Young Hollywood: Episode 13 – Walls and a Roof

Young Hollywood Episode 13, Walls and a Roof explores Zax and Leighann’s friendship. These two sweet beings have been through hell and back together, yet the timing for any romantic connection between them is always off. Their deep connection with each other has fans rooting for them.

Leighann and Zax are the most innocent characters in the series and are usually collateral damage in the other characters’ drama.

Family Portrait Episode 13

As soon as Zax got home he headed for the shower. Since Adriana had been in the hospital he’d come home to an empty house. A house that was once filled with love, energy, and laughter. Now the silence was deafening. The warm sanctuary that he once called home was now walls and a roof.


Leighann arrived at Banovic Manor, with take-out from Mr. Chow, Zax’s favorite Chinese food restaurant. She knew that he hated eating alone and rather than worrying about him or trying to get him to have dinner with her family, she decided to surprise him. Instead of using her code to let herself in, she rang the doorbell and waited. Zax answered the door wearing a pair of sweats, his shirtless torso glistened from the water droplets that dotted his chest, his hair wet and slick, and remnants of Irish Spring lingered in the air between them. Leighann immediately told herself that coming here was a bad idea.

“I just wanted to drop off some dinner for you. I… I figured you hadn’t eaten.” She heard herself say.

“You’re the best, LD. Why didn’t you use your code?” He stood aside to let her in. As she passed the heat she felt made her knees buckle.

“I didn’t want to intrude.” She avoided looking at him and hurried to the kitchen.

“Thank you for the food. It’s so thoughtful of you. But then again, it’s you. You’re always thinking of others.”

“I should go.”

“Stay, let’s eat, this is a lot of food.” Zax rummaged through the bag.

“I’ve seen you eat way more than that, Zax.”


“Fine. But put some clothes on.” She said playfully.

“Okay, but my tux is at the dry cleaners.” He teased and headed to the laundry room just off the kitchen.

After dinner, they perched on the rooftop of the Manor and watched the sunset. In the distance, they could see the ocean and smell the salty air as a gentle breeze blew inland.

“I haven’t been up here or in her room since the accident.”

“I know, it’s weird. I wonder if being back in her room would help her remember.” Leighann thought aloud. “This is exactly where I smoked my first joint. I almost coughed up a lung and Adriana acted like it was no big deal.” Leighann laughed. “That was the night of my first ever sleepover. We hadn’t planned it; our parents were downstairs chatting and she and I were up here getting high. She couldn’t let my mom see me messed up so she announced to everybody that I was sleeping over.”

“She is … was such a bad influence.” Zax shook his head.

“She’s fun though.”

“She’s a handful. Every year for my birthday she’d jump on my bed at 12:00 am to wish me happy birthday. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, so we’d stay up and eat ice cream and watch cartoons.”

“That’s a nice memory.”

“She couldn’t wait for me to turn eighteen. She had it all planned … I’d graduate from high school, move to a dorm on campus and she’d come hang out with me. Even though I told her little sisters don’t hang out with their brothers on campus, she said that we were the exception.” Zax dashed a tear from his cheek. “I turn eighteen in a couple of weeks and she won’t remember that.”

“At least she’ll be here for your birthday.” Leighann put a hand on his shoulder.

“I don’t wanna be sad all the time. Let’s do something fun.”

“Like what?”

“Let’s pitch a tent in the back yard, we could roast marshmallows in the fire-pit.” Zax spirits lifted.

“Let’s do it!” Leighann hoisted herself up.

Within minutes they raided the kitchen, gathering items for the roast.

“Damn, can’t find the skewers.”

“Graham Crackers! You wanna do smores?” Leighann grinned, and held up a box of her latest fine.

“Hell ya! I’ll grab a couple of Kerns and meet you out back.”

As Zax gathered paper plates he looked at Leighann through the window, she was fiddling with the pit and was so out of her element that it made him smile.

“Hey! City girl, the lighter fluid is in the shed. You might want to let me take care of the fire.”

“Why? Cuz you’re the man?” She mocked.

“Cuz I don’t want you going up in flames my back yard.”

“Funny, Zax.” She tossed over her shoulder and headed to the shed.

“Hey, Z.” Joel called as he entered the house.

“Yo, man, I’m in here.”

“What’s going on?” Joel looked at the items in Zax’s hands.

“LD and I are making smores, come join us.”

“Leighann’s here?”

“Out back trying to build a fire.” Zax grabbed another can of Kerns out of the fridge.

Leighann’s face lit up when she saw Joel.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were working today!” She threw her arms around him but he didn’t hold her.

“I got off early, I went to your house and your dad said you were at L’Wren’s… and here you are.” The ice in Joel’s tone was not lost on anybody.

“She wasn’t home.” Leighann said quickly.

“You joining us for marshmallows?” Zax called from the pit a few feet away.

“Nah, man I’m going home.” Joel headed out and Leighann ran after him.

Zax could hear their hushed argument but couldn’t make out what was being said. Knowing the night was over, he put out the fire that was starting to catch and took some of the items back to the shed where it was easier to listen in on their conversation.

“Zax was your first crush, the first boy who asked you out, your first date. I can’t compete with him, Leighann.”

“It wasn’t a date. We just hung out. Zax and I are friends, Joel. That’s all.” Leighann defended. “Yes … I had a crush on him. But that was a long time ago, I don’t have those feelings anymore. Joel, the way I feel about you, I could never feel that way about Zax. I love you.”

Zax felt his heart shatter into a million pieces.

“You never said that to me before.” Joel’s tone softened, “I love you too.”

There was silence and Zax knew that they were kissing. A lump formed in his throat and he swallowed hard.

“Think Zax would mind if we got out of here?” Leighann asked.

Joel nodded.

“Hey, would you be mad if we do this some other time?” Leighann found Zax in the shed.

“It’s all good.” He faked a smile.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, you have nothing to feel sorry about. I have homework anyway.”

“Zax…” She reached out to him without touching.

“See you guys tomorrow.” He dismissed.

“Z, I’ll call you later.” Joel called out.

“Yea, man.” Zax waited until they pulled out of the driveway before leaving the shed.

After returning all the items to their place he took off walking, not caring about the destination. One hour turned into two and with his heart and mind numb, he paid no attention to his surroundings. A white Buick Lacrosse slowed down and kept pace with him.

“What are you doing walking in this neighborhood?” Adrian called out to him.

“Looking to get mugged by the fashion police.” Zax replied and kept on walking.

“Where’re you headed?”


“Going for a moonlight surf. Wanna come?”

Zax stopped. “You have an extra board?”

“That could be arranged.”

Zax got in and immediately noticed Adrian’s black eye, “nice shiner.”

“It’s my latest accessory.”

“No flashy sports car?”

“Brilliant, handsome, young surgeon driving a flashy sports car is a bit played out, don’t you think?” Adrian smirked and glanced at his rearview mirror.

“Narcissistic much?” Zax rolled his eyes.

Adrian had become used to the tail that had been following him for the last few days. The driver was obviously an amateur, and Adrian made no attempt to lose him, instead he did the opposite; he made sure that the driver could keep up.

“Why are you so snippy tonight?”

“Got a lot on my mind.” Zax answered carelessly.

“I’m here to listen, if you want.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Zax looked out the window.

Family Portrait Episode 13

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