200,000 Syrian Children Back In School

We’ve just heard some very exciting news: global leaders have made a new pact to put hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children back in school in Lebanon.

The government has agreed to increase the target to 200,000 Syrian children in school and support new programs to deliver early childhood and “catch up” learning programs to over 100,000 more. World leaders have pledged their support to do more to help the government reach these targets for the start of the new school year.

This wouldn’t have happened without us. Nearly five million of us have now signed the petition to show we’re #UpForSchool, and each day thousands more join us. That’s because we know that education can transform lives, and sometimes even save them.

Can you help make sure that we top five million names on our petition? Share this post and ask your friends and family to join the campaign: http://www.upforschool.org

Up for School graphic

We’ve been impressed by the support for the #UpForSchool petition. It’s brought people together from every part of the world. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of signatures from countries as far apart as Pakistan, Nigeria and the United States.

Victories like the one this week prove what #UpForSchool supporters already know: nothing changes without pressure. In no situation is public pressure more important than in Syria, where the crisis has caused such a dramatic deterioration in the lives of children in just four short years. Now, world leaders have promised to help them turn the corner: bringing them back into school, and creating the chance for a new generation to build a better future.
We’ve got big ambitions for the #UpForSchool petition now.

We want to create one of the world’s biggest petitions on education that no world leader can ignore. To do this we’ve teamed up with teachers and pupils in schools all over the world to make it happen – and this first five million milestone will be proof our plan could work.

Breakthroughs like this are the best times to convince new people to join the campaign – because we can prove that what we are trying to do can work. Can you forward this email, or share the petition on Facebook or Twitter, and help us hit five million this month?



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