Here’s who I think dies on S7 The Walking Dead

Thanks to Netflix, cable-less people like me have a chance to catch up on and discover shows our cable counterparts have access to.

These days my obsession is The Walking Dead. The first time I watched it, I binge-watched it all the way through to season 5 and waited breathlessly for Netflix to bring on season 6. Now I am all caught up with the rest of the world.

Like the rest of the world, I am eagerly waiting to find out who was unlucky enough to meet Negan’s BFF, Lucille. I have my theory… I’m gonna just come out and say I think it’s Glenn Rhee.

The way Glenn’s storyline in season 6 has been going, I’d say yes. Think about it… the number of times he ALMOST died in season 6 was overkill… pardon the pun.

I thought for sure he was a goner when he and what’s his ass… Nicholas, got stranded on top of a dumpster surrounded by Walkers. Nicholas shoots himself and both he and Glenn fall into the group of hungry Walkers.

The way how it was shot, looked like Glenn was a nice Asian dinner for the Walkers. Turns out Nicholas fell on top of him and they ate him instead. Here’s the faux par… Glenn was screaming his head off, and the Walkers are attracted to sound. How come they didn’t rip his face off?

Glenn walker bait

Before all of that, Nicholas tried to kill Glenn on a few occasions.

Another reason why I think Glenn is going to meet Lucille… Maggie. Maggie cut her hair, signifying a change is coming. She is also pregnant. Pregnant lady intuition perhaps?

I picked up on a little spark Aaron threw in her direction when she was worried about Glenn. In a series refresher, Aaron is gay, I completely forgot about that because it was not explored.

On the Memorium wall, Glenn’s name was on there albeit prematurely, but was it a hint from the writers? Those writers are sneaky (see Richonne).

In an interview, Andrew Lincoln (Linc), said that when the victim is revealed, you’ll want to hold your family close and cry. He stated that it is a cast member who has been with them for a while and they are saddened by it, (I’m paraphrasing so don’t sue me okay, Linc). Glenn Rhee Steven Yuen

Glenn is the ONLY character who was in season one besides Rick, Carl and Darryl. Darryl came in somewhere in the 3rd or 4th episode. Glenn was introduced in episode two. Glenn is a fan favorite and he is the character that I would mourn (apart from Rick, Carl, Michonne or Darryl).

I’ve been observing the body language of the actors in interviews and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) seems very quiet and almost solemn.

Glenn would be a HUGE loss to the show and cast because we’ve watched him grow up from a borderline geek to a husband, to a soon to be father… God, it breaks my heart already.

Another indication is that he and Maggie didn’t have many scenes together this season. It seems to me that the writers have run out of storylines for Glenn.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs from set stalkers and Glenn has not been seen.

Others claim that Abraham could meet his fate. Maybe later on in the season, but for something this epic, I think it would have to be someone major.

I was thinking maybe Darryl… I started re-watching the series and Darryl popped to mind. It won’t be Michonne that would be too cruel. As soon as Rick finds love, they take it away. Besides, I’m hoping she gets a spin-off like in the comic books.

Negan needs Carl alive to keep Rick in line. Rick? No way, The Walking Dead is practically the Rick Grimes show.

I stick to my theory that Glenn is going to get it. Sorry Glenn. I’m moaning already.

Who do you think will meet Lucille?

I guess we’ll have to tune in on October, 23 on AMC to find out. I’m sure I’ll hear about it long before it comes on Netflix.


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