I’ll Take My Coffee with Attitude

Every day we have the opportunity to choose our attitude.

Mugs with Attitude - Novelty mugs


Gag gifts anyone? My personal favorite is the prescription mug. Prescribed by Dr. Harold Feelgood for Mr. Joe Expresso. Instructions: Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until fully awake. Daily grind QTY: 12oz. of Black gold. Refills: Sure! Expires when mug is empty.

These 12oz. ceramic mugs comes with tons of attitude.

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Serenity Trust MugPray Serenity MugSerenity peaceful mug



Serenity Mug courage






Trust … God is with you, for you, within you

Pray … and reap the blessings

Peace … fall into the arms of God

Courage … is not the absence of fear but the presence of faith.

An impressed design decorates the front and back of these mugs, along with an inspiring verse.

These 16 oz. ceramic mugs are finished with a soft, satin glaze. They make an ideal gift for any occasion, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe!

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Here’s hoping that these whimsical mugs brighten your day with humor and reflection.

Remember that attitude is only a state of mind, and we have the power to change our attitude at anytime. It is one of the only things we can really control in any situation.

These mugs with attitude are little reminders or simply a really cool gag gift.




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