Trust the Process – Book Review

Stack of booksTitle: Trust the Process by Leanne Jones


Women everywhere struggle with the multiple tasks that come with our everyday lives. We’re told that we can “have it all” but all too often we find ourselves uninspired and unmotivated to keep going.

Trust the Process was written to inspire women to create a better present and future for themselves. Within this book, you will discover the inner strength to grow in ways that will inspire positive changes in every area of your life.

Arranged into 30 daily segments, this daily inspirational tool helps define powerful ways for women to:

Design a high quality life;
Make each day a productive masterpiece;
Get clarity in your life;
Set your priorities; and
Keep the faith while keeping everything else together!

Have you been looking for positive ways to improve your life and permanently keep you on the right path?

Trust the Process is a 30-day motivational guide that will empower you to live a life of purpose and fulfillment through:

Daily Affirmations to accelerate your results;
End of Week Journaling for notes, ideas, and a plan of action;
Helpful Habits to help empower you to achieve permanent changes; and
Quotes for powerful inspiration.

This book is a compilation of 30 things that you can do, one per day each month, to stay motivated and focused on a consistent basis. It is said that doing something consistently for 21 days becomes a habit, so let’s make sure we can create a habit each day. This book is a compilation of simple, basic things that women ignore. If you are able to incorporate these things into your life, there is no reason why you will not be able to stay connected mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I hope this book empowers you to first see your life in a positive light, and then start making the necessary changes to live your life the way you always intended for it to be. It is time to let go of the boring routine and start creating moments that will help you see yourself as valuable. If nothing more, this book will help you make the necessary time for yourself as you learn about, and become, the new you. Now is the time to elevate your life and create an even better version of yourself.

My Review

As an author, I know how valuable reviews are to a book’s visibility and credibility so I always like leaving reviews for my fellow authors. I was given Trust the Process as a gift from the author.

Trust the Process came to me in what can only be described as divine timing. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit off-center and lost, in my life and career, kind of stuck in the mud so to speak. So when I got this book in the mail, it was like the road map I needed. The packaging was beautiful and done with such care and thought — the box was Tiffany Blue and with a white bow. It made my day, like a gift from God.

I started reading it right away, desperate to get back to my center. Just like the wonderful wrapping the author thoughtfully laid out the chapters to flow into each other. It is structured in easy to follow chapters, where each chapter is a day. It starts off with a thought, then gently transitions into easy, actionable activities to do for that day. Right off the bat, it reminds you to slow down and be present in your own life.

This book is definitely for women who do too much. As women, we don’t really realize how much we do everyday, whether it is trying to make a career for ourselves, providing for our family, running a household, or all of the above. We tend to put ourselves last and as a result we lose our center or get burned out. Author Leanne Jones gently guides us back to our core and reminds us to take care of ourselves.

This book will make a great gift for women who do too much, or if you’re like me — just need to get back to your center. It is a great read, easy to follow and filled with inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

Has this book helped me? Yes! It was definitely the roadmap I needed to get back to my center and keep motivated. I’ll be using this book as a guide to keep me motivated for sure.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Leanne Jones, click to read the interview. Leanne also shares 7 tips to empower you right now.

Connect with Leanne: Web | Email | Twitter | Instagram @TheJonesSisters | Facebook


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