How to Get Diamond Cut Abs with Danny Kavadlo

Diamond Cut Abs by Danny KavadloAre you dissatisfied with your abs? Does it seem a distant dream for you to own a rock-solid center? Can you only hanker in vain for the chiseled magnificence of a Greek statue? Have you given up on owning the tensile functionality and explosive power of a cage-fighter’s core?

According to Danny Kavadlo, training your abs is a whole-life endeavor. It’s about right eating, right drinking, right rest, right practice, right exercise at the right time, right motivation, right inspiration, right attitude and right lifestyle. If you don’t have that righteous set of abs in place, it’s because you have failed in one or more of these areas.

With his 25-plus years of rugged research and extreme physical dedication into every dimension of what it takes to earn world-class abs, Danny Kavadlo is a modern-day master of the art. It’s all here: over 50 of the best-ever exercises to develop the abs—from beginner to superman level—inspirational photos, no BS straight talk on nutrition and lifestyle factors and clear-cut instructions on what to do, when. Supply the grit, follow the program and you simply cannot fail but to build a monstrous mid-section.

In our culture, Abs are the Measure of a Man. To quit on your abs is to quit on your masculinity—like it or not. Diamond-Cut Abs gives you the complete, whole-life program you need to reassert yourself and reestablish your respect as a true physical specimen—with a thunderous six-pack to prove it. 

Danny has a special on this book running on his site, if you order a copy of the book before November 6, you save $10. Click to order.

Praises for Diamond Cut Abs

“Diamond-Cut Abs is the best book on ab-training ever written.” -Paul Wade, Author of Convict Conditioning

“Danny has done it again! Diamond-Cut Abs is a no-nonsense, results driven approach that delivers all the goods on abs.” -Robb Wolf, Author of The Paleo Solution

“Danny’s insights into nutrition are so simple and sound, there is a moment you wish this book was a stand alone dieting book.” -Dan John, Author of Never Let Go

“Diamond-Cut Abs outlines pretty much everything you’d ever need to know about building the best midsection your genetic potential allows for and without the need for any equipment. Keep up the great work, Danny!” -BJ Gaddour, Author of Your Body is Your Barbell

 “If you want the abs of your dreams, stop looking for the quick solution everyone claims to have and get ready to learn how to maximize your efforts towards your very own set of Diamond-Cut Abs.” -Mike Fitch, Creator of Global Bodyweight Training and Animal Flow

“Danny Kavadlo’s book goes way BEYOND just ab training. Danny has actually created a guide to Physical Culture & LIVING healthy. Diamond-Cut Abs is a vital addition to anyone’s library. I LOVE it!” -Zach Even-Esh, author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning

Purchase Diamond-Cut Abs: How to Engineer The Ultimate Six-Pack–Minimalist Methods for Maximal Results on Amazon.

Personal trainer Danny Kavadlo

Photo courtesy Danny Kavadlo

About Danny Kavadlo

Danny Kavadlo is one of the world’s most established and respected personal trainers. Mr. Kavadlo has been featured in numerous publications including the New York Times and Men’s Fitness, and is a regular contributor to Hundreds of personal trainers have successfully employed his methods to increase their client base and salary.

Read more about Danny: Why everybody needs training. Danny answer 10 questions about fitness.



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