Book Review – How I Sold 80,000 Books

How I Sold 80k books Alinka RutkowskaBook TitleHow I Sold 80,000 Books by Alinka Rutkowska

Genre: Non Fiction


If you plan on self-publishing through Amazon (or have already self-published) and you are looking for book marketing tips, “How I Sold 80,000 Books” is for you.

The book will show you all the steps needed to get readers, the type of book marketing for authors that works, kindle publishing guidelines and best practices.

Author marketing is something that can be learnt. In this guide you will find my “4Ps” system, which allowed me to sell 80,000 books.

About the Author

In 2010 I left the corporate world and embarked on a lone journey to the other side of the world. I flew all the way from Europe to Auckland in New Zealand. I was on my own and I quickly realized that my trip was a reflection of my state of mind. If I was feeling and thinking negative, I would find myself in miserable circumstances. When I was consciously choosing my thoughts and always picking a better-feeling one, I quickly made that trip the adventure of a lifetime.

In Maya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland children can learn just that. I not only managed to make friends in Auckland, I met my husband on a cruise from Auckland to Sydney. Read more here.

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My Review

Alinka Rutkowska icon

This book was very well written and an excellent resource for a newbie author or self-publisher. The author provided several great ideas for promotions, wonderful links and great personal experience. This is not a book for lazy people, the author provided lots of things you can implement to give your book visibility. I would recommend this book to anyone who want to know how to market and sell a book. It is a great launch pad. Book marketing is not for everyone and this book can help you decide if it is for you.

I gave it 4 stars because as an author with several books on the market and who enjoy the marketing aspect nearly as much as writing, a lot of what was mentioned I already knew about, but there was enough new stuff to make me take notes or highlight on my Kindle. I loved that the author didn’t make it seem easy or like she was an overnight success, she came across real and truthful. The fact of the matter is that these steps take a lot of time. She also showed that she didn’t just to one thing to propel her success, she tried many different things and together they got her the success she deserved.

I loved the humor that was put into the writing, I would rank it in my top 5 recommended books for newbie authors.

This book is complimentary on Amazon



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