Moments from Bad Uncle

Book cover Bad Uncle Family Portrait Book 5Bad Uncle was truly fun to write, as with all my fiction books, I never know where the story is going to end up. Sure I outline (sometimes) and I pull stories from the script, but once it hits the draft page of the book it changes. The characters unleash themselves because they don’t have the same restrictions they do in the script. The book belongs to them and they own it! Here are some things that stood out for me.

Most fun scene to write

The scene involving Frankie, Kristin and the hooker. That was so unexpected it shocked even me. Frankie is an interesting character, you never know where he is going to take the story. He is really not afraid to `go there’. Imagine Kristin, this well bred Beverly Hills girl and Frankie is just a trainwreck. He is having an affair with his best friend’s girl. I believe he does it just for the thrill of it. It is interesting to see what’s in store for them.

The hardest scene to write

Adriana and Haze’s breakup was the hardest for me to write. Believe it or not I got teary eyed they had that intense scene when Adriana thought he’d slept with Carys. The intensity in the dialogue really got to me. I really love Adriana and Haze together and breaking them up was hard to do, especially like that.

Scene stealer

The hooker ahem, sorry call girl, she was in for a nano-second but her confusion of being trapped in Frankie and Kristin’s drama was so cute. Here’s what the scene looks like:

“She’s not a hooker, she’s a call girl, and she’s gotta eat.”

Kristin slapped him, hard.

“You said you wanted a threesome. What’s the problem?” Frankie rubbed his cheek.

“How could you treat her like that? The poor girl is probably a run away, or a victim of human trafficking! You disgust me!” Kristin gathered her things.

“She’s American, she’s working on her masters. She’s just doing this to help with tuition. I’m just helping the situation.”

“Yeah? Only you would see it that way.” Kristin marched into the bathroom to fetch the girl.

“Krissy! You’re overreacting.” Frankie followed her.

“Can you understand English?” Kristin spoke slowly to the girl.

“Yes, very well.” She replied with a thick Brooklyn accent.

“We’re getting out of here. He shouldn’t be allowed to treat you that way.” Kristin grabbed the girl’s hand and led the way.

“You owe me money, Frankie.” The girl said on her way out.

Most Memorable Scene

The introduction of Adrian, the Bad Uncle. There is a gun drawing scene when he first enters Bacchanal Jake’s, and of course he and Kevin duke it out. We see Adrian keep his suave and has the nerve to sit at the bar and order a drink. I’m like, Really?

Male model in suit sitting

Classic dialogue

Adriana really pushed Zax to the limits in Bad Uncle, I guess he figured if he indulged her, she wouldn’t be all up in his business. Here’s the dialogue, this happened after Zax came in and found innocent Leighann smoking a joint.

Zax turned to Adriana. “Who are you, Satan’s helper?” he admonished.

“She didn’t say it was from me,” Adriana defended.

“She didn’t have to.” Zax yanked the joint from Leighann’s hand and crushed it, releasing its contents into the breeze.

“What the hell, Zax? It’s not the neighbor’s lawn she’s smoking, I paid good money for that!” Adriana protested.

Classic line

This one comes from Zax and Adriana again. Adriana just revealed big plans to Zax about her future with Haze. Here’s his response:

Adriana – “Why do you always have to piss on my party?”

Zax – “Because you always throw your parties in a nut-house.”

Most shocking scene

Bad Uncle had so many shocking scenes, that’s what happens when you let the characters tell the story. I would have to agree with the readers and say the torture scene towards the end. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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