My Review Prepara Herb Saver

I first featured The Prepara Herb Saver on Cool Kitchen Gadgets you never knew you needed. Back then I had just heard about it but didn’t own one. The thing is, I love fresh herbs but they always die on me before I finish it, as a result my sister bought one for me for my birthday back in June. Naturally I wanted to see how effective it was in keeping herbs fresh so I did a little experiment. I put half of my fresh parsley and cilantro in a jar with water and the other half in my herb saver, placed both of them in the fridge in the same location.
















The results after 2 weeks:

The herbs in the jar with water were wilted and half dead, while the herbs in the herb saver remained fresh. The herbs in the herb saver lasted about a month. By then I’d almost finished using it. Overall I am happy with the herb saver and it does keep the herbs fresher and longer as advertised. One of the things I love is the design is that it fits wonderfully on the fridge door. With that comes a little problem because it doesn’t hold the large bushel of herbs that you get in the market. I grounded up the remaining herbs to preserve it.

Optional I changed the water in the white housing about once a week, I guess you don’t have to do that but I did so because I wanted fresh water for my herbs.

Pros: Keeps the herbs fresher longer. It fits nicely on your fridge door.
Cons: Doesn’t hold a lot of herbs.



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