Young Hollywood: Episode 8 – Carys and Haze

In Young Hollywood, Episode 8 – Carys & Haze, Carys finally gets to spend the night with Haze. It is everything she’d imagine it to be. Except she can’t help but wonder where his loyalty lies.

The History

When you are a smoking hot piece of man meat like Haze Lyndon, women are bound to throw themselves at you. Haze and Carys met his first night in Los Angeles at a downtown club. She fell hard and fast for him. The next day he met Adriana who also fell for him, and in true Adriana style, she orchestrated events to put herself in front of him as much as possible.

By the time Carys crosses path with him again, it was too late. He was already in Adriana’s clutches. Too bad Carys, you snooze, you lose. There is plenty more to read about this red-hot threesome in Changes (FPS 1) the digital download is free on Amazon and most places where e-books are sold.

The Recap

In Episode 5 – The Artist, against his better judgement, Haze goes to see Adriana. He notices there is a man guarding her door and confronts Adrian who gives him no explanation.

FPS Episode 8

Carys Wilson had the best night and morning of her life. Making love to Haze Lyndon was everything she’d imagined it would be. Finally, with Adriana out of the picture Haze was all hers. Her world was perfect.

She glanced at the time, it had been almost an hour since Haze left to get breakfast. Maybe that was his excuse to leave. Maybe he felt pressured. Did she move too fast? Maybe she shouldn’t have slept with him so soon. Sure, they had been friends for a couple of months; it wasn’t like they were strangers, but Haze wasn’t like other guys, he had morals and was raised old fashioned. He was the type who opened doors for women, pull out chairs for them and listened. He gave her his full attention and knew how to make her feel like no one else mattered but her.

Carys thought about how deep and soulful his hazel eyes were. Throughout their evening women swooned over him but he never let it go to his head, his attention was fully on her. Soon his handsome face would be plastered in magazines, on the sides of busses and on billboards, and millions of women would know what she knew … that with one look, Haze Christopher Lyndon could make them drop their panties without hesitation.

Carys looked at the time again, she was about to call him when she heard the door to her apartment open. He was talking to someone.

“It’s … um … probably best that I don’t.”

Carys saw that he was on the phone. She snuck in behind him and slipped her arms around his waist.

“Let me know what you find out.” Haze said into the phone then hung up.

Before the phone went dark she saw ‘Zax’ on the caller ID.

“I thought you got lost for a minute there.” She pushed away the heavy feeling that welled up in the pit of her stomach.

“I went over to Trader Joes.” He kissed her lightly on the top of her head and began unpacking the groceries.

Carys perched herself on the counter. “You need help?”

Me making you breakfast, means you doing nothing.”

Carys sat in silence and watched as Haze worked his magic in her small kitchen, dominating ingredients like a newly minted chef from Le Cordon Bleu. It troubled her that he had spoken to Zax. What was Zax supposed to find out for him? Carys had a sickening feeling that it was about Adriana; it was always about Adriana when it came to Haze. She hated her with a passion and couldn’t comprehend how a guy like Haze could possibly love someone like Adriana.

Adriana had made his life hell. She manipulated him, tricked him into falling in love with her and made a complete fool of him. Carys looked forward to the day that he would get over that fifteen-year-old bitch for good.

“How’s Zax?” She tried to sound upbeat, and like she cared about the members of the Banovic family.

“He’s good, considering the circumstances.” Haze chopped up fresh cilantro and garnished the omelette du fromage he slid on her plate.

“I guess Chellon, can take over your job at the Banovics’ when you leave.”

“Who said I’m leaving?” He poured her a cup of coffee.

“Haze, you just booked a multi-million-dollar modeling contract, you don’t need to be a handyman anymore.”

“It’s not like I’m getting the money in a lump sum. Besides I started the restoration project at Banovic Manor and I want to see it through.” He poured himself a cup and stood back against the counter.

“I’m sure they would understand if you didn’t. When are you going to find the time with school, the shoots, and promotion?”

“I’ll find the time.” He replied casually.

“And us?”

“Is that what you’re worried about?” He stood in front of her. “I always make time for the people I’m interested in.” he softly kissed the palm of her hand.

Carys wondered if he meant her or Adriana but decided not to pursue it for fear of getting into a fight with him.

FPS Episode 8

Look for Episode 9 on October 12. Missed Episode 1? Read it now.

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In the meantime, learn more about The Family Portrait series. Or get the box set which contains books 1 through 5.

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