Writing in Pictures by Sue Wyshynski

Butterfly code by Sue-WyshynskiHow I Write—In Pictures by Sue Wyshynski, the author of the new release, The Butterfly Code.

What’s great about humans is that we all find unique ways of doing things—whether it’s baking a dozen cookies or organizing our favorite books on a shelf. Who knows why or even how these fun differences come about?

Here’s a photo collection of some of my writing quirks.

Bring on the pencils, pens, notebooks, notepads!

I always start on paper. I find the words flow easier and I can get closer to the characters. The Butterfly Code manuscript consumed approximately a dozen notebooks.

Notebooks and pencils

A pocket with every purse.

Ok, not every purse, but it’s true. Most of my purses have pockets to carry notebooks. I like to walk and write outside.

Purse full of pencils

A never-ending collection of writing books.

I love reading about how others perform the writing craft! It’s often insightful and always interesting. Besides, the point at which a person believes they know everything there is to know in their chosen field is the point at which they stop growing. Never stop!

Writing books

Writing in the wild.

Here’s me out writing in the park. It’s wonderful place to be distraction free.

Writing in the park

Desk with a view.

When I’m done writing for the day, I come home and transfer it all onto my computer. This is my stand-up writing table and my favorite view!

Computer with a view

The Butterfly Code took around four years to complete, including plotting, editing, and book design. For those of you who read it, my greatest hope is that you enjoy it.

I am so grateful to my host for having me as a guest on this blog. Thanks to everyone for letting me share a little bit about how I write!

Drop me a line any time, I can be found at suewyshynski.com. I’d love to hear from you.

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