Interview with Leanne Jones

I’ve had the honor and privilege of interviewing and putting together the book tour for the new book by Leanne Jones, Trust the Process.  After the interview check out Leanne’s tour stops and giveaway.

Leanne, welcome, so great to have you on Plain Talk.

ME: Why this book?

Leanne JonesLeanneTrust the Process originally started out as a personal journal/diary of mine. After I felt the deep desire to strive for my greatest potential I decided I was going to start consciously designing a life I absolutely loved, I started to write a collection of little important life lessons, practices and habits to myself while on my journey. Now my goal is to help other women around the world, who are dedicated to their own personal growth, elevate and enrich their lives just as I did mine and I hope that the book will be an inspiration or reminder to other women of some things women often forget in life while on their own personal development journey.

ME: What does Trust the Process mean?

Leanne: To trust the process means to have faith and be patient through a transformation and during your life’s journey. It’s about trusting, believing, changing and embracing your life’s experiences and positive lessons.

ME: What exactly is a lifestyle design coach?

Leanne: Although I am a certified Life Coach which really strengthened my ability to help empower other women to live their best lives from the inside out and the outside in, in the areas such from Self-Development to health/fitness, my main area of expertise and the one I’ve always been the most passionate towards has been Lifestyle Design.

Lifestyle Design is exactly what it sounds like – being deliberate about designing or creating your own life. It’s about creating your life with intention rather than just going through the motions and living life by default. Part of me being a Lifestyle Design Coach is to help women get crystal clear about their passions and then helping them live a deeply satisfying life. My purpose as a coach for women is to be their support and offer them the guidance they need in order to help them reach their highest vision.

ME: What were some of the obstacles you’ve faced as a woman entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

Leanne: I would say at first an obstacle for me was not being decisive. I would have so many ideas all of the time, and I wasn’t good at making solid decisions. Half of the reason why was because I kept telling myself and others that “I’m an indecisive person” which was a form of negative self-talk which was only making it worse for myself! I really had to become more aware of my thoughts and words, change my ways and fix my self-talk. I stared to only speak life into myself and I started to only tell myself things like “I am a decision maker and I make great decisions!” which I spoke into existence and felt so much better about.

Another obstacle I faced was “not knowing all the answers” which really taught me to strengthen my faith. I learned that I was wasting time by always waiting on answers or advice from other people in order to just do things! I was so adamant on doing things “the right away” in order to make my sure my ideas were successful. Now, I have learned that there is no one-size-fits-all formula, and that my specific aspirations and situations are unique and just to strengthen my faith and believe in myself.

ME: How do you stay positive?

Leanne: The way I stay positive when situations or obstacles occur is I just try to find the lesson that the obstacle or challenge is trying to teach me. I just always try to find the good in whatever the situation may be and then after I learn from it, I continue to move forward.  I’ve also changed my mind to only thinking positively, and sometimes if I have a negative thought I’ll tap myself on the head to remind myself to change my thoughts to something positive. That little trick helps remind me to stay positive in any situation even when it may be hard.

ME: What was it like meeting Oprah and how has that changed your life? Leanne Jones and Oprah

Leanne: Meeting Oprah was the best day of my whole entire year! That whole day for me was truly inspiring, mind-stimulating and was filled with becoming more aware. I learned so many life lessons that day not just from Oprah, but also by other thought-leaders and spiritual teachers who Oprah had speak at the event. That day when I got home from meeting Oprah I sat and reflected on the day and I put a note in my blessing jar that said “God will give you confirmation that you are right where you need to be and doing exactly what you need to be doing”. Meeting Oprah encouraged me to live with intention and work even harder towards fulfilling my purpose and reaching goals in life. It reminded me to believe in the positive power I have within me and to move forward with focus and determination to achieve my dreams. I will never forget that day or the lessons I learned.

ME: What is a typical day like for you?

Leanne: My typical day is always busy but each day doesn’t always have a specific routine day in and out. Most of my days usually differ depending on what my to-do list is on that day or what I have scheduled. I do have personal rituals which I do each day that set the tone for my day like wake up early, spend alone time with God. I always make sure to read as much as I can, write or journal and I love daily exercise and meditation, those are usually my must-do’s each day as well.

ME: You and your sister work very closely together, how did getting into business together come about?

Leanne: My sister and I are very different but in a good way. One thing we’ve both always had in common was our ambition and love for business so with us always sharing our visions and idea’s with one another and us both being able to relate and help each other, it developed into us chasing a common goal to build an empire together. There are many attributes we both bring to the table which are different but make a good match so it works really well when we put both of our talents and skills together.

 ME: What keeps you motivated?

Leanne: My vision is what keeps me motivated, which is why my vision board is so important to me. I always keep it in sight. I even have the images on my phone for when I’m not at home. My vision board represents every area of my life from family, career, spiritual, health and it keeps me motivated each moment I spend visualizing what’s on there. Another thing that keeps me motivated is my family, they are extremely supportive and thy love me through everything.  Lastly, other things such as books, motivational audios or listening to my mentor’s always keep me motivated as well.

ME: Tell me about The Jones Sisters

Leanne: My sister Abby, and I, are “The Jones Sisters. We are two purpose driven sisters. Possessing degrees and credentials in Business, Fashion, Entrepreneurship and Life Coaching, we are both British born business minded woman who have been a great support for each others life and business ventures. Our common views and differing personalities make up a uniquely good match, which tends to inspire many other ambitious go-getting women from many different backgrounds. Our aim is to empower other women and enrich the lives of our generation. The fresh enthusiasm that we possess and the determination to feed our minds and minds of other women to envision endless possibilities in the future has helped us in pursuing their mission.

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