Top 10 Eye of Tanub Quotes

Today’s guest post is by Clean Teen author Melissa J. Cunningham. Melissa lists the top 10 phrases found in her novel The Eye of Tanub.
List of Top ten phrases in The Eye of Tanub. I won’t list who says them. You’ll have to read it to find out!
  1. “You should be more careful, girl. You could stir up something dangerous out there.”
  2. “Are you seriously stupid enough to believe that two human beings were somehow sucked into a computer game?” I grabbed him around the neck and rubbed his head with my knuckles. “Hello, McFly!”
  3. “You can’t be trained unless you go to the trainer.”
  4. “We just died for the first time.”
  5. “I don’t see the Big Dipper out the window. Not even Orion’s belt. I think we’re in a completely different galaxy.”
  6. “Just one more thing that wants to kill us.”
  7. “A heart hungers for affection and is easily deceived.”
  8. “You’ll never get away with this. Evil is always defeated in the end.”
  9. “Rest? Oh, yes. I definitely need to rest.”
  10. “I said, go!” she shrieked, pointing at the door. “Go on your impossible mission. But remember this: you will fail. I have seen it. Your bones will lie forever, bleached on the burning sands of the Legion desert!”

There you have it.

Eye of Tanub book cover

Cover courtesy Clean Teen Publishing

Synopsis: The Eye of Tanub (The Into Terratir Saga Book 1)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

Everyone thinks she’s crazy. And maybe she is. But Lauren Marriott knows her journey into Terratir happened. It was real, and she’s writing it all down in frightening detail.

She has no patience for her brother Zach and his passion for stupid computer games until she finds a mysterious pendant in his room, pulsating with magical power. Lauren wants it, not realizing it’s a portal between this world and one of monsters, sorcerers, and dangerous quests.

Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined what she’d find in the terrifying world of The Warlord—death at every turn, but also a love stronger than time itself.

In order to escape Terratir, Lauren, Zach, and their newfound friends, must complete the impossible quest for the Eye of Tanúb, a relic of immense power, which The Warlord has already stolen for himself.


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