Blair Babylon Presents, In a Faraway Land

Faraway Land book coverIn A Faraway Land: Billionaires in Disguise: Flicka by Blair Babylon
(Runaway Princess Bride, #3)
Publication date: June 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


It’s an impossible situation, but if anyone can save Flicka, it’s her loyal, hot, ripped, bossy, protective, truly maddening, totally off-limits bodyguard.

Flicka von Hannover was a princess, but not anymore, sort of. To hide from her conniving soon-to-be ex-husband and divorce him as soon as possible, she runs to the place specified by her prenuptial agreement, Las Vegas.

She has left everyone and everything behind except Dieter Schwarz, her bodyguard who saved her that terrible night and smuggled her to Paris and now to Nevada. Living with the six-four, ripped, bossy Swiss mercenary is driving her crazy in more ways than one. Every time he comes near her, she wants to rip his clothes off with her teeth.

Her ex knows that she must be in Las Vegas to establish residency to divorce him, and his men are looking for her. When his Secret Service try to kidnap her and Dieter saves her again, the adrenaline and heat of the moment are too much for them to resist.

But her ex knows that she has to file the paperwork to divorce him, and he’ll do anything to stop her, even mounting an assault with his army on the courthouse when she tries to go to court.

When an actual prince—who has a Secret Service, an army, and real spies—is hunting you down, you run, and you hide IN A FARAWAY LAND. Continue reading


Carey Decevito Presents, Night Shift

Night Shift coverTitle: Night Shift (Nightshade, #2) by Carey Decevito
Publication date: January 9th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


A serial killer…

A past that haunts no matter how much the distance…

Which one will strike first?

Eighteen deaths over eight years has left Shane Peters itching to find his mark. The death that started it all ensured his obsession with the murderer who had turned his life into a living hell, leaving him to raise a newborn daughter on his own.

Starting over wasn’t the easiest thing, but Emberlyn Roth had managed by shear grit and the skin of her teeth. It’s too bad one can’t outrun their past.

A protector of the wronged, Shane is torn between his duty as a detective for the Jacksonville PD and a quest to find himself some peace. Red tape binds his capabilities and moonlighting as an investigator for Nightshade Securities has him feeling stretched thin. Late nights on the streets and his sense of duty keeps him from being the father he wants to be. Throw onto his already rickety house of cards, an attraction to the mysterious Emberlyn, the lead he’s got on the murderer he’s been hunting for nearly a decade, and threats his woman is receiving by an unsavory character from her past, and he’s seriously tempted to take Dalton Kipper’s offer to join his team in a permanent basis.

Rules have a place, but when you’re faced with losing the one that means most to you, lines can become blurred. With the fate of his family’s future hanging in the balance, he’s ready to risk it all. Continue reading

An Excerpt of The Thief by Michele Hauf

The Thief by Michele HaufTitle: The Thief by Michele Hauf
Published: 4/11/2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense


The Elite Crimes Unit works behind the scenes of Interpol—and employs some of the world’s most talented criminal minds. Because as everyone knows, it takes a thief to catch a thief—or to seduce one . . .

The old farmhouse in the French countryside is a refuge for former jewel thief Josephine Deveraux. Admittedly, there aren’t many men in the vicinity, but she has her cat to cuddle up with. It’s a far cry from her former life, constantly running from the law, and she’s enjoying her peace . . . until the intruder in the three-piece suit tackles her. He wants her back in the game, helping with a heist—and he’s not above making threats to get his way.

Little does Josephine know that notorious—and notoriously charming—thief, Xavier Lambert, is after the very same 180-carat prize she’s being blackmailed to steal. To his chagrin, he’s doing it not as a free agent, but as a member of the Elite Crimes Unit—the team he was forced to join when his brilliant career came to a sudden end. And little does Xavier know that his comeback is about to include a stranger’s kiss, a stinging slap, and a hunt for missing treasure—along with the infuriatingly sexy woman who’s outfoxing him . . . Continue reading

What Kind of Fictional Character Are You?

Butterfly code by Sue-WyshynskiSue Wyshynski is the author of the new release, The Butterfly Code.

To celebrate the launch of her new fictional star, Aeris Thorne, Sue created this fun quiz.

What kind of fictional character would you be? Test yourself and find out!

In The Butterfly Code, Aeris meets Hunter at a nightclub. It’s your turn. A stranger you find attractive makes eye contact across a crowded dance floor.

a)         You smile politely, and then move inconspicuously closer in hopes of meeting.

b)         You raise your drink in salute and watch to see his response.

c)         You smile brightly, then bite your lip and worry th you were being too obvious.

d)         You weave through the crowd, walk right up, and invite him to dance.

Aeris’ best friend disapproves of her crush. It’s your turn. How do you handle this challenge?

a)         You state that you like him and you really hope she will come around.

b)         You keep both happy by spending quality time with your friend away from your crush.

c)         You are disappointed and worried about how to bridge the gap between them.

d)         You try to investigate what it is exactly that’s making your friend feel this way.

In The Butterfly Code, Aeris faces some nerve-wracking situations. It’s your turn. You arrive home to find a strange man escaping from your house.

a)         You whip out your phone and race after him to try and snap a photo for investigators.

b)         You retreat to a safe place and call the police.

c)         You search your house and the surrounding area for victims that may be hurt.

d)         You hurry inside to investigate what he was after.

Aeris is caught in frustrating situations. It’s your turn. You run out of gas on a country road.

a)         You grab the gas can you always carry in your trunk and flag down a ride to the nearest station.

b)         You pull out your phone and call AAA.

c)         You call a family member or your best friend to bring you some gas.

d)         You use your GPS to find the shortest walking distance between you and a gas station.

In The Butterfly Code, it seems everyone has an opinion about what Aeris should do in a certain situation. It’s your turn. Everyone wants to tell you what to do.

a)         You politely tell them that you know what to do and you plan to do it.

b)         You listen to everyone’s advice and then make your decision.

c)         You make a list of all the pros and cons before you decide how to proceed.

d)         You’ve made your decision, but you’ll let people weigh in.

If you answered mostly a’s, you are: An Analyst. Think Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), Sarah (Orphan Black). You radiate self-confidence, and you’re somewhat mysterious to the rest of the world. You’re an idealist and believe anything is possible with the right amount of effort. You stand by your principles and are wise beyond your years. Remember that a romantic partner may not always stand up to your ideals, but they have other gifts worthy of your admiration!

If you answered mostly b’s, you are: A Diplomat. Think Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones). You radiate authenticity and your charismatic nature lights up a room. In relationships, you’re a team player and romantic partners feel comfortable placing their trust in you. Your passion makes people want to be around you. Be cautious about your openness and sensitivity as that can sometimes cause you to get hurt.

If you answered mostly c’s, you are: A Sentinel. Think Hermione Granger (Harry Potter). You radiate honesty, patience, and responsibility. You are kind and have a deep caring for others. You make a truly dedicated partner and have strong family values. You will put a lot of effort into making your union a happy one. Remember that sometimes it’s okay to bend the rules and try new things.

If you answered mostly d’s, you are: An Explorer. Think Captain Janeway (Star Trek Voyager). You radiate curiosity and a cool rationalism. You love exploring and troubleshooting, and you seek out people with independent points of view. Romantic partners are drawn to your optimism and lust for life. Sometimes you need to actively focus on relaxing and opening up, but it’s worth the effort.

What kind of fictional character is Aeris Thorne? An Analyst, a Diplomat, a Sentinel, or an Explorer? Read The Butterfly Code and find out! Continue reading