Review Fox’s Empire – March 4, 2015

Tomorrow is another episode of Empire on FOX and the excitement for the season finale is coming. I shouldn’t say excitement because when it goes on hiatus I will be going through some serious withdrawals.

Here’s the juice from last week

Cookie found out that Anika Calhoun is double crossing Lucious. Talk about a woman scorned! In case you’re not in the know, Anika is Lucious’s ex-fiance. Things was all good in Anika-Land until Cookie got out of jail, and long story short, Lucious missed Cookie’s nookie, so they slept together (a few times). The first time, Anika walked in on them and decided to fastrack her engagement to Lucious. Just when she thought it was just another one of Lucious’s indiscretions… ooops he did it again! So Anika decides to get even by hitting Lucious where it hurts… his Empire.

Anika Calhoun Empire

Anika Calhoun Photo from TV Fanatic

Cookie got wind of Anika striking a deal with Lucious’s enemy, Billy Baretti. Well, in true Cookie style, she goes all bat ass cray cray and goes into Lucious’s house where he and Anika are planning their wedding, and outs Anika. To make matters worse she goes up to Anika’s bedroom and starts throwing her clothes out of the house.

We see Lucious running after Anika and even sounding like he wants to forgive her. Keep your enemies close right? Anyhoo, Anika doesn’t bite, she’s forgiven his indiscretions in the past but that was the last straw. I think that Anika knows that Lucious will never shake Cookie. They got 3 kids together and she is part of Lucious’s Empire in more ways than one 😉

Anika was the A&R Rep over at Empire, so naturally when she walked or got fired she took most of Empire’s prime recording artists, forcing Lucious and Cookie struggling to save their sinking ship.

A family that sticks together

What I loved about this episode was the way the family came together, Lucious, Cookie and their 3 sons really rallied together in a desperate attempt to lure back their artists and maybe sign some new ones along the way.

As if that wasn’t enough, oldest son Andre stopped taking his meds (he’s bipolar) and begins to lose it in the midst of all the madness. He even goes so far as to talk publicly about Lucious killing Cookie’s cousin. Yes Lucious did kill him and Andre knew about it but he covered for his father like he always does.

It was revealed last week that Lucious had a problem with Andre’s wife and as a result it affected their (Andre and Lucious’s) relationship. Lucious is old school and I think he’s behaving like that because he feels that Andre’s wife run things, he covered it by saying she’s white. Really Lucious?

Another touching scene was when the 3 brother’s were trapped in the elevator together and Andre started freaking out. Jamal and Hakeem calmed him down by reminding him of how important he was to them, how he took care of them when Cookie went to jail. The emotions were so real and I felt like I was in on their bonding.

Free concert at Leviticus

The performance at Leviticus was fantastic! Lucious and the Empire family minus Andre put on an impromptu performance at the famous club, singing one of Lucious’s past hit “You’re so beautiful”. Even Cookie got in on the background vocal action.

What didn’t make sense to me was Tiana. Girlfriend, why would you want to go back with Hakeem? You’re a lesbian. Even if you were bi that’s still not a reason. When they were together, she didn’t seem to like him much.

The drama is just heating up

What I’m looking forward to is seeing where Cookie and Lucious’s head of security Malcolm Deveaux (played by Derek Luke) flirtation is headed. They’ve got mad chemistry.  Excited to see the drama play out between Billy Baretti (played by Judd Nelson) and Lucious. Is Anika going to sell Lucious’s darkest secret to his enemy? The drama is just heating up.

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