Teen Sensation Leighann DaCosta

Leighann DaCostaLeighann DaCosta was born in Bristol, Connecticut and became a singing sensation at the tender age of 6 after winning a local singing competition. Managed by her mother Savannah (Savi) DaCosta, Leighann and Savi travelled all around the country where Leighann sang and performed at state fairs.

Leighann was discovered by a junior A&R rep who happened to be at the Ohio State Fair while visiting family. Leighann’s road to stardom was paved when she won a Grammy at the age of 10 for a song she sang on the soundtrack to a children’s movie.

Leighann was 13 when her record hit platinum status following a string of #1 hits targeted at pubescent girls.

Touring became the status quo for Leighann who toured 345 days a year.

“That time was very stressful for me, I’d wake up and not know what city I was in.”

At 15, Leighann shocked the world when she walked away from the only life she’d ever known.

“I could feel my body slipping away from me, I wasn’t living, I woke up and did what everybody wanted me to do. I had been all around the world and to many different cities, yet I’ve only seen them from the window of a tour bus.”

Leighann left fans wondering what went wrong. On the outside she was living the life many people only dream about.

“Even though I had tons of people around me, I still felt lonely. I felt lost and longed to stand still, to wake up and not have to be somewhere. I wanted the quietness of having a crappy day without asking permission to do so.” Leighann went on to say that she knew a normal life existed because she kept in touch with her sister L’Wren.

“L’Wren and I are very close, she and I talked everyday; didn’t matter what part of the world I was. My conversations with her kept me grounded. She always made me laugh. In a way I envied her because she got to go to a regular school and have friends, things I never had.”

Months later it was released to the public that Leighann had moved to Los Angeles and moved in with her 21-year-old sister.

“Moving in with L’Wren was like a breath of fresh air for me. For the first time I did what I wanted and it felt great!”

Leighann also enrolled in the prestigious international school Westwood Academy of Higher Learning.

“I had never had any formal education, I always had a tutor on tour, it was always just me and her. Attending Westwood Academy is intimidating, the campus is huge and I sit in a class with 15 students and one teacher. Most of the kids had been going there for a while and everybody knew each other.”

Leighann said she has no regrets and is excited to see where life takes her. As for if she’ll ever return to the music industry, Leighann said she is focusing on being a teenager for now.

Learn more about Leighann DaCosta in the Family Portrait series, she will be headlining the soon to be released 4th novel in the series called Perfect Escape. Here is a preview chapter and sign up here to review the series.



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