Chatting with Karen-Anne Stewart

Can I just say I am THRILLED to have Karen-Anne Stewart back on Plain Talk. I am such a fan of hers. Karen-Anne has visited us and talked about Human Trafficking which she highlights in her Rain Trilogy novels, she talked about the healing and destructive effects of love on her Ash to Steele tour.

Now, get to know a little more about this talented author as I kick it with Karen-Anne. Enjoy!

Karen-Anne Stewart

Author Karen-Anne Stewart

What is your writing environment like, where are you most comfortable writing? Do you have a specific writing time?

The only constants in my writing environment are music and pjs. You will almost always find me in my comfy pajamas with music blaring in my ears when writing.  I don’t have a specific writing spot but I do use my living room couch and the couch in my office the most.  I take my laptop with me everywhere so I can write if an idea strikes.

I’ve written in some strange places, the strangest being with my laptop propped up on the back of my trunk while I was waiting for my turn to get my car inspected.

As far as time, I usually write in the evenings but I try to fit in some scenes during lunch, too.  Basically, I write anytime I get the chance because I LOVE it 🙂

You have a pretty graphic violent scene in Ash to Steele how do you mentally prepare to write something like that?

Those kind of scenes are hard for me to write and I experience some hefty emotions while creating them.  Listening to heavier, darker music helps me get my head where it needs to be while coming up with violent scenes, especially the scene with Emma’s attack.

If one of your friends or family members wanted to read Ash to Steele and you’re not sure if they will be cool with certain scenes, what would you tell them?

I actually have already had this conversation a few times, lol!  I try to be very upfront with content and include disclaimers such as the one I have on Ash to Steele: Intended for readers 18+ due to strong language, mature scenes, and some violence.

On my website, the excerpts are labeled 18+ as well with the disclaimer on the excerpt itself.

Emma is the girl next door, is she based on anyone in real life?

Emma is a fictional character, but, with being raised in a very small town myself, I can really relate to her.  I had dreamed of moving to Boston, not to paint, but to go to college.  I chose a different route but loved being able to write about Emma following her dreams of going to the big city.

How did you come up with the idea for Ash to Steele?

I’m such a sucker for a bad boy with a good heart; I can’t get enough of them, and that obsession inspired me to create my very own bad boy, Breck Steele.  I related with Emma’s character immediately, and, like I mentioned before, I grew up in a small town so I enjoyed being able to turn some of my observations of small town living into Emma’s story.  Love being able to heal all is another obsession of mine.  I’m a true believer in the power of love, and Ash to Steele shows just how astounding, healing, and redeeming love can be if you don’t give up.

Speaking of ideas, do you go in search of inspiration, where do you get story ideas from?

Everyday life provides amazing inspiration.  Music is another HUGE inspiration for me.  If I need to come up with a certain type of scene and I can’t get my mind where it needs to be, I’ll go to different groups who can provoke the needed emotions from me for inspiration.

I heard a rumor that your next project is a paranormal romance. Can you confirm or deny? What is it about?

I’m very excited about Feel, Jensen and Saige’s story.  This is my first paranormal romance, so I hope I do it justice.  Saige has psychic abilities that allows her to sense and feel certain things.  Jensen is immune to psychics and their powers.  I can’t give too much away; but you can read Feel later this year!

How is writing paranormal romance different from what you are used to?

There is a completely different element to writing paranormal, but I’m loving it.  I had to do a lot of research for The Rain Trilogy like I’m having to do with Feel, but the context is totally different.

I’ve worked in the film and TV industry for over 10 years, so I have to ask. If Ash to Steele was being made into a movie, what would your dream cast look like?

Ash to Steel castBreck – Kellan Lutz or Trevor Donovan would make a great Breck.
Emma – Lilly Collins.
Gavin – Chris Hemsworth.
Jess – Indiana Evans.
Jason – Alex Pettyfer.
Justin – Mark Salling.
Elise – Elizabeth Gillies.

If you could be any character in your novels who would you be and why?

Raina, from The Rain Trilogy.  I don’t think I could be as strong as she is, and I definitely do not want to go through the hell she went through, but she gets Kas, and he’s my idea of a perfect man.  Kas is bossy but he’s also strong, protective, loving, courageous, and willing to go through hell and back to save his girl!

Thanks Karen-Anne for visiting! Feel sounds AMAZING I’ll be counting down the days for that one.

I think Karen-Anne has tapped into exactly what love is and she expresses it wonderfully in her novels. I had the privilege of reading Ash to Steele, read my review below.

Ash to SteeleAsh to Steele by Karen-Anne Stewart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to say I LOVE Karen-Anne Stewart’s work. I love that she is so poetic in describing her scenes. This book is about friendship and trust and not to mention love. It shows how tender love can change a person. One of the things I loved about it was that instead of the guy changing the girl, she changed him. She made a difference with her love and support of him.

The other characters were really interesting too, they helped push the story forward and added drama. There were some moments that made me cry and some that made me squeeze the daylights out of my poor Kindle, (thank god I didn’t break it) I’d have sent the bill to K-Stew LOL.

Ok so Breck made me crazy for most of the book, while he is not the type of leading male I’d run to, he won me over in the end. Emma is an all American good girl who left her small town in for a better life and some adventure and boy did she get it. Along the way she made some unforgettable friends who have opened her up to a whole new world. This novel will appeal to NA readers as well as adult romance readers as there are plenty of romance (and spicy) scenes in this book.

You got love, funny lines, moments that make you cry and drama, what else can a reader ask for? Not to mention the smooth, poetic writing of Karen-Anne. Her writing makes you feel everything the characters are going through with vivid descriptions intense moments.

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Don’t forget to check out Karen-Anne’s blog where you get updates, win prizes and read sample chapters of her novels.

Purchase Karen-Anne’s novels:

Ash to Steele
Saving Rain: The First Novel in The Rain Trilogy
Healing Rain: The Second Novel in The Rain Trilogy
After The Rain: The Final Novel in The Rain Trilogy

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