How Bloggers Promote

I introduced you to 7 bloggers. Now read how they do promotion on their websites.

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Do you promote indie authors, trad pub or both?

Both – Evette Ashby, – Sassy Girl Books

Either.  I like to support all types of authors, but I generally get more from the indie crowd. – Clarice, Clarice Book Nook

I promote both indie authors and traditionally published authors. While I am approached by some small publishing companies, most of my requests come from independent authors who have found me via social media. – Lynda Dickson, Book Direct

​I promote both​ via Book reviews on Amazon+ Goodreads. I also make book trailers for authors and my partner and I work very hard to make edgy, cinematic Book Trailers. Do have a look at our portfolio on ​ – NytaliA Little Love Book Blog

Both – Dawn HeslinBound 4 Escape

Both, although we both have a soft spot for indie authors. Many of my favourite authors are indie authors as many of them produce very innovative, cross-genre work, which I love to read. Traditional publishers can often find it more difficult to accommodate work such as this due to their business model. Tina Williams, A Reader’s Review

I give love to everybody, everybody deserves an equal opportunity, let the readers decide what they like. – Gillian Felix, Plain Talk Book Marketing

How do you promote your blog?

Twitter logoWe participate in blog hops, as well as giveaways. We try to keep our name out there by interacting with our readers as well as authors. We attend signings. We post daily on FB and twitter. – Evette Ashby, – Sassy Girl Books

I don’t do much in the way of promoting anymore.  Used to I would get out and try to post in groups on Google+, but now I just don’t have the time so I run a daily pimp post for authors and their street team members or fans to post about their books on Facebook and sign up for lots of reviews, cover reveals, and blog tours. – Clarice, Clarice Book Nook

I promote my blog mainly via social media (links below). I am listed in the Book Blogger Directory, Book Blogger List, and the Book Reviewer Yellow pages. I also participate in blog tours hosted by a number of different tour companies. – Lynda Dickson, Book Direct

I have a Facebook Page (Like ME!! :p) and I auto post on Twitter. And I have a loyal batch of followers who like my posts.​ ​ – NytaliA Little Love Book Blog

I participate in blog tours and many of the authors whose books I review will promote my reviews on their social media. – Dawn HeslinBound 4 Escape

Facebook logoThrough online networking with other bloggers and authors on WordPress (our blog’s platform) and through our blog’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We sometimes share posts on our own personal Facebook pages and we belong to a number of book related Facebook groups. Earlier this year we attended an author book signing in Birmingham (UK) where we met some new authors and promoted our blog. It was a real blast and we plan to do more of this in the future! Tina Williams, A Reader’s Review

Twitter has been good to me so far. Google groups, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn if there is a guest post that I think people on that platform would benefit from. I post to Facebook on the fan site but who knows with Facebook; they change who can see your post as often as I eat ice cream. I submit my blog to search engines and I get a lot of organic traffic from SEO grandaddy, Google. – Gillian Felix, Plain Talk Book Marketing

Do you prefer to work directly with authors or through a tour company? Why?

Both work for us. As long as the expectations and materials are clear and we are given the time to prepare a thoughtful review ( if reviewing) we are happy to work with them. – Evette Ashby, – Sassy Girl Books

Either is fine.  I am not very picky, but I do love talking to authors directly. – Clarice, Clarice Book Nook

I try to get a good mix of books on my blog by working directly with authors as well as by working with tour companies. I love working directly with authors, as I can tailor-make a blog post to suit their needs. I get great satisfaction from producing an original blog post. I also love to get feedback from the authors, which I feature on the Testimonials page of my blog.

Working with tours companies is fun because I get to find out about a lot of books I probably never would have heard of otherwise. Tour companies provide great material (such as interviews and guest posts) and the giveaways are often very generous. These tours provide great exposure and introduce my blog to new readers as well as authors. I have received a few follow-up blog post requests from authors who first spotted my blog during a blog tour. Blog tours also allow me to fill in the gaps in my blogging schedule. – Lynda Dickson, Book Direct

​I don’t have any such preference. I don’t mind either. It is simply that working for a blog tour restricts the time I have to review the book, and ensures it does not slip through the cracks.​ – NytaliA Little Love Book Blog

I don’t usually have a preference although there is something nice about working directly with authors. – Dawn HeslinBound 4 Escape

I like to work directly with authors, particularly if their books are amongst my favourite reads! It makes what I do more personal and I have built up an online relationship with a number of authors since I stated blogging. That said, I am immensely grateful to the tour companies we are signed up with who have introduced us to authors who we would not otherwise have discovered. Tina Williams, A Reader’s Review

I work with anybody who has what I need to get the post up. – Gillian Felix, Plain Talk Book Marketing


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