Haze Lyndon – His Journey to Stardom

Today’s guest post is by up and coming model Haze C. Lyndon. Haze, 22 relocated to Los Angeles, California from Madison, Wisconsin and enrolled in UCLA’s art program. Having lived in Los Angeles myself, I chatted with Haze about his move and the culture shock that is Los Angeles.

Haze C Lyndon Hollywood star“I had been to LA a couple of times to visit and work, but living here is a completely different story. My mother was born in Los Angeles, and I noticed that people are either ashamed to admit they were born here, or there are more transplants living out here. I dunno maybe my circle is too small.” Haze laughed.

Haze never dreamed of living in LA, “I actually never really thought about it, I moved out here as a means to an end.” Lyndon said that he really wants to live in Paris where he can feed his love for art and hone his skills as an artist.

Haze got into modeling by accident, “my high school girlfriend loved photography and she would always use me as her guinea pig. I wasn’t really comfortable in front of the camera, but being the supportive boyfriend I sucked it up. Long story short she sent my pictures to a couple of agents who actually booked me on a couple of print shoots.” At first Haze booked local gigs, his then agent booked him on a couple of bigger shoots and soon Haze had enough stills for a portfolio.

Several agencies showed interest in him but he turned them down because he wanted to finish high school. Things got quiet for a couple of years as Haze went on to college. With one more year to go, he longed for something more. At the urging of his then girlfriend he returned to modeling. Then one day Jordan Talent Management (one of the top entertainment agencies in Los Angeles) reached out to him after his girlfriend sent them his updated portfolio.

“It was hard leaving my home and all the people I loved but I felt a deep calling to give modeling a shot.”

Haze contacted his high school friend who lived in Venice Beach, Ca. who at the time was looking for a roommate. “The timing was perfect! I believe in signs from the universe and this was a sign.”

“One of the things that shocked me was the cost of living out here. Fuel is through the roof and so are the basics like food and rent.”

Haze said that it shocked him how many people owned BMW’s and Mercedes and slept in their cars just to project an image. “Nothing is as it seems out here, things look perfect on the outside yet things are shit on the inside.”

I asked Haze if he was afraid that being in that environment would change him and he said he doesn’t plan on staying that long in LA. Once he makes enough money and graduates college he plans on heading off to France.

Learn more about Haze Lyndon in Changes, The Banovic Siblings and Bastard’s Brew.






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