Rita Mosiman Presents … Hint of Color

A hint of color

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman


Life peeks through the layer of snow, life that is desperately dependent upon getting enough water in the high desert.  As it drinks its water, it also displays its art with a hint of color and gentle patterns.

The blustery winds of the storm have settled down, and my eyes enjoy gazing upon this soft plant in the still air. I think of human beings trying to meet their needs for survival.  I think of the emotional storms in life that hopefully arrive at quiet resolution.  I think about the interrelationship of all living things.  I think about the hopes of peace throughout the world.


Rita Mosiman Presents … Pristine Snow

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman


The pristine snow invites me to walk, but if I do, it won’t be pristine anymore.  Still, if I don’t, someone else will, or the sun will soon melt it.  It looks truly lovely untouched.  The day is still, the air crisp.  Winter days can seem dreary as the season wears on, but nature provides us beautiful scenes in all seasons.  I think I’ll leave the snow untouched so that hopefully someone else who might venture out on this cold day will be warmed by it.