Rita Mosiman Presents – Aspen

Photo of Aspens in the Sandias

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman


Aspen, initiating color change, carpets the rugged Sandia mountain peaks.  Only a short drive and a two mile hike separates me from urban sprawl below.  The view is always breathtaking, but the fall weather,  lighting and autumn hues make it even more so.  I’m always amazed by the contrast of the rugged rock being softly hugged by the aspen display.  The affect on me is a soothing one, putting everything in balance.  I hope that you, too, are taking a moment to reflect in nature.

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Rita Mosiman is an avid hiker who feels a strong connection to the land and nature’s artistry. In her book Serenity and Beauty she explores the true beauty that exists in the simplest of things. Purchase a copy here.

Serenity and Beauty

Published by JB Stillwater

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Rita Mosiman Presents – Autumn



Rita Mosiman Presents… For Whom Are We Singing?

Photo by Rita Mosiman

Photo by Rita Mosiman

Rita Mosiman Presents… Reflections

Trees reflecting off a lake

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman

Rita Mosiman Presents … Canopy of Colors

Canopy of Colors

autumn trees

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman

It was November.  The weather was perfect.   I had made the trip to place my mother’s ashes in a crypt, her place of rest after her long life on earth gave up.  Looking up at some fall trees, a showering of colors and designs flowed over me, helping to heal my soul.  The trees emanated  a brilliance and a softness, and I began to feel life’s rebirth that is meant to be given us at times like this. The intricate designs of the branches standing out through the varied colors reminded me there is a master design to everything in life, as incomprehensible as it may seem at times.  I had begun the journey with a weary body and soul.  I returned home with a heart warmed by nature’s immense gifts, thankful for life’s memories and for ones yet to be made.

Rita Mosiman, performing solo artist, vocal coach and accompanist, winner of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions in Arizona, guest solo artist at Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington, the University of New Mexico, and the University of Arizona for their Centennial Celebration and with the Northern Arizona Symphony.

Purchase a copy of Rita’s book Serenity and Beauty here.

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