Inspiration can be found in the strangest places

Inspiration can be found in the strangest places, in this case it came to me within the pages of The Red Bulletin magazine.

For about a year I’ve been getting this magazine called The Red Bulletin from the makers of Red Bull. The magazine consists of people who live extreme lives; their sports are extreme and so is their partying. The magazine also features down-to-earth interviews with up and coming artists (actors, singers, painters, inventors, etc).

At first I didn’t think much of the magazine because all I saw were revelers who partied for three days straight in Ibiza. Recently I took another look, a more in-depth look. I found it to be very inspirational. The writers just seem to know the right questions to ask whomever they are interviewing to get the most honest answers. That right there is a talent that few of us possess.

Red Bulletin RzaIn the March 2016 edition, Rza from the Wu Tang Clan was interviewed. He talked about setting aside egos to accomplish his task and about finding his inner peace. I never would have guessed. I never would have guessed that he was the type who seeks solitude. The interview showed me a different side to Rza, it made me feel connected, like we had something in common. For the first time I saw this celebrity as a real person. That’s the element that I find lacking in typical Hollywood interviews.

Whether the interview is with extreme sportsmen or women, or daredevils who refuse to conform to society, the magazine shows that these people all have a very real, identifiable quality to them. They have the same fears and insecurities like you and me, but the difference is, they don’t let it stop them. A matter of fact they use it to propel them forward and expand their comfort zone.

One prominent theme in The Red Bulletin is that it brings the world together. They feature people from the back country of Greenland to the Caribbean. Being an international, I really appreciate that. I’ve always felt that the world is one place and we are one people.

Society tends to highlight the differences between us. When you think about it, countries are separated by water—an act of nature, but walls are built by man to protect and rule over what isn’t even his. The Red Bulletin bridges that gap by introducing its readers to the lives of these extraordinary people.

The magazine is very refreshing and honest. I like that there is no hype, it is definitely not Hollywood. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, at the same time it is not sloppy; the layout is pleasing and clean. The Red Bulletin is a magazine that appeals to the rebel that lives in us all. For me it has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone; to do stuff that I was afraid to do because of fear of failure or just laziness.

The Red Bulletin is also a photo enthusiast’s album. The photos are big and beautiful. The photographers get the most amazing shots from seemingly impossible angles. The result? Stunning, glossy photos that takes readers straight to the adventure. The quality is so high, that you can see the grit in the dirt, feel the dust on your face and almost smell the surroundings. Pure sensory delight.

Even the commercials are uber cool, like the ad for Edge below.

Red Bulletin ad for Edge

Or this one for Yeti.

Red Bulletin ad for Yeti


In conclusion, The Red Bulletin does for your mind what the drink does for your body. I am looking forward to my next edition, but in the meantime I am going to re-read the old ones with new eyes. I don’t know how The Red Bulletin found me, but I am sure glad they did.

If you’d like to subscribe to The Red Bulletin please use this link.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Red Bull, The Red Bulletin or any other company related to them. I was not given monetary compensation for this article. I’m just a fan who likes to share what I like.


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