Risk by Bree Pierce

Bree Pierce Risk coverSynopsis


Pain. Being away from her was physical and mental anguish for Zayin Rhodes. Her flowing platinum hair and grey, discerning eyes were branded on him. There would never be another woman for him. Never. If he couldn’t have her, he might whither and turn to ash as he slowly died inside. The cold façade Zayin put on so many times when the job required it would become his only look if that happened.


Falling in love with anyone but John Rhodes hadn’t been in the plan. But things had warped terribly out of control and Avery found herself longing for John’s cousin, Zayin, as John announced that he would be marrying Jane, a hostage of the Rhodes family. Due to those strange circumstances, Zayin and Avery share a night of passion that changes everything. Now decisions must be made as to whether she is going to stay or run. She would be leaving with her lover’s baby, and with an angry mob boss searching for her. Is love really worth the risk of staying though?

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About Bree Pierce Bree Pierce author

Hi I write under the pen name Bree Pierce! I have loved to write since I was a small child and always wanted to become an author. In January, 2015 that dream finally came true for me! I live in the deep south in Arkansas with my husband, 3 kids, and dog. I have a few books out and am always thinking of more ideas!! Reading is also a huge past time of mine!

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