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Book Resources

Book Marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. Nobody can market your book as well as you. All it takes is time (I know, you may not have much of that) and patience. Here are a few resources that I use, I don’t just do one thing, I try many different things, some have worked and some have not. But I’ll try anything because I believe my book deserves to be read and enjoyed by millions of readers.

I’ll start off with my book marketing virtual mentor Joanna Penn. I can’t remember exactly how I found Joanna, but her book and website have helped me tremendously. If you don’t know where to start in your book marketing adventure, this is a great resource to put you on the right path.

How To Market A Book by Joanna Penn does exactly what the title imply.  Joanna is honest and down to earth and tells you like it is. Also check out her website The Creative Penn for free resources and follow the link to her podcasts. This is an absolute must. It is very best that I’ve seen out there and believe me I’ve read lots of books by “gurus” and “experts” and they are full of shit. I am not affiliated with Joanna, I call her my virtual mentor because I respect and follow her advice.

Want to plan a blog tour? I outline everything you need to know in my book Blog Tours: A Win-Win for Authors and Bloggers. Planning a blog tour is much easier than you think. Blog tours can increase the visibility of your author brand hundred folds!

Don’t have the time to plan your own? Click here to schedule yours.


Scrivener is a software that no author should be without. Let me introduce you to Scrivener. Scrivener can be used in place of Word. You simply type your manuscript into it like you would with Word. Here’s what Scrivener can do that Word can’t:

  • Help you to organize your story into index cards.
  • Edit your synopsis and add meta-data to your manuscript
  • Seamlessly move and edit scenes in your document.

Plus tons of other fun features that can make your writing process easier. Scrivener is available for PC and Mac lovers. You can download it here:  Scrivener [Download]

Virtual Assistants

Check out Serenity Virtual Assistants. These assistants are used by some of the biggest names in the industry and they are reasonably priced. Don’t just take my word for it Click here to visit Serenity Virtual Assistant Services.

Social Media

The links below shows you how to use LinkedIn and Pinterest to market your books. I use these all the time and it has definitely improved my visibility, and taught me a lot about the best practice for the best results.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn to sell more books: Click here to view more details

How to use Pinterest to sell more books: Click here to view more details


I use WordPress and have been known to sing their praises. WordPress is by far the easiest platform to use. To really set your WordPress blog on fire, you want to use plugins. There are tons of plugins to choose from, and you can get carried away and download everything but restrain yourself. Too many plugins and you open yourself up to problems like slowing down your blog’s load time, if you don’t keep them updated you run the risk of hackers taking over your blog or attracting some terrible virus or something. Don’t let that scare you, always download from a trusted source.

Uniquefier is a WordPress Plugin which once activated will turn your blog content from duplicate to unique: Click here to view more details

So there you have it, a few of my marketing resources. Check back often or sign up to the newsletter on the parent website to get updates when this page is updated.

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