Snack Foods Brokerage Firm

I’d like to welcome the Senior Vice President of Snack Foods Brokerage Firm, Rick Gergley. If you’re curious about Snack Foods Brokerage Firm, read all about them below.

Thanks Rick for your time and visiting us at Plain Talk, we’re glad to learn about your company. Please describe what your company does.

Snack Foods Beverage LogoSnack Foods Brokerage Firm –  locates thru our vast network of Food, Beverage, and Bakery manufacturers co packing options for clients that have decided to utilize a Co packers services, because they have outgrown their current production facilities or no longer want to produce their own products lines. Enabling them to increase their profit margins and set their company’s focus on marketing.

We also assist the manufacturers find clients for their open production time and advise them on what Co packing opportunities would be a fit for their current structure within their company.

  • We are Brokers/finders for co-packing, out sourcing, and private label company’s needs.
  • We consult clients and manufacturers on production, ingredients, packaging product development, sales and marketing strategies. The most important thing that we do is build long term relationships.
  • Snack Foods Brokerage Firm is made up of some of the leading world experts in Sales & Manufacturing Consulting specializing in custom manufacturing & sales problem-solving operations range from manual to fully automated cooking and baking facilities up to 500,000 square feet.
  • Our consultants streamline all manufacturing & sales components from fresh to frozen sets with their expert knowledge of modern and old-fashioned cooking and baking processes and machinery lines.
  • We develop customized sales and marketing plans designed to increase sales and market penetration. Our strong relationships with buyers and decision makers at national supermarket and restaurant chains, club stores, hospitality companies, and distributors are at the center of our business, allowing us to introduce new and existing product lines to the marketplace using e-commerce, direct store sales, and distributor sales.

We have a mutual friend, Ricardo Cordero. How did you guys meet?

Ricardo Cordero our CEO & President and I started out as competitors. We worked for different companies and met while calling on Starbucks. We stayed in touch and started to work on different opportunities.  Ricardo worked on the operations manufacturing side and I worked the sales side.

What is the hardest thing about running a company like this?

The hardest thing is that we have to do virtually everything ourselves. We make all the calls and do all the research. We meet all our clients before deciding to work with them a few times. It is very time consuming.  However rewarding once a choice is made.

Why did you get into this business?

We formed Snack Foods Brokerage Firm because no one else was offering what we are doing. We are the first company of this kind.  One of the most difficult and critical decisions in business comes when the company is ready to move to the next level and most companies don’t know how to get there and / or are afraid. We offer them all the manufacturing, sales and marketing expertise they need to get to the next level.  We take our clients by the hand and walk with them. Enabling us to build long term relationships for all of us to grow together.

How do you stay motivated?

It is easy to stay motivated because we both enjoy what we are doing and we get satisfaction from helping many different people succeed.  But most of all we both know no one else is offering this type of service Snack Foods Brokerage Firms provides.

How do you motivate each other?

We don’t have to motivate each other because we both believe in what we are doing. We know that there is a real need for the services we provide. Our motivation has been in place since the start. That has been a blessing.

What is a typical day like for you?

My day usually starts around 5 am. Depending on our schedule, I will get a quick workout (run) in, or head out to meet Ricardo for an appointment or go the office. We will spend most of our day meeting with clients or consulting with them by phone. We also spend a good portion of the day returning calls and vetting clients. After I get home, Ricardo and I will have a phone call to review the days work and to plan for the next day.

How did you come up with the name Snack Food Brokerage Firm?

We decided on the name because we felt it would include most of the food categories we have experience working in. As it turns out, we are working with many companies and manufacturers that are not considered to be in the snack food category

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

The most rewarding part comes when we get the client or the manufacturer to understand that what we have been telling them actually works. The other great part comes when the client realizes that there is someone who will help them. Not just a company interested in making a quick buck; but a company who wants to develop a long term business relationship, a company that wants to grow with them.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs?

When setting up your business make sure you develop a strong foundation. Do all the boring legwork such as setting up the internal company structure, completing all required testing product analysis, and packaging specs. You want to have all this completed so when you are at the point of growth you will not have to stop and go back and finish these things. However the most important thing we tell every new entrepreneur is to set and run their company up as if it is a $10,000,000 dollar company.

What are the qualities of a good business partner?

Good business partners have to have the same goals and work ethics. Good partners do not have to agree on every little detail but must be in agreement on the overall strategy and direction of the company. The most important quality of a good business partner is honesty.

Contact the Snack Foods Brokerage Firm: Phone: 845-988-6332 | Website | Email:



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