The Characters, The Fashion, The Boys, The Royals

With so many choices in what to watch, it is hard to find a show that’s truly binge-worthy, that’s why I am so glad I found The Royals.

I cannot remember where I first saw the preview for E! Entertainment’s first scripted drama, The Royals. You see, I don’t have cable, and I barely watch regular TV, so how I found out about this show is a bit of a mystery in my world. Anyhoo, I saw a preview somewhere and thought I would love to see this, it looked like a fun show.

It wasn’t until my sister bought me an Amazon Fire Stick to replace my aging Roku that I was able to see The Royals. That, coupled with Amazon’s free month trial of Prime put me on the path to my next obsession.

The Plot


The Royals Cast

Photo: Fan Pop

Helena is the matriarch of a fictional contemporary British royal family who must struggle with both common and atypical family dramas while in the public eye.

Twins Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor enjoy the hedonistic pleasures available to them as royals, knowing that their older brother Robert bears the responsibility of being heir to the throne of England. But when Robert is killed, the family is thrown into disarray and a grieving King Simon fears for the future of the monarchy.

Unexpectedly next in line for the throne, Liam must adjust to his new role while navigating his attraction to Ophelia, the American daughter of the royal head of security. His self-destructive [twin] sister, Eleanor finds rock-bottom when her bodyguard turns out to be a conman.

Trying to preserve the status quo and keep the royal family under her control, Queen Helena allies herself with Simon’s brother Cyrus to preserve their way of life at any cost.

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