Young Hollywood: Episode 12 – Jagger Bennett

Young Hollywood, Episode 12 introduces you to Adrian Banovic’s nemesis, Jagger Bennett. Jagger is threatened by Adrian’s return and is determined to find out his secret. Meanwhile, Jagger has secrets of his own that he needs to protect to save is reputation.

The Recap

In Young Hollywood, Episode 11 – The Cover Up, Adrian, Jayne and Robin, put together a plan to keep Adriana’s secret safe. Meanwhile, Robin struggles with the legality of it all.

Family Portrait Jagger Bennett

Jagger Bennett, hated that entitled prick, Adrian Banovic. How dare he appear out of nowhere and take over his hospital? The same hospital Adrian walked away from years ago—which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Jagger. Adrian had been the youngest chief of surgeon at Mt. Hope Memorial, when he disappeared, Jagger inherited that title and all the perks it allowed.

The night Adrian busted through the emergency entrance covered in blood with his niece on the gurney, he turned Jagger’s perfectly run hospital upside down. Jagger looked on from the operating theater and saw a master at work; Adrian didn’t miss a beat as he performed the operation that relieved the pressure on his injured nieces’ brain; had he worked on the other girl, she would have surely survived. Instead, Jagger tried to save her, but a misstep in his operating room had cost the girl her life. The shock of seeing his nemesis—who he hoped had died a painful death in a ditch somewhere, shook him to the core. He hadn’t lost a patient in years; he was the best surgeon at the hospital and no one questioned his reputation. Now Adrian was back to take his throne. Why was he back? How long was he planning on staying? Continue reading