped and Frankie threw up his hands in surrender.

“Whether or not he’s getting some, he looks happy.”

“It’s not always about sex, Frankie.” Zax retorted.

“At our age, it should be. We’re at the prime in our lives. A gentle breeze in that area… and up it goes. You have any idea how lucky we are Zax? We need to leverage that. When we turn 60, we’ll wish we could get and keep a hard-on.”

Zax shook his head disapprovingly, “I think there’s too much testosterone in your house.”

Zax noticed Frankie’s pre-occupation when Rebecca Foster entered the dining hall.

“What’s going on there? You guys broke up again?”

“More like a hiatus.”

“Why don’t you just end it for good?”

“Because one day I’m gonna marry her.” Frankie confessed and Zax knew he was serious. “I love her, Z. I just can’t commit right now. It’s my calling to fuck around… get it out of my system and when it’s all done, I’ll chose her.”

“She’s not just gonna sit around and wait for you.”

“We have an understanding.”

Joel joined them at the table. “If you want Bex, you’re gonna have to do better at holding on to her.” He pointed out.

“Does she hate me?” Frankie asked.

“No, but a girl like her is a rear gem.” Joel answered.

“Like I said, we have an understanding, she can date whomever she wants and when the time is right, we’ll make it permanent.” Frankie stated proudly and Joel and Zax exchanged looks. “Fine, I’ll prove it.” He left the table and headed toward Bex and her friends. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 9 – The Reveal

In Young Hollywood, Episode 9 – The Reveal, Robin finds out what really happened the night of his daughter’s accident. Haze and Adrian (aka Uncle Scary) have a not so pleasant run-in.

The Recap

In Young Hollywood, Episode 3 – Doctor Uncle, Adrian and Kevin hides the truth about Adriana’s accident from everyone. Also, in Episode 5 – The Artist,, Haze tries to move on after Adriana’s accident, but Adrian’s behavior arouses Haze’s suspicion and causes concern.

The Reveal icon

As Adrian drove through the massive wrought iron gates of Banovic Manor, nostalgia crowded his thoughts. He hadn’t been back to the home where he grew up since college. Despite the evident restoration project, the house and land surrounding it was still beautiful and impressive. When his father bought the property back in the ‘70s, it wasn’t worth much, but over the years as the Hollywood elite started settling in, the property value escalated. Viktor Banovic left the family winery to his children, Robin, Adrian and Roxanne, but he left the house solely to Robin and his family.

A smile curled Adrian’s lips when he saw that his mother’s rose garden was blooming again. After her death, the whole property felt like life had left it. As Adrian got out of the car the crisp smell of the nearby spruce trees tickled his nose. To him it smelled like home. Walking through his mother’s rose garden, he remembered the name of every rose bush as clearly as the day she taught them to him. He caressed the soft velvety petal of Miss Flippins between two fingers. For a moment, he felt like he was holding the hand of his mother, tears threatened to fall and Adrian quickly walked out of the garden.

At the front of the house was an impressive empty fountain that had seen better days, but as he got closer he noticed the beautiful unfinished mural on the floor inside the fountain. Adrian was drawn to the beautiful vibrant colors, the softness of the brush strokes and the delicate details that was sure to be a stunning masterpiece when completed. He figured it must be costing his brother a pretty penny to commission such beauty. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 8 – Carys and Haze

In Young Hollywood, Episode 8 – Carys & Haze, Carys finally gets to spend the night with Haze. It is everything she’d imagine it to be. Except she can’t help but wonder where his loyalty lies.

The History

When you are a smoking hot piece of man meat like Haze Lyndon, women are bound to throw themselves at you. Haze and Carys met his first night in Los Angeles at a downtown club. She fell hard and fast for him. The next day he met Adriana who also fell for him, and in true Adriana style, she orchestrated events to put herself in front of him as much as possible.

By the time Carys crosses path with him again, it was too late. He was already in Adriana’s clutches. Too bad Carys, you snooze, you lose. There is plenty more to read about this red-hot threesome in Changes (FPS 1) the digital download is free on Amazon and most places where e-books are sold. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 7 – Twisted Mind

In Young Hollywood, Episode 7 – Twisted Mind, Adriana is spooked by the man outside her door, causing Zax to confront his ruthless uncle. Meanwhile, Frankie approaches Adrian with a business proposal.

The Recap

In Episode 4 – Young Hollywood, teen heartthrob, and Young Hollywood’s raising star, Warren Voss uses Adriana’s sudden bolt to fame to advance his own career.

In Episode 5 – The Artist, against his better judgement, Haze goes to see Adriana. He notices there is a man guarding her door and confronts Adrian who gives him no explanation.

Twisted Mind icon

Adriana’s suspicion rose when Haze didn’t return. When the door to her room opened, her heart pounded, the aide brought in her breakfast and before the door closed she glimpsed outside and saw the man again.

What did he do to Haze?

An hour later when the breakfast tray was removed, the man was in his usual position and still no sign of Haze. Adriana knew she needed to protect herself, if someone was trying to hurt her, she was not going to make it easy for them. She looked around the room for something that she could use as a weapon. She swung her legs to the ground and held on to her drip stand for balance, her head spun and the bile in her stomach rose. She wheeled the drip stand into the bathroom and frantically checked around for something, anything to make her feel safe. She froze when she heard the door to her room open.

Oh, my God, fear gripped hold of her as the footsteps got closer.

Then came a knock on the door that sounded like an amplified bass drum in her head. She hurried towards the back of the room and crouched down close to the toilet. Her heart raced and she could feel it vibrating throughout her entire body.

“Adriana? Are you okay?” It was Suiden, the candy striper.

“I’ll be right out.” Adriana’s voice trembled.

“I have your wheelchair, I thought we’d go up to the roof today. What do you think?”

Adriana wondered why the roof. What if Suiden was the one who came to cause harm? Suiden had always been nice to her, she’d have no reason to want to harm her, Adriana reasoned with herself. She breathed deeply, and as she was about to open the door a thought crossed her mind; what if someone hired Suiden to bring her to the roof and that someone was the one who wanted to harm her.

“Adriana?” Suiden’s gentle voice filtered through the door.

Adriana opened the door, her face pale and her body tired, Suiden rushed to help her to the wheelchair.

“There you go, you just need sunlight and fresh air.” She attached the drip to the chair and wheeled Adriana out of the room.

The man outside her room was gone. When Suiden stopped at the nurses’ station to attend to paperwork, Adriana swiped a pen from the counter and slipped it under her clothes. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 6 – Crotch Rocket

In Young Hollywood, Episode 6 – Crotch Rocket, Kristin is jealous of Leighann and Zax. She tries to play on Joel’s insecurity to get him on her side. Meanwhile, Frankie gets a flashy new toy. Be aware folks, the shine you see on the surface could be a distraction for what’s hiding in plain sight.

The Recap

In Episode 1 – The Tennis Champ, we saw cracks in Kristin and Zax’s seemingly perfect relationship. She and Frankie fell back into old habits as she continues to live a life of lies.

Young Hollywood episode 6

Westwood Academy of Higher Learning catered the off-springs of Hollywood royalty, academic overachievers and the uber-privileged. Joel O’Leary fell into none of those categories; his grandmother, a former porn star, made sure that her grand-children got the best education before she died.

Joel stood a safe distance away and observed Zax Banovic and Leighann DaCosta as they chatted and shared a laugh. It was like the world around them didn’t exist. Pangs of jealousy threatened to creep into his heart as he watched the girl he loved so wrapped up in his best friend.

Joel knew that they were in the middle of a tutoring session, but he wondered if she still had feelings for Zax. He loved her with all his heart and never dreamed that a girl like her would pay attention to a boy like him. Zax was smart and handsome and could breathe in any direction and get any girl he wanted. Leighann was beautiful but didn’t know it, and that made him love her even more. She had the right pedigree, and even though she was a sophomore at Westwood Academy and he was a senior, he concluded that she belonged there more than he did.

“They seem cozy.” Kristin Newman appeared beside him, startling him.

“They’re just studying.” He defended, in response to the suspicious tone of her voice.

“They’ve been spending a lot of extra-curricular time together lately.”

“So? She lost her best friend, and he lost his sister. That’s a bond I’m fine with. You have a problem with that, I suggest you speak to your boyfriend.”

“His brother is dating her sister, I’m sure they’re one big happy family.” Kristin’s voice oozed of envious sarcasm. “BTW, I’m not worried about my boyfriend; you should be worried about your girlfriend. First crushes die hard, a few months ago, she was tripping all over herself to get his attention, and now look.”

“Are you over your first crush, Kristin?” Joel walked away without waiting for an answer.

In the distance, a menacing rumble caused car alarms to go off and the ground to vibrate. Everyone in the vicinity looked toward the sound; a brand-new devil-red Ducati Multistrada 1200S, pulled into a parking space. The driver gave the engine an extra rev as on-lookers whispered among their peers. Curiosity heightened, and one could feel the excitement in the air as teenage girls held their breaths and waited for the identity of Westwood Academy’s latest male-meat to be revealed. The boys however, waited to size up their latest competition. Continue reading

Young Hollywood: Episode 5, The Artist

In Young Hollywood, Episode 5 – The Artist, Haze tries to move on after Adriana’s accident, but Adrian’s behavior arouses Haze’s suspicion and causes concern.

The History

From the moment Adriana Banovic kissed Haze Lyndon, he knew that she was someone he could never forget. Unaware that she was still in high school, their relationship progressed, and he fell in love … hard.

Previously…. (in FPS 5: Bad Uncle)

Haze discovers that Adriana had been lying to him about her age. Their breakup is an emotionally charged hot mess. Heartbroken and desperate to get over her, he turns to Carys, who seizes the opportunity to make her feelings for him known.

The Artist Family Portrait 6

Haze sat on the sand at Huntington Beach and sketched Adriana as she surfed. Her body and the board beneath her feet moved in time with the waves. She reminded him of a violinist, at one with her instrument as she coerced harmonizing tunes from it. Adriana was a natural, she’d learn to surf before she could walk and as much as she tried to teach him, he was hopeless. Instead, he was content to watch her, to study her, his muse … the love of his life.

About an hour later, she walked towards him, her long dark hair plastered to her head, surfboard under her arm and a big grin on her face.

“What a rush!” She stuck the board in the sand and plopped down next to him. “Whatcha doin’?” she asked playfully and tried to sneak a peek at his sketchpad but he pulled it away in time.

“You’ll see when it’s ready.” He hid the sketchpad behind his back knowing that she would not let him get off that easily.

“I wanna see,” she tackled him and they rolled around playfully on the sand.

“You wanna see? You wanna see? See this.” He tickled her sending her into a fit of giggles and playful screams. He pinned her hands above her head and gazed lovingly into her eyes. Their eyes locked, he brought his lips down gently towards hers and tasted the salt on her lips. The softness of her tongue against his turned his insides to water.

“I love you, Blue. I’ll love you forever.” He whispered against her lips.

“Diddo, my love.” She whispered and slipped her hands under his tee shirt to caress his back.

Her touch was the touch of heaven and he groaned as their kisses deepened. He flipped her on top of him as he rolled over on his back, and just like clockwork, she rested her head in her special spot on his chest; her ear to his defective heart.

Haze was born with a heart defect and he knew her greatest fear was that his heart would quit on him, so she always placed her head where she could hear it beating away; alive and filled with love for her…

Haze wanted the moment to last forever, but the dawn betrayed him and when the light streamed through the curtain, the empty hole he felt in his heart resurfaced. His insides burned with emotional anguish and even-though he was dreaming, when his eyes opened he could still feel the warmth of her head on his chest.

He looked to his right and saw Carys Wilson, sound asleep next to him. The covers slipped down enough to reveal her delicate, bare shoulder as she laid on her side with her back facing him. Their spontaneous first date turned into a night of pizza with friends, a couple rounds of pool and dancing. It was the first time since Adriana’s accident that Haze laughed, and it felt good.

After their date, he walked her back to her apartment. Carys took the lead and kissed him, one kiss lead to another and before long they gave in to passion. He had no regrets, Zax was right, he had to move on, but the bitter pill of guilt was still tough to swallow.

Haze slowly crept out of bed, careful not to wake Carys, he gathered his clothes off the floor.

“This is a nice way to wake up, a gorgeous, naked man in my bedroom.” Carys purred and stretched. Continue reading