Young Hollywood: Episode 14 – Damn, Cat Videos

In Young Hollywood, Episode 14, Damn, Cat Videos, Adrian discovers he has a tail. He takes care of the problem and without missing a beat, begins to restore his bond with his nephew, Zax.

The Recap

In Young Hollywood, Episode 12, Jagger Bennett, you got introduced to Jagger, Adrian’s nemesis who would do anything to get rid of Adrian and protect his own secrets.

Young Hollywood Episode 14


Jagger Bennett adjusted Reece Kincaid’s medical file to show that she died from in-operable head trauma. If the truth got out that his mistake took her life, he could lose everything he’d worked so hard for. The cover-up was tight, only one other person on his team knew the truth and she wasn’t going to sell him out. His biggest problem now was Adrian Banovic. Adrian could take away all that Jagger had worked for and he wasn’t going to stand by and watch that happen. He needed to get rid of Adrian once and for all.

Fatigue set in and his eyes got heavy. A small yawn escaped his lips and his head nodded surprising him—he quickly pulled it back. He forced himself to stay awake but the lure of sleep consumed his body. Jagger dragged himself to his couch and within seconds he was sound asleep. Continue reading