Young Hollywood: Episode 13 – Walls and a Roof

Young Hollywood Episode 13, Walls and a Roof explores Zax and Leighann’s friendship. These two sweet beings have been through hell and back together, yet the timing for any romantic connection between them is always off. Their deep connection with each other has fans rooting for them.

Leighann and Zax are the most innocent characters in the series and are usually collateral damage in the other characters’ drama.

Family Portrait Episode 13

As soon as Zax got home he headed for the shower. Since Adriana had been in the hospital he’d come home to an empty house. A house that was once filled with love, energy, and laughter. Now the silence was deafening. The warm sanctuary that he once called home was now walls and a roof.


Leighann arrived at Banovic Manor, with take-out from Mr. Chow, Zax’s favorite Chinese food restaurant. She knew that he hated eating alone and rather than worrying about him or trying to get him to have dinner with her family, she decided to surprise him. Instead of using her code to let herself in, she rang the doorbell and waited. Zax answered the door wearing a pair of sweats, his shirtless torso glistened from the water droplets that dotted his chest, his hair wet and slick, and remnants of Irish Spring lingered in the air between them. Leighann immediately told herself that coming here was a bad idea. Continue reading