Perfect Escape Book Review

Perfect escape book coverGillian Felix nails another gut-wrenching and magnetic addition to this series, doling out just enough reality and high tension energy to make putting Perfect Escape impossible to put down as my mental cinema played each scene out, complete with background music and full color action. These characters will forge a place in your heart and mind as they fall into three categories, the good, the bad and the ones who must straddle the line with great care. – Dii Bylo, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer


Kevin Banovic, Zax and Adriana’s brother, is behind a lot of the things happening with Savi.  He is so wrapped up in illegal activity that he can’t get out of it and if someone hurts a person he cares for, he hurts them back.  And he has his ways, and resources.  He is a bad boy on the outside with filled with good intentions and a heart of gold at times.  He is no doubt the most complicated character right now, at least to me he is anyway.  It was a great, and very entertaining, read! – Clarice Minchew, Book reviewer


I’m going to start with the ending of Perfect Escape (no spoilers) with my review because that’s the part that left me so emotional and needing book 5! I was heartbroken, but Gillian Felix left some hope in there – depending on which characters you’re rooting for. The way Ms. Felix weaves such a vast amount of characters together, intertwining their differences in age, personality, loyalty (or lack there of), and desires leaves me in awe – it is a difficult task that she has done to weave the story lines together so beautifully. – Karen Anne Stewart, Author


Perfect Escape book review

The way Gillian Felix described Savi, Leighann’s mother, was definitely very impressive. Savi was a terrible selfish mother and reading about her really made me hate her. So Gillian really wrote in a way I could totally imagine Savi being a real person. And boy would I have loved to slap her in the face. This book is definitely an interesting one. I can’t wait to see what more stories Gillian has in store for us. – Maureen Beatrice, Maureen’s Book Blog


Perfect Escape is mostly about Leighann and her family problems as well as her relationships with Zax, Joel, and her parents. The poor girl, who is a celebrity, has been through so much, mostly because of her mother. Leighann is so sweet and so miserable I just wanted her life to get better.


I liked Perfect Escape but it was so short! I liked the way it ended with things resolved, for now, but you know there’s more to come. There’s enough back story that this book does stand alone but it is so much better if you read the entire series. I’m looking forward to the next book! – Bound By Books


So I’ve enjoyed this series so far. Its angsty and reminds me of a mash up of Nashville, 90201 and Revenge. It’s gritty and reads like a TV show which is intriguing in itself. – Rachel P


Things aren’t always black or white but we wouldn’t want that we love, we love drama and we can’t help but get caught up on all the shenanigans that the Banovic’s and the DaCosta bring into our reading world. As I told my fellow Sassygirl it’s an addicting read and world and I just can’t help but get caught up in this whirlwind and WANT MORE. – Sassy Girls Books


I am kind of happy how things turned out for Savi. I really hated her especially when she planned on ruining other people’s life. I felt bad for Kevin though because he has to resort to these kind of things in order to protect the people he loves. I’m just wishing that if ever his secrets come out, L’Wren would still be there for him. – Fayanne, Book Blogger.

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