Rita Mosiman Presents … Pristine Snow

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman


The pristine snow invites me to walk, but if I do, it won’t be pristine anymore.  Still, if I don’t, someone else will, or the sun will soon melt it.  It looks truly lovely untouched.  The day is still, the air crisp.  Winter days can seem dreary as the season wears on, but nature provides us beautiful scenes in all seasons.  I think I’ll leave the snow untouched so that hopefully someone else who might venture out on this cold day will be warmed by it.

Rita Mosiman Presents … A New Look


Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman

A New Look

I awoke to the first good snow fall and excitedly grabbed my camera and raced outside.  I knew the familiar would be transformed, and I wasn’t disappointed!  As I walked through the quiet, these cacti appeared, greatly contrasting with the soft snow.  They hadn’t caught my attention much before, as they blended into their surroundings, but now their color and form were sharply defined.  Wow!  I felt fortunate to see them before the sun changed the scene.  Just as we take for granted our usual haunts, nature gifts us her surprises.   Taking a second look at the familiar in our lives is often worthwhile! Continue reading