Gadgets of the Future

Tech toys and gadgets are my favorite types of posts, and today I have some really good toys for you.

Stemless Wineglass Tray

A restaurant in Japan (of course, always Japan, Korea or China the tech giants of the world) came up with this solution for their servers to carry more wine glasses. This has nothing to do with technology, yet it shows how something so simple could be so useful. I wish I had thought of that.

Tray that carries multiple wine glasses at the same time

Stemless wineglass holder

This is not sold in the US yet, (if it is then shoot me a link).

Sunken Cellar

Speaking of wine… no self respecting wine drinker should be without this, it is just cool. Talk about space saving– your wine is accessed via a trap door!

Trap door in the kitchen opens to store wine

Trap door stores wine underground


The Spiral Cellar system was developed in 1978 by a Frenchman who saw that few modern houses had wine cellars, but that people still needed a place to store their wine. If a wine-lover has a serious collection it can quickly outgrow wine racks and refrigerator units. So he came up with the Spiral Cellar design, which uses the earth to insulate and create good storage conditions. It does this, however, in a fraction of the space of a regular cellar. It also can maintain a constant temperature with no power required.

A spiral cellar is dug into the floor by a professional team, and the cellar storage itself is created from concrete wrapped in a watertight lining. Passive ventilation keeps the temperature around 55°, an ideal temperature for wine storage. There are several sizes, holding from 1000-1600 bottles. Source

James Bond type garage

This is definitely something you can’t buy on Amazon. Ebay? Maybe.

Paved ground lifts up to reveal garage

Underground garage

This is definitely what I call a space saver. My other thought on this is that there is no room for error in parking. You have to line the car up just right.  I am guilty of parking crooked, in my defence I always park between the lines. With this I’d have to be more diligent. No thanks. What do you think?

Solar powered car charging station

I think I may have seen this somewhere in Albuquerque. That would work perfectly out here since we have 300 + days of sunshine.

Public solar car port for charging electric cars.

Solar Powered carport

Someone need to come up with a portable solar charging station for your devices. Put it outside to catch some rays, then bring it inside and plug everything in. Boom you’re good.

Hour glass traffic light

A spin on the boring old traffic lights? You can’t tell me this isn’t cool.

Traffic light shaped like an hour glass

Hour glass traffic light

No more light turning from green straight to red, yes it happens and I have the ticket to prove it.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of tech toys and other gadgets. Please leave your comments below, I look forward to it.


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