Fantasy Cast – The Banovics

I thought I’d pull back the curtains of my Family Portrait series and share with you some of my inspiration behind the series. The series was built off of the characters, then I added the plot. California was a no brainer for the location, because the series features young Hollywood celebrities, ex-celebrities and celebrity wannabes. If you have not read the series, it starts with them, then branch out to their family members… that’s where the real drama starts.

The characters all have very different personalities which range from the way they dress to the way they speak.

Adriana through the years

Adriana is the chief mischief maker that anchors most of the storylines. She is wild, dynamic, strong and devious. She is the type of character that you do not want to piss off. Did I mention that she’s only 15?

The first actress that I looked at to play her was 90210’s Jessica Stroup. I liked Jessica because she had an innocence about her, and soft facial features. I also liked the style her character (Erin Silver) had in the show, kind of hippie, gypsy, bohemian. It stood out among the brand obsessed youths of Beverly Hills, just like the students of Westwood Academy in the books.

Jessica Stroup The Banovics

My next choice was the fantastic Kaya Scodelario. Kaya came on my radar while I was browsing through the online celebrity site Just Jared Jr. By following her, I was introduced to and got hooked on the British teen drama Skins (she was in the first four seasons). By the time I’d found Kaya, Adriana’s character had developed a little more. I wanted someone with more edge to play her. Kaya fit the bill perfectly, she has an edgy, yet classic look that could transfer from grunge to a ball gown in an instant. Plus Kaya is half Brazilian and so is Adriana!

Kaya Scodelario classic grunge

Creating Kevin

Kevin was fun to cast. Who wouldn’t want to go through the Hollywood catalog of hot guys with black hair and blue eyes?

Ian Somerhalder who I call smolderholder, was my first choice and inspiration for Kevin Adam Banovic. The way Ian dresses with soft shirts and cuffed jeans OMG! Ian rocks it hard. He is not afraid to take style risks by throwing on a hat.

Ian Somerhalder The Banovics

Kevin is a total badass, with his drug dealing, money laundering side business. Kevin also has a soft side when it comes to this family and women.

Zax Banovic through the years and beyond

Zax was and still is the hardest to cast. I say still is because I am still not 100% sold on this actor as Zax Jameson Banovic. Zax is the only blond second generation Banovic sibling. I originally modeled him after my crush object Zac Efron. While Efron is perfect in every way in my world, I needed him to have blond roots, I don’t know why, but I picture Zax to have really light hair and stunning blue eyes.

Young Zac Efron The Banovics

It is really hard to find that look in a guy between the age of 18 – 21 in Hollywood. If you have any suggestions I’m open. Chris Hemsworth is too old for the role (in case you were thinking).

Jayne and Robin Banovic

My absolute first choice for this super couple was Susan Walters and Linden Ashby. How perfect it would be if Family Portrait was made into a series and we got these two? First I would freak out because Linden to me is Johnny Cage from Mortal Combat, (I’m a nerd, I know). Linden and Susan are husband and wife in real life, an added benefit for them.

The Banovic Parents Susan Walters Linden Ashby

So there you have it the Banovics, in later posts I’ll share with you my inspiration for the DaCosta clan. Let me know if you enjoyed this article by sharing or leaving a comment.

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