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Winner of the most entertaining Bad Uncle book review goes to Janette from Sassy Girls Books

Bad Uncle book coverWelcome back to the Sassygirlbooksmz, last we saw the Banovic’s kids life was starting to take slightly different turns, Zax’s eyes have started to see a little clearer when it came to Leighann, Adriana was and still is madly head over heels in love with Haze and Kevin bulldozed the ever selfish Savi out of his path and managed to find love with L’wren. But who said it was time for rainbows and roses this is LA and the Banovic’s we are talking about.

In this edition of our favorite family the lid has been removed and booms and revelations have been unleashed. Kevin has it all a growing business and the love of a great woman but fear that his truth will be exposed is pushing his inner-self to leave behind his doubled life.

Zax can’t help but start realizing that his chance with LD has slipped or is slipping away from him, and being around her is getting harder and harder to handle.

Wholly Brenda (90210 moment), the truth that Adriana was so desperately holding on too struck her hard as hell the moment Haze found out BOOM WTF MOMENT (so thankful no commercial interruption when this happened). But damn you can feel the pain, betrayal, love being pulled from the revelation but I gotta say I’m hoping and still rooting for #Hazriana..

On the key players sweetie Kristin isn’t so sweet after all she is being naughty and when the sheets cool down what will happen when golden boy Zax finds out, and what would happen to Joel if Zax finds comfort in LD (time is ticking before Zax embraces his Banovic tendency to take what he wants no matter what).

Savi is out of it still but time is only a matter of time since a ghost from the ashes has risen…. I’m guessing this is his wild card to control Kevin….it’s only a matter of time..

And finally the moment we all been waiting for the voice taunting Kevin has been revealed and it’s a whopper but the bigger questions are why? How? What does he really want? And the fact that I (I mean we have to wait for the next book is like waiting for the next DAMN season premiere) this is why I’m anti summer all shows go into hiatus and apparently so do the Banovic’s.

I gotta say Gillian Felix is killing me very softly here because books 1-4 were like this great setup for the book boom that is Bad Uncle and no teaser on book 6 is urgh.. Well played Gillian.

****best line thus far Zax telling Adriana that her life is like a soap opera loved it****.

Now back to you at Sassygirlbooksmz headquarters…


Bad Uncle was such an emotional gut punch. Gillian Felix is a pro at weaving a myriad of characters with drastically different backgrounds and moral makeups into a story that consumes every feeling inside of you, which is why I have rated the Family Portrait series with 5 stars so far.

There were times while reading Bad Uncle that I just wanted to crawl inside the pages and beg…yes, beg, the characters to make different choices.

This series has characters who range in age from high school – to college – to parents, and the way Felix writes makes the reader connect with each one. Some of them, I wanted to just shake, and some I wanted to protect, and some I really wanted to have the ability to just make them slow down and act their age without rushing their lives.

Gillian Felix’s writing is seamless, which is amazing with how detailed and complex the storyline continues to become. Book 6 needs to be out now! I’m not sure which way she is going to steer the story, and that is what keeps the reader on edge. Kevin broke me a bit in Bad Uncle, and I just have to know what path he chooses to take in the next installment. – Karen-Anne Stewart, Author


Gillian has written another excellent story continuing the Banovic family saga. If you enjoy connecting with strong characters who deal with day to day concerns that we each can relate to in some fashion or another, you will enjoy any book written by Gillian Felix. – Kathleen Hughes


Even the rich and famous have a dark sheep in the family and the Banovics are no different. Hard to imagine someone more devious or hiding more skeletons in their closet than the younger generation of this family.

In Gillian Felix’s latest, Bad Uncle lies are about to be revealed, secrets exposed and hearts broken, not to mention the return of the bad uncle, a skilled doctor by training, a deadly monster by design, but will his heart be softened to the family he has stayed away from or will his re-appearance bring more hellfire raining down on the Banovics?

Gillian Felix writes with a determination to keep us riveted, repelled, drawn in and gasping with anticipation for the next book!

Better than the television soaps, WE are the director, what we read is our vision of how it all plays out because the mind is a beautiful thing, able to make each of us see the story differently.

Thanks to Gillian Felix’s gift for writing, the pages disappear and our mental cameras roll on as we once again follow the Banovics into their twisted world. – Diane Bylo, Tome Tender, Amazon Top Reviewer


I feel like I have really gotten to know the characters. Gillian Felix has done a good job of developing them and their relationships.

Yes, it’s like a soap opera and I love it. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I like the way Bad Uncle ended. This book could stand alone but it would be even better if you read the entire series. – Dawn Heslin, SleepyGirls Books


Another amazing continuation of the Family Portrait Series. Lots of drama going on and which is quite a page turner. The book was longer than the previous ones which I loved but I’m saddened by how I quickly devoured this book in one sitting.

Of course, we all know that the story revolves around the Banovic Family particularly the Banovic Siblings. They all have their own issues in this book and although I’m intrigued with how their story unfolds I’m saddened by the trials that they are all going through right now. Some more than others but basically they have to suffer a bit more.

I felt for Adriana and Haze relationship especially when Haze did the unthinkable and mostly for them being idiots. You could tell that they are perfect for each other except for that one tiny detail which eventually, well, you’ll know once you’ve read it.

Then there’s Leighann and Zax. I wished they would become a couple sooner than later but a little birdie told me something (because I asked her) that their journey would take a while and currently, I don’t see how they would end up together. Plus, I want Zax b*tch of girlfriend be caught by her not so fidelity moments. I’m just waiting for that to blowout.

Most of all, the biggest one is Kevin. I’m feeling and praying for him because of what he’s going to experience and judging with how some of the events are going, it’s not going to be all rainbows and unicorns. Please don’t let his relationship with L’Wren be ruined.

Obviously, there’s the twists in this story that I’m so shocked that I felt so stupid on why I never connected the dots, that foreshadowing moment. And it fits perfectly.

Anyway, trouble is brewing and obviously another cliffhanger. – Fayrene, Book reviewer


I have followed this whole series and I have to say that my perceptions about the characters has slightly changed each time I read one of them. Mainly because just when you think you like one of them, bam! Something happens that makes you go “Really??” Same with this book too. The series is kind of like a soap opera geared towards the 16-25 year old category. It’s not the typical Days of Our Lives either. We are talking posh and spoiled rich kids trying to find their way in life.

But I have to admit, I am hooked on this series. You can’t help but wonder what is going to happen next in this drama-laden series.

They are all just searching for love and acceptance in their own way I suppose. I still think that my favorite character is Kevin Banovic. He is obviously such a bad guy in some ways. He does some very bad things and he has yet to tell his girlfriend, L’Wren anything about what he does. There are some serious under-the-table stuff going on with him. At the same time, he doesn’t like the life he’s living and wants a normal life. Too bad he’s probably not going to get one. – Clarice’s Book Nook


I’ve read this entire series of books and have constantly been surprised by the changes/growth in the characters. This time is no different.

In the last book, I was feeling sorry for Kristin, who was being pressured by her father to continue her tennis career, and who seemed to have unresolved feelings for Frankie even though she was dating Zax. What happens between her and Frankie in this book made me look at her in a very different way, however. Will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

And the reason for the book title? We finally get to meet Uncle Adrian, who “disappeared” years ago…but not all of the family has been in the dark regarding his location and his activities.

The writing in this series continues to be amazing, as are the characters and their continued development.

Teresa Kinder

If you’ve read the book, please feel free to tell the world about it here.

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