TV’s hottest hookups, why they’re sooo good

Binge-watching has become my favorite past time. With my writing schedule, managing my business and working in my day job, TV that fits with my schedule is a blessing. Thank you, Netflix!

I don’t know about you, but for me, when I binge watch I form a bond with the characters, it’s like they’ve become my best friends… they’ve invited me into their lives and I’ve done the same for them… until the series ends and I find another bestie. Can you relate?

During the bestie bliss, you cheer on your buddies, you laugh and cry with them… and when they hook up… well you’re either giddy with excitement or you’re jealous.

Here’s my list of Top 10 hottest TV Hookups

Hot hook up Jax and Tara10. Sons of Anarchy – Jax & Tara

Killing his ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was all it took for Jax and Tara to re-unite.

Tara returned to Charming to get away from her crazy ex, Josh Kohn and ended up bonding with her first love, Jax.

Josh got all stalker-like and followed her to Charming, hoping to win back his “Tar-Tar”.

Little did he know that Tara and her gangster ex, Jax Teller had started reconnecting.

Turns out the only way to get rid of the crazy ex, was for the gangster ex to kill him.

Oh, the drama…

What was morbid and hot at the same time, was before crazy ex took is last breath, Jax and Tara went at it as Josh bled out just 4 feet from them.

9. The Vampire Diaries – Damon & Elena

Hot hookup Delena

Photo found at

Elena was supposedly in love with Stefan. Yet from day one, something about his hot, naughty older brother, Damon made her take notice.

The looks exchanged between the two of them were hotter than her and Stefan’s makeout sessions.

Elena continued to resist Damon for a couple of years until he accidentally turned her into a vampire like him. Ooops!

The result? Sweet payoff. All of Elena’s inhibitions broke down and she gave in to years of resistance.

TV hook up Rob and Talisa Stark8. Game of Thrones – Rob & Talisa Stark

Before Talisa became a Stark she was a high-born but sort of rejected it to become a doctor.

In case you don’t watch the show, high-born females are born and raised to marry other high-borns.

During the battle for the north, Rob Stark defeated numerous enemies while etching closer to Westeros, to take his revenge on the assholes that killed his father.

Talisa came to his camp to tend to his injured soldiers and the spark by both parties was almost instant. Despite the sparks, the handsome King of the North, Rob was promised to another.

As time marched on Rob and Talisa became flirting friends, then did the deed and it was HOT!

7. Nashville – Avery & Juliette

Avery and Juliette Barnes

Photo found at Fan Forum

I loved the first time singing sensation, Juliette Barnes bumped into (at the time) struggling artist, Avery Berkeley backstage at her concert.

Juliette eyed him seductively and said, “you want to try that again but slower next time?”

Miss Barnes knows what she wants.

Several years later, and tons of drama in each of their personal lives, they met again but Juliette didn’t remember him. A friendship ensues (strange for Juliette) and eventually the couple got together and had a baby.

It was not happily ever after for the pair, once they got married. After the baby, Juliette battled postpartum depression, drugs and was admitted to rehab.

Just as their story was getting even more interesting, ABC canceled the series.

Skins Chris and Jal6. Skins (UK) – Chris & Jal

Chris, an epic fuck up with no future (if he makes it through his drug induced youth) and Jal, a straight-laced, A student, with a brilliant future.

They share the same group of friends and through a series of events gets separated from the pack and end up changing the course of each other’s lives.

It was amazing watching these two characters grow and naturally fall in love. Jal held Chris accountable for his life and gave him the stability he never had. He helped her see life differently and as a result, their hookup blossomed into an epic love story that still gives me chills.

5. Game of Thrones – Jon Snow & Ygritte (The Wildling)

Ygritte and jon

I wish I knew who originated this picture. Shout out in the comments section for credit

We’ve come to know so much about Jon Snow… that is until he met Wildling, Ygritte. Jon captured Ygritte, then Ygritte captured Jon and took him as her prisoner.

It was obvious the attraction she had for him. I loved the scene where they had to cuddle to keep warm and she kept slowly moving her hips in his private area. He barked at her to stop it but, did she? Nah.

We learn that Jon is a virgin and Ygritte quickly remedies the situation.

The deed is finally done when she takes him back to her camp and they get naked in the grotto.

Too bad their hookup was short lived.

Feeling jilted by Jon, Ygritte made it her mission to find him and end him. Talk about love going sour. Ygritte met her demise after her people stormed John’s camp. She didn’t get a chance to kill him physically, but I believe a piece of him died when he witnessed her death.

 Hot hookup Robbie and Fiona4. Shameless (US) – Fiona & Robbie (it’s complicated)

Fiona Gallagher cannot catch a break. Why? The girl is addicted to trouble. Things were finally rolling along smoothly in Fiona’s life; she had a steady job she loved and was good at… a boyfriend, Mike who was crazy about her and happened to be her boss.

Then in walks Robbie, Mike’s brother, fresh out of rehab.

He blatantly seduced Fiona while Mike was passed out a few feet away from them. They did it on the kitchen counter and is almost caught when Mike woke up to go to the bathroom.

Robbie and Fiona are both addicted to trouble and sex. Robbie was the one who gave Fiona the drugs that her baby brother, Liam overdosed on. Fiona was arrested, on her birthday! Thanks to Robbie.

3. Degrassi: The Next Class – Miles & Tristan Miles and Tristan Degrassi

Miles was “a man of the people” at Degrassi. He played both sides of the fence and enjoyed every minute of it.

Tristan, so sweet and ambitious, anytime he got close to Miles, Miles would pull an asshole move and mess with Tristan’s mind.

They go back and forth until Tristan decides to move on, then Miles got seriously interested. Ain’t that how it always works?

Anyhoo, they finally got together but Tristan was afraid to go the distance because he had never… and Miles was an all around stud-muffin. Miles changed and gained Trist’s trust. The deed was finally done and I was grinning.

2. Friends – Ross & Rachel

Ross and Rachel hookup

Shout out in the comments for credit

Friends were our friends, and when Ross and Rachel finally hooked up was sweet satisfaction.

He’d loved her secretly for so long and when she found out, she stopped looking at him as her best friend’s brother.

When she was ready to confess her love for him, he was in a relationship with Julie.

Later, Ross found out that Rachel had feelings for him after she drunk dialed him and told him she was over him.

The lines are in the picture. But the sweet moment that makes me smile to this day, was when Ross confronted her at Central Perk, and they argue about their feelings and moving on from each other. In the heat of the argument he leaves and she locks the door behind him.

A few seconds later he appears at the door standing in the rain like a lost, wet puppy and Rachel sees him, she struggles to open the door and they kiss for the first time.


Finally, #1. The Walking Dead – Rick & Michonne


Courtesy TV Guide

I cannot believe I didn’t see that coming! WTF! It was beyond perfect and it made so much sense! Looking back now Rick always had a thing for Michonne. I never noticed the looks and mannerisms until I went back and looked at the other episodes.

She came on the show in season 3 and could really hold her own. I think that was what attracted him to her in the first place. Here you have this strong, beautiful woman, who is a warrior, hell I’d do her if I was in a zombie apocalypse and there were no men around!

I was shocked because I never saw either of them as sexual beings (I guess I was too caught up in the world going to shit).

When Rick made his move in season 6, I screamed! I had to re-watch the entire episode (it was one of the best of the season), and their love scene was the cherry AND whipped butternut frosting on the dessert.

I am really excited to see where the writers are going to take these characters. They are too good of friends for it to just be casual. Rick even told Carl, his son, “this is different”. Rick doesn’t dick around when it comes to his son. So we believe him.

The chemistry between these two… mind-blowing! If Michonne and I were besties, I’d be needing some details.

Don’t miss this hot couple on The Walking Dead Season 7 premiering on October, 23 9/8c on AMC.

There you have it, my list of hottest TV hookups. Do you have any faves? Do share.

If you watch any of the shows above then you would like my novel Bastard’s Brew (Family Portrait Book 3). You’ll meet Adriana and Haze, who are so in love with each other they make everyone around them crazy. Naturally, there are huge obstacles in their way.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is Kevin and Savi, who can’t stand each other but can’t seem to stop hooking up.

Even though Bastard’s Brew is the 3rd book in the series, it can be read as a standalone.


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