Eggtastic Review

Eggtastic boxI absolutely love eggs and I eat them everyday, even when eggs got a bad wrap I still ate them. When the opportunity came to review Egg Tastic I was  eggstatic! I was given this product for my honest review and is not receiving any monetary compensation.

Now as we have the legalize out of the way, let me tell you about Eggtastic. Here is the product description on Amazon:

Make cooking your favorite egg recipes a breeze and mess free with the Egg-Tastic ™ Microwave Egg Cooker and Poacher. Crack your egg right in the ceramic pot, mix in ingredients of your choice and microwave to enjoy fast, fluffy, flavorful eggs every time right in your microwave! The vented lid allows steam to escape while the unique ceramic pot circulates heat for even cooking! No extra dishes. Prep and enjoy your meal in the same dish. Egg-Tastic is dishwasher safe to make clean up quick and easy. Nonstick coating allows for no additional oils, fats, or grease.

From the box: EggTastic Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker. Fast, Flavorful & Fluffy Eggs Every Time … Right In Your Microwave. Then it goes on to show you that you can make Poached Egg, Scrambled Egg Whites, and Egg Sandwich.

Eggtastic bowl

My Review

The product comes in a really nice box, very sturdy, attractive, bright colors and very clean looking.  I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised. First off, it is a very attractive product, it looks great, has some heft to it so it feels like something of quality in your hand.

In the box:

  • A handy cooking guide (more on that in a minute).
  • A safety sheet on one side and a how to use guide on the other side.
  • The EggTastic bowl and cover

The Product

Like I said before it looks and feels beautiful! The lid has a silicon seal and little ball on top to hold hold it along with a steam hole. The base is made of glazed ceramic and has a silicon base.

I couldn’t wait to try this product so I used it almost right away. It is recommended that you don’t cook more than 2 eggs at a time if adding ingredients, but there was enough space in there for 4 eggs. There is a fill line in the container so you know not to go past that.

I put in my ingredients; 2 eggs, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes salt and pepper, a little water and I fluffed it right in the Eggtastic container, popped it in the microwave and set the cooking time to the wattage as stated on the cooking guide. When the time was up I checked it, the eggs were still watery so I put it back in for an extra 15 seconds (as recommended by the manufacturer), then another 15 seconds, took it out and fluffed it because it was a solid blob.

The Result:

Eggtastic review


I personally don’t like microwave eggs because they have a rubbery taste and texture to them, but this was just OK for me.

Here are the things I love about Eggtastic:

It is a beautiful looking product. Could be used to store other things if you are like me and don’t enjoy microwaveable eggs.

Here are the things I think could be improved:

The container gets REALLY HOT. The manufacturer cautions you on the box and the reading materials but a reminder on the container would have been nice.

A ceramic handle with the silicon material wrapped around it would have made handling easier and prevent burns.

A silicone band around the body of the container could also make handling easier and prevent burns if no handle.

The cook time needs to be tested at different altitudes so that the cook time can be more accurate. Setting the cook time to my microwave wattage and the recommended time gave me eggs that didn’t even begin to cook.

Learn more about Eggtastic on the Website | Facebook 

Purchase Eggtastic on Amazon


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