Why writing bad girls is so much fun

The Family Portrait series is an ensemble cast made up of diverse characters. The series is packed with good and bad characters. But today I’d like to focus on the bad girls. In the series the bad girls outnumber the bad boys 3 to 1. Why do I like them so much? They are hella fun to write, not to mention, there is a sense of empowerment writing about these ladies who have done some pretty despicable things to get what they want.

You’ve seen it on television, bad-ass ladies like Amanda Wentworth (Melrose Place), Brenda Welch and Valerie Malone (Beverly Hills, 90210), Gemma Teller (Sons of Anarchy) and the Queen Bitch herself, Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones). If we are honest with ourselves, we love to watch them in action! Okay … I love to watch them in action.

Bad girls serve the purpose of driving the story forward. In a series like Family Portrait with many plot lines, all of my bad girls do a stellar job of kicking the drama to a whole other level. They’ve been known to piss you guys off, but that, dear readers, is what makes the series interesting. Go on admit it. If everybody was nice or we only had one bad boy/girl in the series, the series would be a single novel.

Without further ado … I present, the bad girls of the Family Portrait Series.

Adriana Kelly Banovic (Books 1-5 and soon to be released Book 6)

Adriana is the star of the series. The original idea of the book comes from her life and all the tumbles she takes while trying to make it in Hollywood.

Is it risky revolving a series around a bad girl who people may not like? Sure. But it was a risk I was willing to take, and it paid off because you have stuck with me and the series.

Adriana has done some pretty mean things that have surprised even me. She’s antagonized fan favorite, Leighann for most of the series. Lied to Haze, another fan favorite, pimped out her brother and made him a drug mule. Got Astrid expelled, blackmailed Carys. Tied Frankie in his birthday suit, to the toilet at his girlfriend’s house. This 15-year-old got some skills!

Savannah (Savi) DaCosta (Books 1-4)

You would think Savi, the only full fledged adult in this lineup would know better. But Savi set the standard for bad behavior. Savi blackmailed Kevin, slept with her high school bestie’s son, verbally abused Leighann, mentally screwed with her children. Kept her ex-husband from his daughter, never filed their divorce papers (in hopes of cashing in on his fortune), and if that wasn’t enough, she drove her car into his living room and held him up at gunpoint. Damn, I miss Savi!

Kristin Amanda Newman (Books 1, 2, 4, 5, 6-TBR)

The only person Kristin looks after is Kristin. Tennis champ Kristin Newman is the envy of most girls at Westwood Academy. On the surface she is perfect. The perfect body, boyfriend, she’s popular. But Kristin hides her deviance very well. She is sleeping with her boyfriend’s best friend, and manipulating both of them in the process, and they think she is so innocent. Adriana knows something is not right with her … it takes one to know one, right? But nobody would believe Adriana if she says anything bad about Kristin, because Adriana has an in-your-face reputation for causing trouble. The clash between Adriana and Kristin is a hot mess I can’t wait to see play out!

Astrid Wilson (Books 1, 2, 3)

I doubt anyone feels sorry for Astrid. After all she started the feud between herself and Adriana. The first day Adriana set foot in Westwood Academy, Astrid was sure to mark her territory by putting Adriana in her place. She was instrumental in provoking Adriana to throw the first punch, leaving poor Amy Wasserman with a black eye. She clogged the toilet with Adriana’s clothes in an effort to humiliate her. She bullied her boyfriend, Warren, slept with Frankie and boosted to Warren about it. Astrid is the fashionista of Westwood Academy but too bad her behavior doesn’t compliment her nice outfits!

Carys Wilson (Books 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 – TBR)

Carys wants Haze and would stop at nothing to get him. The problem is that Adriana has him and is not about to let him go. Carys attempts to blackmail Adriana but the plan backfires. Kinda… because what she lost in one victory, she gained in another by getting Adriana kicked out of school.

Reece Kincaid (Book 5)

Reece is a well known drug peddler at St. Theresa Catholic School for Girls. Reece compares her stay at the all-girl school, as a wolf in a hen house. Reece was sent to the school as punishment for being gay. Her parents hoped that the institution would de-gay her, but the joke’s on them!

Victoria Johansson (Book 3, 4, 5)

I LOVE Vicki Jo! She is Kevin’s best friend and ally. The thing about her… she’s a trained assassin. She is the only person who knows how dangerous Kevin’s business really is… she’s in it too. If I were in that kind of business, I’d want her watching my back. Victoria was bold enough to pull a gun on their boss when Kevin’s life was threatened. This bad girl has brass balls!

Her character just appeared out of nowhere for me, she was not in the previous versions of the books or the television series. I am glad she surfaced. I can’t wait for her to appear in the other books and see where her character takes me.

There you have it! The bad girls of FPS up to book 6. Who knows how many more will surface as the series progresses. Can these bad girls be redeemed? I’m looking forward to the adventure they are sure to take me on. Are you with me?

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