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I read Changes by Gillian Felix, and let me tell you, it was something else.  I had trouble getting into it at first, and I didn’t really connect to Adriana to begin with.  I couldn’t help but giggle when she was telling her agent that she could be Carly Corinthos’ daughter or Sonny’s love child since I watch General Hospital with my mom.  I thought it was interesting the way that the story cycled through different characters perspectives.  Sometimes, it was a little hard to get through because there seemed to be a lot of back story in places, but otherwise it was fine.  There were definitely some twists that I didn’t see coming and that made it more interesting.  Check it out!



Changes 300px

Adriana Banovic’s 15th birthday sucked! She got fired after eight years of playing Shayanne Montgomery on the #1 soap in the country, found out that her…

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