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Break the SilenceDiamante Lavendar has been in love with reading since she was a child. She spent many hours listening to her mother read to her when she was young. As she grew older, she enjoyed reading novels of all
genres: horror, fantasy and some romance to name a few.

She began writing in college and published some poetry in anthologies over the years. After her kids were older, she wrote as a form of self expression and decided she wanted to share her stories with others.

Most of her writing is very personal and stems from her own experiences and those of her family and friends. She writes to encourage hope and possibility to those who read her stories.

Diamante believes that everyone should try to leave their own positive mark in the world, to make it a better place for all. Writing is the way that she is attempting to leave her mark—one story at a time.

What makes you cry?  

Injustice, pain, suffering and cruelty.  There is just too much of it in the world.  I wish for this world to be a happier, peaceful place.

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a teenager?  

That it is okay to be imperfect and unsure about things.  There is such a strain from society to attain perfection that it squanders us.  We need to realize that it’s okay to be “normal” or “average” or “imperfect”.  Only God is perfect.  The most we can do is be the best we can be in each day.  Then the stress will lessen and we can achieve a lot more without the pressure imposed on us.  Also, being unsure leads us to find our way, so that is okay too.

What television shows and movies resonate with you and why?

Inspirational stories are my all time favorite.  Stories where the underdog becomes the champion.  Stories where broken people are healed.  I love to see people find themselves in a loving, creative way that betters not only themselves but those around them as well.

What is your favorite book and why?

CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I admire CS Lewis and I love the imagery and the characters and the hope that prevails in his book.  It is so full of imagination but addresses issues of the heart.  I could always imagine myself in Narnia.  The fantasy he creates is amazing!

Who is your favorite author?  

I don’t have just one author that I love.  I have many…CS Lewis, of course, is one of the greatest in my book but I also look up to Abraham Lincoln and the speeches he has given, the things he has accomplished(they were both great humanitarians!).  I also enjoy books by Jodi Picoult a lot.  I mostly read inspirational things by people like TD Jakes and Joyce Meyers.  I enjoy all of these authors.  They are so very different but yet so very powerful!  I guess you could say I enjoy a reading smorgasbord!

Breaking the silence banner

Breaking the silence book coverTitle: Breaking the Silence by Diamante Lavendar
Genre: Women’s Fiction


Based on a true story, a new novel from Diamante Lavendar.

Joan Eastman was born like any other girl. However her life would prove to be a life of great pain… Growing up, she was treated differently by family members, powerless to defend herself against their sexual and psychological abuse. Feeling she had been dealt a wicked hand by the “powers that be”, she spiraled into substance abuse and troubled relationships. She became a victim of addiction and self-hatred.

Not giving up, she becomes aware of a greater spiritual being that protects her and she begins to heal. Then she finds herself pregnant.

She learns to understand nothing is hopeless; that with a changed view and self discovery, there is real hope in every situation, no matter how difficult. As she and her husband look forward to the birth of their child, she writes in her diary as a way of expelling all
of the evil memories. On bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy, she endures tests and tribulations that at first she couldn’t begin to understand. But no matter how high the hurdles in Joan’s life are, she
doesn’t look back, and pulls the pieces of her life together…for herself and her unborn child.

This inspirational story speaks of Joan’s gradual self acceptance and healing of her body, mind and spirit. It speaks of the possibilities of the future and the fulfillment of the dream of love and family. And it speaks of jumping the hurdles in life without looking back, no matter how high those hurdles may be.

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