American Demon Hunters: Sacrifice – Book Review

American Demon Hunters coverAmerican Demon Hunters: Sacrifice by Bohannon, Buroker, Penn, Thorn

A relic thief.

An ex-military Mom.

A grief-stricken father willing to do anything to save his son.

An American Demon Hunter.

All aboard the 8.05pm from Chicago to New Orleans for 17 hours that will change their lives.

When the relic of an ancient blood cult is used to summon the dead and open a portal to the beyond, demons escape onto the train. As the body count rises, each must fight to save their own lives and those of the people they love. New friendships are forged in the battles and love blossoms in the carnage.

But who will have to pay the ultimate sacrifice?

A dark fantasy from four bestselling authors who just happened to be on the 8.05pm from Chicago one March evening…

My Review

If Stephen King’s It and Supernatural (the television series) had a love child this would be it.

JF Penn has been known to put the fear of all things unexplained in my heart. So naturally, when she teamed up with three of her peers, well-known authors, Lindsey Buroker, Zach Bohannon, and J. Thorn, I was more than curious. What’s even more fascinating is that they wrote the story on a train ride from Chicago to New Orleans.

The story is a short one but entertaining as hell! I loved the prose and similes used throughout the story. It really made me feel like I was on the train with the characters.

The writing was so crisp and raw that I could smell the stench of blood, hear the honking of the train and other passenger sounds, and vividly see the epic fight scenes.

While reading the book I kept trying to figure out which writer was which character, and who wrote what. The writing was so flawless that you wouldn’t believe that it came from the mastermind of four people from different cultures and backgrounds.

This was storytelling at it’s best because, like most recent stories I’ve read, it was not written in the first person, yet I was able to relate to the characters better than if it was.

I really enjoyed it, and it reminded me of Stephen King’s It which I read when I was about 11-years-old, and re-reading it later in life, still haunts me.

The story pulls you through the pages from one scene to the next, it is fast-paced and packed with action and adventure. Even though it was short, there was enough information about the characters for readers to paint a picture in their minds. I felt that the story was not predictable at all, which was a good thing because it kept me guessing, and when a certain character was killed off my jaw dropped.

Overall, if you like supernatural thrillers you should definitely add this one to your summer reading list.

A copy of American Demon Hunters: Sacrifice was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

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To learn more about JF Penn and to get a free copy of one of her books, in addition to even more thrilling novels, visit her website.


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