First Ever Valentine Author

Karen Anne StewartThere are so many reasons why I chose Karen-Anne Stewart to be our first annual Valentine Author. By the end of this post, I’m sure you’ll agree.

ME: How did you come up with the idea for Jensen and Saige’s story?

KAS: I wanted to do something a bit different than my prior novels but knew I still wanted a powerful love story. Psychic abilities have always fascinated me, so I decided to write a new adult romance novel with a slight paranormal feel to it. Saige goes through hell being able to sense death and feel the emotions of those near her, and Jensen does his best to protect her. He spent his childhood kicking everyone’s ass who hurt Saige, until he was the one who hurt her the most by sending her away. I also haven’t written a story about second chances before, so I loved being able to weave pieces of Jensen and Saige’s past together while they rekindled their love.

ME: Jensen and Saige are seriously my favorite book couple. It brought to mind that old saying we hurt the ones we love the most. I loved that Saige was such a strong kick-ass female, she was an outcast and a loner and I was rooting for her all the way. Even tho Jensen protected her, he did so without smothering her. I think that was so beautiful.

You touched briefly on their family, and that was enough for us readers to form an opinion of them, great job! That’s hard to do. What was your process in creating them?

Feel by Karen Anne Stewart

KAS: Finding the balance of introducing Jensen and Saige’s families into Feel was a bit tricky for me because I wanted the focus to be on how Jensen is going to win Saige back after he sent her away four years ago. With that said, I felt it was needed to bring in Saige’s parents and Jensen’s father and brother so the readers can understand why choices were made and why Saige is so emotionally damaged. I want the readers to be able to see Saige’s strength shine, despite the hell she’s gone through, and why Jensen has always put her needs first, trying to shield her from pain, even though he screws up royally with his decision to send her away. Making their families a backdrop to the story highlighted what Jensen and Saige had to overcome.


ME: Seriously, I wanted to stab Saige’s parents in the eye with a fork! They were both pompous asses. They had an image to maintain and if it meant forsaking their offspring they did it. You took the scene with Jensen’s parents in a totally different direction that I thought you would. I loved that! All throughout the book I kept guessing how the story would play out and I was wrong every time. I loved the twists and turns! This book got my attention from the opening chapter. It is definitely a book I would read again. 

Since you are our Valentine Author this year, I have to ask, what is your most memorable Valentine moment?

KAS: I love Valentine’s Day! Always have…even when I didn’t have a Valentine. My favorite Valentine memory is when my husband made me a gift instead of buying me one. He carved puzzle pieces out of wood that fit together to form a heart that he painted and wrote ‘I love you’ on. I loved that he took the time to make that for me.

ME: Awwww, OMG, that is wonderful. I’m a sap for things like that. He’s a keeper K! Besides Mr. Karen-Anne Stewart, describe your perfect male specimen.

KAS: I do have to give a shoutout to my husband because I’m still very much in love with him after over thirteen years of marriage :). Other than my true Valentine, I would have to say that Kas (from the Rain Trilogy) is my idea of the perfect male specimen. I created his character with everything I dream of in a man…powerful love, unbreakable loyalty, gentleness mixed with just the right amount of alpha male bossiness, and him being hell-bent on protecting the woman he loves, including his ability to kick some serious ass.

 Karen-Anne Stewart Saving Rain

ME: Now I’m all sappy again. I love that. Kas was a little too alpha for me, mine would be Jensen. While reading Feel I remember crushing on him big time!

What would be your ideal Valentine’s day scenario?
KAS: I’m easily pleased (most of the time, anyway), and I don’t need lavish gifts or extravagant dinners. I’d rather have a leather bracelet over a diamond one and a glass of wine and a nice dinner instead of an expensive gift. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country, and there are several quaint, romantic restaurants in the area. Spending the evening at a corner table, sipping wine, laughing, and cuddling with my husband while we split dessert is my idea of the perfect Valentine’s scenario.

ME: Ok, so I think you and I are spirit twins or something! That’d be my ideal V-day scenario too.

Karen-Anne Stewart Human TraffickingKaren-Anne is also involved in raising awareness of Human Trafficking through her Rain Trilogy series.
It’s clear to see why Karen-Anne Stewart is our Valentine Author this year!

I cannot sing enough praises for Karen-Anne’s new novel Feel. She is a phenomenal romance writer. Before reading Saving Rain I was not a fan of romance novels because they were too predictable, and the females pissed me off because they were always written like helpless damsels in distress. Karen-Anne totally changed that for me. Feel is a book I would read over and over again.


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