My Favorite Scene from Bad Uncle

Book cover Bad Uncle Family Portrait Book 5I have many unforgettable scenes in Bad Uncle (Family Portrait Book 5) so choosing one scene as my favorite was a task. The reason I love this scene is because of Kevin and Adriana’s relationship. One of the things readers are attracted to in the series is the relationship between the siblings.

In the scene below called Krav Maga, it is Sunday morning and Kevin, Adriana’s older brother is around teaching her how to protect herself. Adriana’s mind is not into it because her boyfriend is leaving for New York and, well the last time he went to New York she almost lost him for good.

Chapter 12: Krav Maga

“Focus, Adriana.” Kevin’s voice interrupted her thoughts as she rolled over. The training used to be fun and a great way to spend time with her brother, but today it was a hindrance. Adriana glanced at the pool; maybe if she could get him close enough to the edge, she could push him in and that’d be the end of their training for the day. She grappled with him in an effort to take him down, but he spun out of her grip, flipping her to the floor. He held his hand out to her to help her up; she roughly grabbed it and rushed after him, moving herself closer to the edge of the pool and off the mat.

“Come on, fifteen more minutes,” he encouraged and she thrust at him with fake punches and uppercuts.

Stopping to take a breath, he lectured her about paying attention when in combat and never losing focus.

“Oh, hi, L’Wren.” She looked towards the entrance behind him, and when he turned around, she successfully took him down and held his neck in a headlock. He tried to flip her over, but the angle his body was positioned made it impossible to do without seriously hurting her. He tapped out, but she ignored him.

“You should never lose focus when in combat, Kevin,” she mocked.

“What are you guys doing?” Concern coated L’Wren’s voice.

“Just playing around,” Adriana said casually as Kevin tapped the mat.

“Cool! I wanna learn how to do that.” Leighann was amazed.

“That looks dangerous,” L’Wren warned.

“Kevin’s been teaching me, so I’ll always know how to protect myself from evil boys,” Adriana said ignoring Kevin’s frantic tapping.

“He looks like he can’t breathe,” L’Wren pointed out nervously.

“He’ll live,” Adriana said sweetly. “You spending the night?” She directed her question at Leighann.

“Yes, L’Wren leaves tomorrow,” Leighann replied, still fascinated by the predicament Adriana had her brother in.

“Could you let my boyfriend go, please? He’s turning blue.” L’Wren’s concern grew and Adriana sighed, kissed him on his head and released him.

Kevin coughed and gasped for air as L’Wren ran to him.

“I’m all right, she got lucky.” He stretched his neck like it was no big deal.

“You guys play really rough,” L’Wren said in her mommy voice.

“Can you show me how to do that?” Leighann asked gingerly.

“NO!” Kevin and L’Wren said in unison.

“Let’s go in the house and leave Mom and Dad alone,” Adriana mocked.


I hope you give Bad Uncle a chance, if you’d like a copy in exchange for an honest review please use this link.

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