Ken La Salle Presents, Work of Art: An Intention of Flowers

An Intention of Flowers is the first book in a 5-book series, modestly titled Work of Art, about growing into the person you always wanted to be, making the most of what you have to give and not just what you have, and the power in each of us when we chose to be ourselves.

Work of Art coverTitle: Work of Art: An Intention of Flowers by Ken La Salle
Genre: YA / Contemporary Fiction


Oily pavement.

Thick tempera paint.

A parking lot filled with history, fear, and regret.

A young man named Joseph Arillo sits in the parking lot and paints the pavement with flowers.

And Andy Hollis steps in it.

As the new art teacher at Santa Ana High School, he’s too curious about Joseph’s Flowers and unravels both of their lives in his pursuit for answers.

He learns that it’s all part of a rite of passage, an absurd test started by Joseph Arillo’s father, the suspiciously world-renowned artist named only Tom. Which also connects to the drama teacher at Santa Ana High, Katie Bustos. Whose daughter, Desiree, may or may not be dating Joseph. Who is putting himself in danger from a local gang, the lot’s mysterious history, and the police.

Andy puts himself in danger of losing his job, his home, and his freedom. If he can’t solve the riddle of Joseph’s Flowers, both of their lives will go up in smoke – despite any help from Winny, the old, Slovakian bureaucrat at school, or his students, or Tom himself.

But is Tom trying to help? And is Joseph really up to his father’s test?

And is Andy really fit to be a teacher? He doesn’t understand kids, can’t get to school on time, and… doesn’t appear to care about art or families or anything. But Joseph’s Flowers will challenge everything Andy believes: about himself, about the world, and most importantly of all about art.

Before Andy and Joseph are finished, they will witness the power art has to provide inspiration, to waken our hearts, and to shatter everything you ever believed about humanity. Continue reading


Southeastern Virginia Vs West Virginia

Robert Downs The Convenient EscapeAuthor Robert Downs shares his experience of moving from West Virginia to Southeastern Virginia; two towns we don’t hear too much about. Thanks to Robert we know a little more about them. Enjoy!

Southeastern Virginia was the first time I had ever lived on my own for more than just a summer or the college experience. It was my first introduction to the real world, and it’s such a beautiful place that I knew I would write about it someday. It’s often referred to as the Hampton Roads or Tidewater area, and it has a rather large military presence with Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force all located there. It’s filled with diverse cities and communities lined up next to each other like dominoes, and in many cases you’re never far from Chesapeake Bay or the Atlantic Ocean.

Bridge-Tunnels that dive beneath the water as well as rise above it fascinated me, as I had never seen anything like that before, and this was my first time living in a rather large metropolitan area.

The warm weather and rich history appealed to me, and living near the ocean was an entirely new experience. It’s also the longest I’ve lived in one area, since I migrated away from West Virginia. Independence has always been important to me, and that’s when I first truly began to write my own story. It also feels a bit isolated, because you’re over an hour from Richmond and I-95, and you’re also about three and a half hours from Washington, DC. It really feels like it’s own self-contained universe, and I have great memories of my time in that area, so it was easy for me to want to revisit it.

Growing up in a small town in West Virginia, I enjoyed the mountains painted in green, the open space, and interstates that had been carved from between the rocks. The Hampton Roads area had none of this. It was flat and filled with people, and the sand ran right up to the water’s edge. This was such an interesting world for me, and I haven’t read many novels set in Southeastern Virginia, so for a variety of reasons you could say the area appealed to me. Before I even realized it, the location became almost as important as the characters, and I couldn’t have set The Convenient Escape, or my previous three novels anywhere else. Continue reading

War Town by Mitch Goth

War Town Mitch GothTitle: War Town by Mitch Goth
Genre: New Adult Thriller


For Olly Rourke, War Town’s opening day is a joyous occasion. He is one of a thousand people selected to be the first players in the world’s largest paintball arena. But as he soon finds out, the game he enters into is far more sinister. Two equal teams, locked in the massive arena together, and presented with an armory of real ammunition and a time bomb powerful enough to kill them all. The only way out is to eliminate the other team, by any means necessary. Continue reading

Writing with Ken O’Neill

Every author has different writing techniques and processes that work for them, to help get their butt in the chair and do some writing.

Author Ken O’Neill shares his process.


Ed O'Neill blog tourGillian asked me to explain my writing process, which led me to take a break of two full days while I fretted and procrastinated.

When it comes to writing, I’m a dawdler.

If any authors are reading this post seeking advice, here goes: Do the opposite of my process, which is slow and agonizing. Unfortunately, I have had long periods of writer’s block. Of course, the only way to deal with that affliction is to write something. Anything!

The thing that helps me get over it—and actually, this is good advice—is to commit to writing for a period of time that feels completely manageable.  For some conscientious scribes that might be a thousand words a day.  For me, it’s two minutes. Yes, a day.

I imagine you are thinking that at that pace I’d never finish a book. But, for me, it’s a trick to get me to open the Word document. Knowing I only have to write for two minutes gets me to the computer because it’s two minutes. I can do that! Fortunately, many times the two minutes turns into two hours. Sometimes I even hit a thousand words.

So that’s how I get myself to do the work. But I need other things to keep me going. Continue reading

Kenneth Eade’s Beyond All Recognition – Excerpt

Book cover Kenneth EadeTitle:  Beyond All Recognition (Brent Marks Legal Thrillers) by Kenneth Eade
Published:  July 15, 2016
Publisher:   Times Square Publishing
Genre:  Legal Thriller/courtroom drama
Recommended Age:  18+


Experience the suspense and mystery of the latest in the best selling legal thriller series from the author critics hail as: “One of the strongest thriller writers on the scene.”

This fast-paced and action packed legal and military thriller introduces us to 26-year-old Captain Ryan Bennington, in command of a company during the Iraq War and fighting a faceless enemy in the global war on terror where a split-second decision could mean the difference between killing an innocent civilian or losing an entire platoon to a suicide bomber. Ryan survives the war and comes home to conquer PTSD and chronic unemployment, only to be arrested for following the orders of his Commander to kill suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists in a small Iraqi village, who turn out, after the raid, to be civilians.

Lawyer Brent Marks takes on Ryan’s defense in his court-martial trial, which will reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of the military industrial complex. In their search for a scapegoat, have the powers-that-be gone too far this time? Continue reading

Clive Riddle talks about The Z Tailgate

An interview with Clive Riddle author of The Z Tailgate.

Clive Riddle authorWhat’s the Z Tailgate all about? 

The Z Tailgate is a sequel to my second book – The Burning Z.  In the Burning Z – zombies invade the Burning Man festival, after a mysterious alien meteor-like object begins infecting people in the desert. Our protagonists set out to warn and save those inside Burning Man. So in the Z Tailgate, two months later, the Burning Man site is now an internment camp for zombies and our protagonists have contracted in different capacities with Homeland Security, who is now charged with dealing with the zombie site. The Chinese want to procure some of the interned zombies for their own experiments, and arrange a zombie kidnapping that goes awry. Two of our protagonists are kidnapped along with the zombies. The kidnappers end up the subject of a manhunt, and take refuge in the Oakland Coliseum parking lot, where a football game will soon be taking place. Meanwhile, our other two protagonists are dealing with a new zombie threat on a cruise ship, before they are whisked away to help consult in dealing with the zombie tailgate at the Coliseum.

Will readers first need to complete The Burning Z in order to make sense of The Z Tailgate?

While I’d love for anyone to read both in that order, you can certainly enjoy The Z Tailgate as a stand-alone story. Enough relevant background is provided in the sequel so it stands on its own.

Why Zombies? Why Burning Man? Why Cruise Ships? And why a Raider Tailgate?

These are all things I’m passionate about. Who doesn’t love zombies? They’re so soft and cuddly. I love a good zombie movie or The Walking Dead, despite how they ended this season. Burning Man is such a unique, wonderful experience – I consider it the best alternative to visiting another planet if you can’t afford space travel. Cruise ships can be so much fun if you’re with close friends or family and I’ve become a frequent traveler. And the Raiders – I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1995, and there is nothing like the Coliseum tailgate crowds. Burning Man, cruise ships, and a Raider tailgate – they all seemed such great venues to plop a herd of zombies into.

But aren’t the Raiders probably leaving the Oakland Coliseum after this upcoming season?

I deal with that in the story. And I do think the zombie incursion in a final game at the Coliseum is something that all Raider fans can relate to, given all the fans have suffered through in rooting for their team the past two decades. Continue reading

Jessie Kasper by Brandon Nave

Jessie Kasper book coverTitle: Jessie Kasper by Bradon Nave
Release Date: February 16th 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


For Jessie Kasper, inner turmoil hides behind the face of an overachiever…

From the outside looking in, Jessie is a normal nineteen-year-old high school senior. Athletic, likeable, and seemingly well rounded, he’s every parent’s dream. However, he’s suffering from an unfathomable pain…the pain of loss.

Sickness tears him apart from the inside out—but the illness is not his own…

After cancer stole two of the most influential people in his life, Jessie is left to cope with his emotions. He struggles to make sense of his life’s cruelty, and is obsessed with the idea that he too will someday become ill and fall victim to the merciless disease.

The first step to getting help is admitting there’s a problem…

As his emotional state begins to spiral, Jessie finally seeks psychiatric help. That’s where he meets Kacey Monroe. She’s the most beautiful woman Jessie has ever laid eyes on, and she also knows the pain of loss. While they bond over their life experiences and mutual attraction, Jessie finds comfort in the normalcy of having a high school girlfriend.

Jessie’s support system is not only shaken—it’s completely destroyed as a revolting secret is exposed.

A split second decision completely alters the course of Jessie’s life in a way he can’t possibly comprehend as he and Kacey are left to face the aftermath…

Or run. Continue reading

In the Eyes of Madness by Michael Pang

In the Eyes of Madness book coverTitleIn The Eyes Of Madness by Michael Pang
Genre: YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy


A near tragic incident at the hands of his psychotic mother left Declan Peters alone and with so many questions.

Years later, Declan is determined to find a way to be closer to his mother and takes a job at the institution where she’s being held. That fateful decision will be the impetus for a chain of events so terrifying that Declan will question his own grasp on reality.

What he finds will be more horrifying than anything he’s ever experienced and more dangerous than anything he’s yet known. In a place, rife with demonic possession and sadistic beings, will Declan finally be able to find the answers he’s longed for before its too late or will he succumb to the evil forces that inhabit the institution and all who live there?

Add In the Eyes of Madness to your Goodreads shelf.

Watch the trailer

Continue reading

10 Question with Tom Savage

Mrs. John Doe iconWelcome Tom Savage. Tom Savage is the author of the novel Mrs. John Doe. I got to ask Tom 10 questions. Here is the interview.

If you had a choice to live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I already live there–New York City. Why? Because New York City.

What is your writing process?

When I get an idea I like, I think about it before I do anything. I usually let it gestate for a few weeks. If I can gather enough good ideas for a story, I’ll do an outline, a sort of sketch before the actual painting. If I can tell myself the story in a few paragraphs, and they’re interesting to me, then I write. I start at the beginning and go through to the end. Then I edit myself, usually twice. When I’m reasonably okay with it, I give it to my agent. I say “reasonably okay” because I’m never satisfied. I don’t know a single writer who’s ever completely satisfied with his or her work.

Describe your journey as an author so far.

I’ve written all my life, but I became a published author in 1993. Since then, I’ve published eight novels and a couple dozen short stories, and each new story is a bit more complicated than the last. At this rate, I figure I can just leep going, because I’m always growing and expanding my work. I haven’t yet written a perfect novel, and I probably never will, but I intend to keep trying until something stops me. Death, probably–it’s usually death that finally stops writers from writing.

Great title for a book, how did you come up with it?

I didn’t. My editor did. I wanted to call it something else, but cooler heads prevailed. It’s funny, because now I love the title, Mrs. John doe. And everyone else seems to like it, too. It really is the perfect title for this story. I guess I should always listen to my editor.

How do you stay motivated?

That’s easy. At the beginning of every month, the bills arrive. If I lose my motivation during the month, I just have to wait until the next month when the bills arrive again.

What has been your biggest obstacle while writing and how have you overcome it?

I stopped publishing in 2000, when America had hundreds of publishing houses and thousands of bookstores. I didn’t stop writing, but I did stop publishing for personal reasons.

In 2009 I wrote a new novel (A Penny For The Hangman) that I wanted to publish. I had to go out in the marketplace and find a new agent. Then she had to find a publisher. It was like the first time I tried to get published, only I was 20 years older, and the industry had changed a lot in those 20 years. There are fewer editors at fewer houses than ever before, and they’re publishing smaller lists of titles for fewer bookstores and a smaller reading audience. Everything has shrunk alarmingly, except for the recent boom in electronic self-publishing, but I don’t count that–I’m talking about professional writers and major publishing houses. This new publishing industry has been my biggest obstacle. But here I am, so I guess I overcame it.

Why did you write this book?

With every new book, I present myself with a challenge, then I try to meet it. In the case of Mrs. John Doe. I set myself two challenges. I wanted to write an espionage/spy novel, and I wanted to set it outside America. I’d never done either of those things before. Why spies and international espionage? Because the world is in very bad shape right now, and I wanted to maybe try to figure out what we can do about it. The answer is: Not much. You can’t communicate with fanatics, and some of the richest, most powerful men on earth are determined to keep these lucrative conflicts going. It’s really disheartening. Still, I like the idea that there are brave people like my protagonist, Nora Baron, taking up the fight against all the madness. I wrote this book to give myself some measure of hope for the world, and I hope it does the same for readers.

What do you hope readers would take away from this book?

I just answered that. See above. But mainly, I just want them to have a good time. I grew up reading the great espionage writers–John le Carré, Helen MacInnes, Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth. Six Days Of The Condor by James Grady thrilled me as a teen, and my all-time favorite movie is Hitchcock’s North By Northwest. I remember the sheer fun I had with those stories, and I hope to provide that sort of fun for my readers. And now for my Geeky Fan Moment: Mr. Grady was one of the first readers of Mrs. John Doe, and he gave me a lovely endorsement, so I’m really excited about it.

How long did it take you to write this book?

Eighteen months, start to finish. That includes editing and copy editing.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on a new novel, also set in Europe (Switzerland and Greece). It’s about con artists, but not the charmingly colorful types you see in Times Square. These are very serious con artists–they’re actually dangerous people. I’m also preparing a story about an impersonation–I always wanted to do one of those. After that, who knows? But I’ll definitely keep writing. I can’t seem to stop telling stories.

Mrs. John Doe Banner

Book cover Mrs. John DoeTitle: Mrs. John Doe by Tom Savage

Genre: Thriller


In the adrenaline-laced new novel of suspense from Tom Savage—hailed by Michael Connelly as “a master of the high-speed thriller”—an American actress in Europe races to find the truth behind her husband’s mysterious accident. What she uncovers makes her the target of a shocking conspiracy.

Nora Baron’s life is perfect. She lives on Long Island Sound, teaches acting at a local university, and has a loving family. Then one phone call changes everything. She’s informed that her husband, Jeff, has died in a car crash while on a business trip in England. Nora flies to London to identify the body, which the police have listed as a “John Doe.” When she leaves the morgue, a man tries to steal her purse containing Jeff’s personal effects. Clearly, all is not as it seems.

At her hotel, Nora receives a cryptic message that leaves her with more questions than answers. She follows the message’s instructions to France, where a fatal encounter transforms her into a fugitive. Wanted for murder, on the run in a shadowy landscape of lies, secrets, and sudden violence, Mrs. “John Doe” must play the role of a lifetime to stay one step ahead of a ruthless enemy with deadly plans for her—and for the world.

Purchase on Amazon | B&N | Books A Million | Google Play | iBooks | Penguin | Goodreads

About the Author

Tom Savage is the author of six suspense novels: Precipice, Valentine, The Inheritance, ScavengerA Penny for the Hangman, and Mrs. John Doe. He wrote two detective novels under the name T. J. Phillips, Dance of the Mongoose and Woman in the Dark. His short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and anthologies edited by Lawrence Block, Harlan Coben, and Michael Connelly. His short story, “The Method In Her Madness,” was nominated for the Barry Award. His bestselling novel, Valentine, was made into a Warner Bros. film.  In his younger days he was a professional actor, and he also wrote a Broadway show, Musical Chairs.

Tom was born in New York and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. He attended Point Park College and Hofstra University, majoring in drama and minoring in English. After acting and writing plays, he worked for many years at Murder Ink®, the world’s first mystery bookstore. He’s a member of Actors Equity Association, ASCAP, the Authors Guild, Mystery Writers of America, the International Association of Crime Writers, and International Thriller Writers. He has served as a director on the national board of MWA, and he’s served several times on the Best Novel committees for MWA (Edgar® Awards) and IACW (Hammett Prize). He is a founding member of MWA’s Mentor Program, assessing and encouraging new mystery writers. He lives in New York City.

Connect with Tom: Facebook | Website


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The Connolly Affair

Front cover Title: The Connolly Affair
Author: Brett Scott Ermilio
Genre: Romance / Suspense


Award-winning writer, Brett Scott Ermilio, delivers his highly anticipated romance/suspense series, The Connolly Affair.

Nicki Connolly’s life has flat lined. Nicki’s dull marriage to her husband, Aiden, flounders further and further into a hopeless abyss. Despite the setbacks, Nicki attempts to balance being a working mother, a successful attorney and relishes the distractions of a budding romance with a man named Taylor Diamond. Nicki has been assigned lead attorney in a massive class-action lawsuit that will make or break her career at the firm of Rapture and Myers. That is when the handsome Taylor Diamond appears in her life.

Taylor Diamond has been named second chair for the big case. Taylor has it all: looks, brains, a strong family name and many connections. But dark forces loom and converge upon Nicki and Taylor. As obstacles grow, the two form a fiery bond just as the case and her life reach an epic breaking point.

The Connolly Affair delivers a suspense-filled thrill ride that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Purchase The Connolly Affair on Amazon

About the Author

Author photo

Award winning writer Brett Scott Ermilio currently resides on the Jersey Shore with his nine colorful roommates: his loving wife, four
beautifully chaotic children, three small yapping dogs and one moody

The nephew of Neil Scott Bogart (The Disco King and founder of Casablanca Records), Brett has been writing stories since he was sixteen. His first completed screenplay was written at age seventeen. He won a screenwriting award for his move script, “Jacob.”

Over the years, Brett has written, directed and produced a feature film and worked on numerous screenplays. He had his first book published through Lyons Press, Going Platinum: KISS, Donna Summer and How Neil Bogart Built Casablanca Records, a biography highlighting the meteoric rise of Neil Bogart from birth to death.

Over the next year, Brett is releasing his highly anticipated romance/suspense trilogy, The Connolly Affair. He plans to continue writing enthralling stories and looks forward to sharing his thrilling adventures with the world.

Connect with the author: Twitter | Email | Website | Facebook


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