A Mystery Crime Thriller by Christer Tholin

Vanished book coverTitle: Vanished? by Christer Tholin
Genre: Mystery Crime Thriller


“He could only hope he’d get out of here in one piece.”

To come to terms with his recent divorce, Martin, an attorney in Berlin, plans a peaceful vacation – two weeks in a Swedish summer house seem to be the solution. It won’t be peaceful, however, and those two weeks will change his life forever.

He takes a liking to Liv, a Swedish woman whom he meets in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, they don’t get to have their first date – Liv disappears under mysterious circumstances. Martin begins his search but soon realizes he can’t find Liv in a foreign country by himself. He hires two private investigators, and their discoveries make everything seem even stranger.

The complexities in this suspenseful criminal case lead to a hunt across Sweden. Martin comes close to finding answers, but his search lands him in very real danger, eventually leading to the first deaths. Soon he‘s wondering if he can get Liv and himself out of this situation alive. Continue reading


Alexa Kim’s Crow, Sci-fi Erotic Romance

Crow book coverTitle: Crow (Life Tree – Master Trooper 2) by Alexa Kim
Genre: Sci-Fi Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 25, 2016
Word Count: 30 k


Crow has a lot on his plate as the new head of Sector A. Young and inexperienced as he is in his leading role, he still has to prove himself as a capable Alpha. Especially Strike is challenging him for rank.

Yet Crow is adamant about asserting his position, because only as Alpha can he finally have what has been out of his reach for so long – Leslie, a doctor and former head of Life Tree’s INBREED program.

Unfortunately for him, Leslie herself doesn’t make it any easier. Three years his senior, she still regards him as the young Trooper who qualified for INBREED. In her book, that’s two reasons not to let him into her bed.

When Strike catches on to Crow’s weakness and abducts Leslie, both men are out for blood…

Leslie is traumatized. In the blink of an eye, her world was turned upside down. She has gone from being a self-confident woman and head of INBREED to being property of a Trooper.

Although she likes Crow and feels drawn to him already, she simply cannot forgive him for trying to make her submit only so he can strengthen his position as Alpha and leader. Moreover, there is this secret she keeps… the reason she left Earth. If Crow were to find out, he would certainly cast her aside – a bitter experience Leslie has been through before. No, she’d rather ignore her feelings… Continue reading

Getting published with Mariam Kobras

Distant-Shore-iconThis month we’re celebrating March, and the part it played in my first novel, The Distant Shore.

I wrote this book seven years ago, mostly to entertain myself while I supervised the detention room at the local middle school. There were many hours when there were no students to talk to, calm down, help with their work, so I began bringing in my laptop.

Stuck between bookshelves, looking out at a neat row of tables and chairs, I dipped into the exciting world of Jon Stone and Naomi, his first and only love.

While the smell of iffy school lunches drifted along the corridors and up the stairway, I was standing with Jon Stone—brilliant musician and rock star—on the deck of his Malibu house while he read the letter that will take him around the world to find his lost love. I was with him as he stood outside the small hotel in Norway where he wondered what to do next. Would he go inside and confront Naomi? Or would he walk away and let bygones be bygones?

He was freezing, standing there in the wind and snow of a Norwegian March day, his silk shirt and leather jacket useless against the cold.

I stood inside the hotel with Naomi when she realized that the tall, dark-haired man talking to the receptionist was her beloved, Jon. How could she not recognize his voice, the beautiful baritone that won him so many fans all over the world? How could she not fall in love all over again?

I had no idea where The Distant Shore would take me.

I was happily bumbling through the story, exploring byways and sidetracks, tweeting about it to my friends, sharing snippets on my blog and Facebook, never thinking about publishing it. It was my sweet parallel world where I went to play whenever I had time. Everything was perfect.

Until a publisher found me on Twitter. They read my blog, they found the excerpts. And they wanted the full manuscript, now.

I replied that it wasn’t ready. They said they’d wait.

The next six weeks were sheer terror. I got up at five in the morning and edited.

I went to school and my detention room and edited.

I came home, made supper for my family, and edited.

I carved a 136,000 publishable novel out of my tome of over 400,000 words.

I submitted it. And it got accepted.

This story is true.

Now, seven years later, my publisher Buddhapuss Ink has released five of my books—the Stone Series—about Jon and Naomi, their family and friends, their children, their hopes and dreams, their love, their life.

I am living the writer’s dream. Continue reading