10 Fun Facts About Kuwait

Today I am joined by author Nadia Nader. Nadia was born and raised in Kuwait. She shares 10 things you probably didn’t know about Kuwait.

  1. The official name is “State of Kuwait” but most people refer to it as Kuwait. Kuwait is derived from Akwat (the plural of word “Kout”) and means “fortress built near water”.
  2. The national bird of Kuwait is a falcon. You can see images imprinted in many places and on many objects. Falcons are trained.
  3. Theonly make up a third of the population, a minority within their own country. The other 2/3 are composed of expats from all around the world. Kuwait has an interesting societal structure and international community.
  4. Family is important in Kuwait. Single men and women are expected to live with their families until they are married. Once they marry, that is when it is acceptable for them to move out and have their own place. However, due to high real estate prices and not many options for rentals, many families choose to remain living under the same roof.
  5. Kuwait is one of the hottest countries in the world with temperatures reaching up to 50 Celsius in the summer months. That’s 122 degrees Fahrenheit! No one dies during the summer months from the temperature but it advisable not to stay out too long to avoid sunstroke.
  6. Gas is cheaper than water. Petroleum and petroleum-products make up nearly 85% of export revenues.
  7. The flag of Kuwait contains four colors: green, white, red, and black. They symbolize “our lands”, “our deeds”, “our swords”, and “our battles” respectively.
  8. People in Kuwait are early adopters of any technology and trend out there. If something is new, be sure someone in Kuwait already has five of it. It was not a good time when cheetahs were trendy to own.
  9. Wives do not take on their husband’s name upon marriage. The name you are born with is your name from birth until death.
  10. Nepotism is a fact of life and “wasta” gets you anything you need to get done.

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About Nadia

Nadia Nader was born and raised in Kuwait.

You can find Nadia on her website: www.NadiaNader.com

In addition to writing, Nadia’s interests include traveling around the world.

In addition to her website you can connect with Nadia: Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


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