Carys Wilson’s Entertainment Roundup

Carys Wilson here, dropping in with some music industry news. Last week was a HUGE week in the music industry for shake ups, hold ups and mess ups. The biggest news of the week cames out of Nashville.

Edgehill /Republic CEO… FIRED!

Jeff Fordham


That’s right, head honcho Jeff Fordham was fired last week in a move that shook Nashville like a herd of stampeding elephants.  The move from Edgehill’s VP Henry Benton left everyone scratching their heads. We’re still waiting for a press release from Edgehill possibly stating why Fordham was fired. A second shock wave hit when the VP announced that they are shutting down the entire division, leaving behind big name artists like Luke Wheeler, up and comer Will Lexington among others to fend for themselves.

Don’t feel too sorry for those guys, according to sources, Edgehill’s competitors are snatching up the top ranking artists left and right. Rumor has it that even ex-Edgehill artist Rayna James, is in on the prowl for her ex label mates to join her Highway 65 record label.

Just when we were wondering if Rayna’s ex fiance Luke Wheeler would hop onto Highway 65, we heard that he is starting his own label, Wheelin and Dealin Records. Sources spotted disgraced executive Jeff Fordham and Luke Wheeler engrossed in deep conversation at a local coffee shop. Could Fordham be Wheelin and Dealin with Wheeler? The plot thickened when later that night, the pair met Will Lexington at a downtown restaurant. With Will’s new single about to drop, Lexington could do with a little high powered love and a label to support him. Nothing has been made official yet, so we’ll see.

Click on the image to watch complete first season 

Sadie Stone’s Legal Trouble With Ex

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for new music from Sadie Stone. Apparently work on her newest album was halted after a heated legal battle with her ex husband. Luckily, the matter was quickly resolved and Stone is back in the studio. Now we can breathe again. The album is being produced by Avery Barnes, eh Barkley, Juliette Barnes‘ new hubby and baby daddy. Sadie Stone is currently signed to Rayna James’ Highway 65 label.

Click below to hear the sweet sounds of Sadie Stone (Laura Benanti)

Empire Entertainment’s White Party

Empire Entertainment mogul, Lucious Lyon hosted his annual white party. No expenses were spared, there was live music and the champagne flowed like Gatorade at the Olympics.

At the party Lucious and girlfriend A&R Rep Anika Calhoun announced their engagement, but that was not what everybody was talking about the next day. Lyon’s middle son, up and coming crooner Jamal, used the song that launched his famous father’s career as his coming out anthem and the crowd went wild. His performance was amazing and all of us danced and sang with him in his impromptu performance.

Meanwhile, the youngest Lyon, rapper wannabe Hakeem was spotted cozying up with a sexy cougar. Apparently the pair have been dating on the DL. From where I stood it looked like mama Cookie wasn’t having that. Sources say Cookie had a few choice words for her son’s hanger on. Let’s just say the confrontation didn’t appear to be pleasant.

Noticeably absent was Hakeem’s former flame, Tiana. Hakeem and Tiana appeared in public as a couple for a hot minute. Then someone leaked a video of her making out in public with a mystery woman. Looks like she’s not drip drip dripping for Hakeem. Ouch.

Click below to listen to Hakeem Lyon’s debut hit Drip Drip

 Momager in Standoff with LAPD

Leighann-face-iconTeenage crooner Leighann DaCosta was involved in a hairy situation when her mother/manager Savannah (Savi) DaCosta flipped out and held the family hostage. Police surrounded the Hancock Park mansion in what they describe as a tense standoff. Savi allegedly drove her Mercedes Benz into the living room of her ex-husband, international land developer, Stefan DaCosta‘s home. According to reports, Savi turned the gun on one of the officers and one officer fired a shot and hit her in her shoulder. Savi was rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center and later released into the custody of police. It is unclear if drugs played a part in the incident.

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